Thursday, March 15, 2018

Funny Emoji House Slippers - The Poop Emoji !

Ok ladies and gents...tell me that you guys don't think these slippers are absolutely fun, adorable and full of it...pardon the latter!  Most of us are pretty familiar with the emojis and what most of them stand for, and it's not hard to figure out what this emoji is!

poop emoji slippers

These fun emoji poop slippers has got to be some of the warmest and plushest slippers I've worn...I'm not kiddin'!  They instantly surround your feet with warmth and cushion and they are just so plush and soft to walk around in. They have an anti-skid bottom, so when you walk around in them, you don't have to worry about slipping and falling on your hardwood floors.

These house slippers are perfect for those teens who are all about emojis, especially those who love to express themselves, by wearing them!  Adults - men and women alike, will get a kick out of these fun house slippers and if you're wondering if these house slippers will keep your feet warm...the answer is yes!

poop emoji slippers

These fun poop emoji slippers are available on Amazon at:  If you aren't into the whole poop emoji bit, Fandian also has these slippers available in the cute yellow emojis, panda and sheep.  

Go check out these funny slippers that Fandian has available!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Bubbles of Fun For Parties, Birthdays and Everyday with iLearn iPlay Bubble Camera Bubble Shooter

ilearn iplay elephant bubble machine shooter and blower

Are you ready to have some fun? Spring and summer are just right around the corner and approaching fast and this is the time for kids (and adults) to get outside and start having some fun in the sunshine.  

I don't know about you, but I'm NOT a winter person.  I hate the cold and I'm so ready to enjoy some days outside, just relaxing in the sun, watching my grandson play.  Our backyard looks like a playground, minus the climbing toys.  There are trucks, cars, balls and riding toys everywhere!  You would think we had a child that lives with us.

He's really going to love the outside when we bring in the bubbles; Yes...bubbles!  I recently got my hands on this cute and fun Bubble Camera and Bubble Shooter Machine by iLearn iPlay.  It's a cute blue elephant, that has multiple bubble wands in its mouth, that shoots out tons of bubbles when you fill him up.

When I first showed Brody this and how it worked, he laughed, danced and threw himself in front of the bubbles.  This, of course, was inside my house, where I only had about 10 minutes for him to enjoy it before his mommy came and picked him up.

He did not want to part with it.  He kept reaching for it as he was leaving and was not happy until he left with it.  The iLearn iPlay Bubble Camera Gun Developmental Bubble Shooter Machine is awesome for those birthday parties, kids activities and even for those professional looking pictures when you want to include bubbles in your photos.

The iLearn iPlay Bubble Camera Shooter comes with a bottle of bubble solution.  The bubble machine is easy to operate; just pour in some bubbles, hold down the button and watch your child enjoy hours of fun, romping through bubble galore!  The iLearn iPlay Bubble Camera Shooter Machine is great for developing social interaction, cognitive process, color identification as well as play and life skills.

The iLearn iPlay Bubble Camera Shooter Machine is safe and durable.  It is made of non-toxic ABS plastic.  You can place this bubble machine up on a table, inside or outside, so kids can run through the bubbles.  The Bubble machine requires 2 AA batteries (not included).  The only batteries I had were old and not new, so imagine the tons of bubble fun when new batteries are used!  

iLearn iPlay Amazon
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iLearn iPlay Website
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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Unique Personalized Gifts For The Family

Sometimes you just want to veer off in the opposite direction when looking for personalized gifts; personalized gifts that are NOT your everyday finds.  There is this site, that has gifts geared for Him, Her, Baby, Wedding and Occasions. has anything from personalized Yeti Cups, personalized pocket knives, jewelry, watches, wine glasses, puzzles and more...all personalized with your initials or name.  You can explore by interests or occasion.  The site is pretty well laid out and very easy to navigate through.  I love how each category is very visible and that you have several options to choose from, when searching for that perfect personalized gift.

As you can see in the screenshot, has a friendly user site.  The only trouble you may deciding what gift to get!  Below, is a personalized wine glass that I received from  It is the perfect size for a one-glass serving of wine and I love how detailed and perfect my name is written on this glass!   Can you imagine how more beautiful this glass would look with wine in it!

