Friday, August 18, 2017

PowerTRC Hook and Reel Fishing Toy Play Set

How many of my readers are fishing people?  Or...better yet, how many of you are fishing people with little ones who are just a little too young to know how to use a fishing pole?  One day, your little fishing buddy will become old enough to enjoy the fishing trips and the excitement of catching his first fish.

In the meantime, when you are out fishing, how about taking this cute Hook and Reel Fishing Toy Play Set with you so your child can be 'just like daddy' or just like 'mommy!'

This Hook and Reel Fishing Toy Play Set is by PowerTRC and sold by Genius Buy on Amazon.  It consists of 3 very colorful hard plastic fish and 1 hard plastic duck, as well as a reel.  The fishing reel has a plastic hook on the end of the line and allows your child to hook his first fish!  The reel can rotate, to reel up the fish and is perfect for those who love playing in the water, such as bath time or out in the kiddie pool.

When your child is done playing with the Hook and Reel Fishing Toy, he still has the colorful yellow duck, that he can play with during bath time (or anytime!) If you are lucky enough to have a kiddie water and activity table, set the fish in the water and watch your little one have fun, trying to catch the fish.

The fish are very vibrant and colorful, with colors of purple and red, orange and purple, with the reel with colors of bright yellow and blue.  It will take a little practice (and patience) to hook the fish with the pole, but who said fishing was easy?  This is an adorable fishing toy play set that also comes packaged in a colorful box, showcasing the fish and the reel.  The box mimics the colors of the fish and is a great gift for Christmas, birthday and for those aspiring fishermen!

You can purchase your PowerTRC Hook and Reel Fishing Toy Play Set here:

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Give Your Child A Little Security With This Glow Cuddly Stuffed Lamb

Depending on the age of your child, he, or she, may need a little comfort during those bedtime routines.  Your child may still be afraid of the dark, or may just be a little skittish of sleeping alone, without some sort of light.  A night light is fine, for some, to dimly light a room, but why not give them something that they can hold, cuddle up to and hug before they go to sleep?

This adorable cuddly lamb glows in the night, giving your little one a little piece of mind.  It is by Wewill  and sold by Step Biz, on  Amazon.  It has a 30 minute timer, that will allow the lamb to stay lit for that amount of time.  It is equipped with colorful LED lights and if you press the left hand (red press button), the lamb will automatically turn off in 30 minutes.

This adorable companion for your child is approximately 9 inches in height and requires 2 AA batteries, not included. I love how soft and cuddly this little lamb feels and the LED lights have a soft glow to them.  Perfect for both boys and girls, this Glow Cuddly Stuffed Lamb will sure to be a favorite with your child.

When my grandson first saw this, he just wanted to hug on it.  He didn't realize it lit up, until I put the batteries in.  He just stared at the lamb and gave me this sweet little smile.  It's the perfect size for little ones to sleep with or take with them on long trips.  

You can purchase your very own Glow Cuddly Stuffed Lamb, here:

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Let's Go Bowling! A Deluxe Super Set Bowling Game For Kids

Strike!  No, it doesn't mean you're out, but is something I always wanted when I used go bowling on the weekends, with friends.  I had so much fun, trying to get as many pins down, but this game seemed to always defeat me! Sometimes it was three pins, sometimes it was one and other times...GUTTER!

I don't bowl, anymore, but I still love the sport/game.  Now, little ones can join in on the action with their own bowling set.  This bowling set is the Deluxe Super Bowling Set for Kids by Powertrc.  Both pins and ball are very lightweight and can toted to any place you like.  The pins have a smaller ball, inside, that makes a rattle sound, making it more fun for kids to enjoy the bowling game.

The balls inside the pins jump and clatter when you knock them down.  The pins are 7" tall, while the ball is at 6" round.  Both pins and balls are made of sturdy plastic, making this perfect for kids who may seem a little competitive!  The balls and pins are bright colored, which is another reason kids are attracted to this.

Brody, my grand-son, loves to rattle the pins.  He loves to listen the the clatter they make and when it comes to any sort of ball...he has to pick it up and throw it!  I'm still trying to teach him how to actually 'roll' the ball to knock the pins down! And...why does it seem like, that every package I get, he thinks it's for him?  Very understandable.  Although he hasn't grasped what the term 'bowling' means, I still love watching him, carrying and shaking the pins.

This Deluxe Super Set Bowling Game is available at:  It's a fun way to teach kids the basics of bowling, while still having fun and if you're looking for a great birthday or Christmas gift, go check out Genius Buy on Amazon.  They have tons of toys geared to any age kids.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

It's Time To Play with Time2Play Musical Instruments for Kids

If you are a parent, grand-parent, uncle or aunt; then you probably already know, how much smaller children love anything that makes noise.  From noisy paper to sirens and whistles, these toys ALWAYS seem to grab out little one's attention.  

Time2Play has this musical ensemble for your kids to enjoy.  They can beat on the tambourine while marching, shake the maracas and the hand bells or just create their own little band - playing with all of these items - at the same time. This Time2Play Musical Instrument Set is ideal for kids who enjoy music and creating their own rhythms.  In this set, your child will get:

     *2 Maracas
     *1 Hand Bell
     *2 Castanets
     *1 Tambourine

All of these musical instruments feature a white surface with colorful dots across them.  They are the perfect size for tiny hands and will guarantee hours of fun. My 11 month old grandson absolutely loves the hand bell and the castanets.  He walked back and forth, across the floor, shaking a maraca and hand bell...giggling the whole time!

 This set is a great way to introduce young children to music, as well as giving them the opportunity to be creative.  Time2Play's musical instrument set is made with high quality wood and painted with non-toxic paint.

You can purchase your Time2Play Wooden Musical Instruments here:

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Relax With The Sounds of Natural & Realistic Sounds

There's nothing, like the sound of distant thunder, that will put me to sleep faster.  There are some of us who has to have a sound of a fan to go to sleep or window open, to let in a fresh breeze.  Although I've been known to do both of these (and I still sleep with a fan on), I am so excited to use this Sound Spa Relaxation and White Noise Machine by AGPtek.  

This machine has 10 different sounds, that are natural and realistic.  I've had phone apps that has similar sounds, but nothing compares to the realistic sounds that you get on this machine.  I was amazed at how real these sounds are and when I first turned it to the Thunder...I wanted to just sit there and listen to it.

The 10 different sounds you get, with this AGPtek White Noise and Spa Relaxation Machine include:

     *White Noise
     *Brown Noise
     *Lullaby 1
     *Lullaby 2

This machine is ideal for the office, home and while on vacation (let's face it, sometimes it's hard to get a good nights rest away from home.)  The machine requires 4 AA batteries (not included), a manual, warranty card and an adapter, that you can plug in if you don't want to use batteries.  It's very lightweight and portable, so you can take it anywhere you like!  Fits easily inside a carrying bag or small suitcase.  


It's a statistical model for signals and signal sources, rather than to any specific signal.  When a noise wakes you up at night, it's not the actual noise, but the sudden change or inconsistency that wakes you.  Using a white noise machine will help mask out disruptive sounds, not only from the inside, but the outside as well.


You can purchase your AGPtek White Noise and Spa Relaxation Machine here:

***I may have received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  REGARDLESS...All opinions expressed are ALWAYS 100% my own.

Monday, August 14, 2017

80% Off on Woo-hoo Toys Kids Play Tents.


WooHoo Toys is offering an 80% discount on two of their kids play tents.  This offer is only good today and a coupon code has to be used.  If you are interested, send me a message and I will get you a coupon code for 80% off. These tents make great birthday, Christmas and kids gifts!  Christmas will soon be rolling around, so why not pick up one of these tents before they expire!
The two available tents are:
The Large Red Fire Engine Truck Pop up tent;

And the Purple Princess Pop Up Tent

These tents must go TODAY!  Let me know if you are interested and I will provide an 80% off coupon.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Back To School With SunRype Products

It's back-to-school for some parents and children, and finding the right snack for your child, either on-the-go or for lunch, can make a big difference in their day. We want our children to have the best 'first' day of school, so sending them off with a healthy breakfast, is the most important key.

Parents are packing lunches, making sure that their children has all their school supplies and rushing them off to the bus (or driving them.)  There are days, when your children will be running late, in heading out the door for school.  On those days, why not have them grab something fast, fruity and good - to tie them over until lunch?

SunRype USA has these awesome tasting Fruit-to-Go and Fruit Source snacks that children will absolutely love. They are gluten free, nut free & vegan. There are several different flavors & choices to choose from.  

Fruit To Go Snacks

Fruit Source Bars

I've tried the Fruit To Go and I love them!  My favorite are the Apple-Strawberry and the Apple-Strawberry-Watermelon!  They have a sweety goodness and with SunRype products, you are getting a product that is made with only fruit (with the occasional veggie.)  

They are convenient, healthy & good for you and your kids and your kids will enjoy them!  You may want to pack few extra in your child's lunch bag, because these delicious snacks will go fast! I just love the texture and taste of these and I don't have to feel guilty snacking on them - especially as low of only 45 calories per stick!

AND....with the Back-To-School season, SunRype is doing a contest/giveaway, each week, until August 28th, supporting #DisneyAnimation #TheLionKing 
Prizes include:

     *Blu Ray of "Lion King" (not available until Aug 29, 2017)
     *$50 pre-loaded credit card
     *The Lion King backpack
     *1 case of SunRype product

You can enter the contest by visiting SunRypeUSA Facebook Page 

or at

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