No matter what the occasion, has you covered.  When it come to gifts that are personalized, especially on gifts geared to hobbies and interests of family and friends, there is no way you can go wrong.  Don't settle for the traditional flowers, candy or cakes, give them something that they can treasure; a personalized gift just for them!

***I may have received a complimentary gift, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  REGARDLESS...All opinions expressed are solely 100% my own.***

Friday, February 23, 2018

How You Can Score A Free Fashion Handbag

how to score free handbags

The Power of The Right Handbag

There is hardly a person you will see who is not carrying a bag of some sorts or the other. These can be simple grocery bags to designer handbags that cost an average person’s salary for several years. Whatever the bag one may be carrying, the fact remains that they are probably the most useful things around. Whether you are a man or a woman, an adult or a child, it is certain that you own at least one bag or wallet of some sort.

Why Do You Need a Bag?

There is a very obvious answer to this question...You need it to carry things, at least that is what the original purpose of a bag was supposed to be. In the early days, handbags were a means to carry things such as: food, clothes and other stuff but in the modern society, a bag goes beyond being just a utility item. In the Victorian times the handbags became the mark of a lady who carried little wristlets that contained her essential smelling salts, dainty handkerchiefs, hat pins and similar stuff. These little pull string pouches have come a long way since then. Now they are a mark of a well dressed and successful person.

how to score free fashion handbags

Bags For Utility

For different people, a handbag means different things.

  • For an Office Worker It is a means of carrying all the information he/she may require on the go. A handbag in such cases may be more like a mini office with all the work-related documents and items kept in it.

  • For a Student  It is a school or a college bag or rucksack which holds all that he or she needs for studying.

  • For a HousewifeThe bag holds all that she needs for a day out shopping or with friends. It is her world.

  • For a Tradesman or a Crafts PersonIt is his or her entire career in a bag. It is a mobile shop that carries all the tools of the trade.

There are diaper bags and cosmetic bags, gym bags, duffel bags, messenger bags and backpacks – each of these has its own utility. But this is not where the story ends. Bags are far more than just utility items for a lot of people.

free fashion handbags, wallets and clutches

Bags As A Symbol Of Success

Bags and handbags have immense snob value. Ask any upward mobile socialite and they will tell you how they distinguish between class and crass by merely the bag or clutch they carry. Handbags, wallets and briefcases are as much a symbol of success and wealth as the paycheck you may flaunt. They are no longer just utility item. They denote your social and financial status. A woman carrying a Birkin bag can expect preferential treatment everywhere. Even the most snobbish of places will allow her entry without blinking an eye lid as long has she has a Birkin hanging from her arm. It should not be a huge surprise either as these to-die-for handbags can cost thousands of dollars each. Even second hand ones are more than the cost of an average car or a truck. So, if handbags are taken as a symbol of success, it is not too incredulous an idea for most of us who think nothing of the innocuous bags that we carry. But, if you wish to make your mark in the world, you need to pay attention to the bag you carry.

fashion handbags for all occasions

Bags For Different Occasions

Now handbags are not defined by their use of the social success they are also defined by the occasions where they are used. Yes, there are different bags that are appropriate for different occasions, you would not want to be seen with a tote bag at a wedding. No! that would be totally wrong! So, there are different bags for each occasion:

  • School bags, satchels and briefcasesThese are usually to take with you to college, school, office or for work.

  • Shopping bags, Totes, Duffel: These are larger and best used for when there is a need to carry a lot of stuff like when shopping.

  • Evening, Party, Bridal : These bags are usually small with just enough space to keep essentials for a few hours. Evening bags are usually more ornamental with metal chains, a little bit of bling and are considered statement pieces. Bridal bags are meant for brides and are usually highly embellished pieces of art.

Get a free fashion handbag

Birkin Is Not For Everybody

A woman of the world cannot have just one bag. Depending upon the occasion, she has to have several for different occasions, purposes and to accessorize with different dresses. Yes, you need to do that too – match a handbag to your dress to be considered smart. Not all of us have enough money to buy Birkin, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Burberry or a Chanel bag, but we can still buy bags that look good at an affordable price.

You can bag yourself a great deal

by getting a bag of your choice for FREE

Just pay the postage.

(shipping can take up to 3 to 4 weeks)

Check out this bag I received from The Accessories Depot

womens fashion handbags and backpacks

Visit Accessories Depot store at:

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Monday, February 12, 2018

How You Can Receive Up To $500 Off Of A LG Laundry Package For Your Home

Save up to $500 on an LG Laundry Solution.

How many times has this happened to you?  You've done all the laundry for the week and a couple days later, after maybe a few dirty items, your teenager yells, "Mom, I really need this pair of jeans washed by tomorrow!" or, "Mom, we have ball practice tonight and I need my uniform as soon as possible!"  
Yes, we've all been there.  And what seems to be a waste of water, not to mention, time and energy, you have to throw one or two items into the wash.  Well, LG has a solution.  They have this awesome LG Twin Wash System - LG Side Kick Pedestal Washer & the LG Front Load Washer.
With the LG Twin Wash, you get the best of both worlds.  The LG Side Kick Pedestal is great for those small loads, such as your teenager's ball uniform, your husbands suit and tie and maybe a few whites.  
LG Laundry Save up to $500 Washer save up to $500

You can use the LG Side Kick Pedestal, along with your LG Front Load washer, at the same time!  These LG washers are energy efficient and will give you more bang for your buck.  LG brand has been a long time favorite in many families households and has become one of the most dependable brands over any other.
With the LG Side Kick Washer, I can wash my what few colored items I have, while doing my regular load of laundry in the LG Front Loader.  That's what I call killing two birds with one stone!
Right now, until April 25, 2018, you can receive up to $500 off of an LG Laundry Solution Package for your home.  Just go to Best Buy's site and shop for the perfect LG Laundry Package that will work best for your household.

Do you have an LG Side Kick Washer?  How do you like it?  

Visit Best Buy here: and shop for yours today!

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Pet Toys For Aggressive Chewers

Pet and Dog Toys for Aggressive chewers pet toys

How many of my readers have pets?  Show of hands... First of all, I don't know what I would do without my dogs.  Yes, they can do things to get on my ever lasting nerve and they may not be the most well behaved dogs, but I love them and they love me right matter what.

I love seeing my fur babies play around, having fun and enjoying a new toy that their mamma gave them.  They both recently received a new toy, which is meant for aggressive chewers (let me tell dogs are VERY aggressive with toys!)  These furry, soft and fun little critters are the Loobani Furry Animal Squeaky pet toys.  They each have a squeaker near the end of the toy, which instantly catches my dogs attention.

Pet toys dog toys for aggressive chewers

These Loobani Furry Animal Plush Pet Toys are machine washable (thank God!) and will entertain your pets for hours.  They seem very well made and very durable, and so far...they have seemed to held up pretty well.  The package I received had a squirrel and something that looked like a goat?  Either way, after playing with these toys for awhile, they both seemed partial to the gray and white goat looking toy.  Maybe it was because it had a chew rope down the back or just a little more bulkier, but they both wanted this particular furry critter!

dog toys pet toys for aggressive chewers

You can check out these furry animal plush toys for aggressive chewing dogs at:  In the package, you will receive a squirrel and a raccoon.  Neither one of these toys contain stuffing, just a furry plush animal toy that can be enjoyed by your dogs or cats.

***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.   All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

How You Can Get Beautiful Skin With L'Bri Skincare Products

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What is your most concern, when it comes to skin care?  Is it reducing fine lines; reducing the puffy bags under your eyes, a product that is pure and natural or to have a skin care routine that not only does all of this, but also leaves your skin feeling it's best!

Although I have only been using L'Bri for about a week, I've had the awesome opportunity to try L'Bri for reviewing purposes.  First of all, let me start off by saying....all opinions expressed in this post are solely 100% my own and I will only promote and support a product that I believe in.

With that being said, I absolutely love this line of skin care products.  For one, the product is pure and natural and with my skin type, I had the option to choose the Gentle products for Dry to Normal skin.  Let me breakdown what each product, that I've tried, does:


#beautyproducts #beauty #skincare #l'bri

L'Bri Gentle Cleanser - This is a gentle cleanser that is the first step of my routine.  The cleanser is a soft light pink color cleanser that removes every trace of dirt and makeup from my face!  I love this cleanser as it does not take much of this cleanser to do its job.  My face looks and feels so clean, afterwards!

L'Bri Gentle Freshener - This is the second product I use, after cleansing my face.  It is an alcohol free freshener that protects your skin from bacteria by restoring its normal pH balance.  This is used twice, daily...after the Gentle Cleanser and after using a facial peel or mask.

L'Bri Gentle Moisture Lotion - This is the LAST step in my skin care routine.  This is used before I apply my makeup.  It is used after the Cleanser and Freshener, as well as all the eye and face treatment products.  It almost reminds me of baby lotion!  It's so silky soft and a little bit goes a LONG way!  

#l'bri #skincare #antiaging #beautyproducts


L'Bri Dermaplex A - The Dermaplex A is used after the Gentle Cleanser, Gentle Freshener and before the Gentle Moisture lotion.  This Dermaplex A is supposed to be the bomb!  It is a Line Reversal Peptide Serum that is used for fine lines, crows feet and wrinkles.  Just a small dab of this serum around the eye area ( I also dab a bit between my eyes, right above my know what I'm talking about!)  Like I've said, I've only used these products for about a week, but I can't wait to see the results of this Dermaplex A after 30 days. (30 days is the average before seeing results.)  This is used twice a day, for the first 30 days.  It effectively reduces the depth of already formed facial wrinkles and works against the development of additional lines and wrinkles.

L'Bri Intense Eye Repair Cream - If I've mentioned it once, I'll mention it does not take very much of each one of these products.  Same goes here.  This cream is used after I apply my L' Bri Dermaplex A.  This powerful blend of ingredients, found in this eye cream, boosts skin's hydration while visibly reducing hyperpigmentation, crepiness, puffiness, lines and wrinkles.  It also reduces bags, lifts and lightens skin.  This is one of my MUST HAVES!  This is used for under and around the eye area as well as above the brow bone.  Even after a few hours, my eye area still feels smooth after this product.

L' Bri High Antioxidant Night Repair Treatment - This is the last thing I use, before retiring to bed.  I love how this makes my skin feel and it almost seems like it gives my skin a healthy glow!  My skin feels so super soft and when I first used this, I was in love!  The powerful antioxidants works to repair and protect skin cells from daily free radical damage. Wake up to a more youthful and refreshed complexion!

L' Bri Neck Firming Cream - It's never too late to start paying attention to your neck area!  This Neck Firming Cream is designed for the fragile neck and chest area and works to firm sagging neck skin, restoring youthful tone and definition.  Creped skin on the neck and chest is smoothed from the inside out, plumping and lifting slacked, lined skin.  This is used after the Gentle Cleanser, Freshener and any face treatments. 

L' Bri Rejuvenating Facial Peel - Okay...if you've never used a facial peel (I haven't either, until now) You MUST try this facial peel by L' Bri!  It will leave your skin feeling so freaking soft and not only that, it is formulated to remove the dead skin cells, revealing a more healthy and glowing skin.  Leaves skin feeling smooth and baby soft!

L 'Bri Facial Masque - Last, but certainly not least, the L' Bri Facial Masque is known as L' Bri's 'non-surgical face lift'.  This Masque firms and clears away dead skin cells, allowing your skin's natural smoothness to return. Crepiness and large pores are diminished, Simultaneously reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

I love how L' Bri's Pure n' Natural products are packaged (I'm a sucker for glass jar products!)  They have a very professional look to their packaging and many great reviews, from customers, on their products.

L' Bri Pure n' Natural products offer natural, safe and affordable skin care products. Aloe is the first ingredient in every L' Bri's products and the name, L'Bri, is derived from a husband and wife, who started this business...Linda and Brian Kaminski.  

If you want to try one, or several of these products, you can check out the products by visiting a L'Bri Pure n Natural Independent Consultant.  I've listed mine, below!

Tamra Martin
L' Bri Pure n Natural
Supervisor & Team Leader

***I received a complimentary product(s), in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions expressed are ALWAYS 100% my own and I only recommend and support products that I believe in.