Fashion & Accessories

When it comes to fashion and accessories, fashion is not only about what's in style and trending, but what makes you feel comfortable and happy.  Fashion can be anything from women's apparel that is matched with the perfect earrings and shoes, right down to the handbag to baby fashion and accessories for the stylin' baby.  Below are a few things I've done a review on so far...I've still have more to come!


Rosarini specializes in simple yet stylish ladies clothing for all occasions; whether it be for travel, work, sports, maternity, just an evening out with your significant other, shopping for clothes has never been easier. 

Rosarini's clothes make it easy when traveling.  No more worries about wrinkle and messy garments.  Rosarini's garments are made from their signature wrinkle free Matt Jersey fabric which is not only very stylish....but comfortable, drapes the body and no clinging to the body. AND...if you are worried that Rosarini's clothes will not fit...they also  have plus sizes that range from size 14 to 22, that will not only fit, but will flatter your curves.  


2018 is already here and with the new year, comes a few changes, as well as some must haves that I want in my closet, this year.  Of course, I have no plans of ridding of my legging/jeggings (I mean...these are so comfy!) but a few things I have been seeing around, I must have!  My 2018 Spring Fashion Must Haves.

Round Neck Drawstring Plain Wide-Leg Jumpsuit   Open Shoulder Asymmetric Hem Hollow Out Plain Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Deep V-Neck Flounce Ruffled Hem Plain Velvet Skater Dress


I believe you should be able to purchase a nice piece of jewelry (not the fine kind), without breaking the bank, let alone, paying way more than is expected. There's this site, that has some very unique and fun pieces. They are trendy, hip and very fashionable and THEY ARE AFFORDABLE

They have bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, anklets and even tags for your pets!

Warby Parker has some unique styled sunglasses that come in several color choices with many style options.

I've checked out Warby Parker's sunglasses and I LOVE the styles.  I even get to choose what color I want from the available color options.  I would have to say, that my favorite sunglasses style from Warby Parker, would be the Roci in the light green color! Check out the different color options, here. So summer looking!

Available at:


Jewelry that is unique, different and has a totally different take on style, that is what's going to be hot this year!  Sure, you can still wear your classic style jewelry, but have some fun this Summer...go bold and try your hand at some of the pieces, shown above.

You'll find tons of pieces, like those, at Wanderlust + Co.  I just love their style! Found a necklace you like?  I bet you can find the matching earrings at Wanderlust + Co.  This company seems to have it together when putting jewelry together.

Available at:


This bracelet shown here, is by TurpinKreations Etsy Shop.  It is a wire wrap type bracelet that features a round enamel disc and a round, clear crystal style accent bead.  The round enamel disc is approximately 1" and can be customized with either a black, pink, white or mint background. When it comes to the vinyl colors for your monogrammed initials, you have 36 colors to choose from!  That's a ton of options!

Available at:


I absolutely love the orange and tan pendant that I received from SoCalKnotty. Let me tell ya...the photos don't do these pendants justice!  They are absolutely beautiful in person and when I first laid my eyes on this pendant - I was in awe! All the exquisite details that went into this pendant must have took a lot of time, because the alignment of the design is perfect!  SoCalKnotty takes pride in their work and a lot of time is spent, creating the most unique and custom pieces, that can also be given as the perfect gift.

Available at:

GLASSES.COM EYE AND SUNGLASSES has tons of glasses to choose from.  They have eyeglasses, as well as prescription sunglasses, for a fraction of the cost.  They have many styles to choose from; styles that are geared to everyone's personality or style.  At, you have the option to choose from; Cat Eye Glasses, Progressive Eyeglasses, Full Frame and Round Eyeglasses. Most of these eyeglasses has several colors to choose from.  Are you a classic black or brown eyeglasses person?  How about being different and trying a pair of tortoise or crystal colored eyeglasses?

Available at:


I love that this small (but not too small) cross packs a lot of bling and shine. Let me tell you, under my kitchen lights, this cross just sparkles!  This pendant is 17mm x 35mm in size and is perfect to wear anytime.  It has a stainless steel beaded chain that will not tarnish or turn colors and would make the perfect gift for those who love cross necklaces.

Available at:


This awesome t-shirt is from Houndstooth & Polka Dots Etsy Shop.  This shirt, more specifically the camper on this shirt, reminds me of a 70's theme and it's such a fun shirt to wear!  The words, 'Happy Camper' is done in different patterns, colors and designs, ranging from chevron, floral to animal print. No wonder I love it; All my favorite patterns in one shirt!

It's perfect to wear when I go camping; as if other campers don't already know we are 'Happy Campers' but I also love wearing this when I'm not camping.  I love the bright colorful lettering on this purple t-shirt, as well as the cheerful colored camper.  It really stands out from all the other Happy Camper t-shirts and this is definitely customized for us gals!

Available at:


Drew Coh has these fun t-shirts and tanks for both adults and kids.  The particular tank top that I especially love, is this 'Tired As A Mother' tank.  Yep, the saying says it all!  This tank is perfect for those new mommies, as well as the working mom!

The tank top I'm wearing is a Large and it's a pretty generous size.  It fits perfectly and has thinner shoulder tank straps but does not narrow toward the neck area. It's cute, fun and comfy!  And check out the style of lettering!  I love it! The tank is available at Drew Coh Etsy Shop and is available in Dark Gray, Gray, Black and Navy.  Available sizes range from Small to XLarge.


This awesome looking tank top is available at LuckyFranklin Etsy Shop and is the Zodiac Constellation Scorpio Tank Top.  Not only does it feature the Scorpio name, but the constellation of Scorpio.  I love my zodiac sign.  I love finding items that has my zodiac sign and this tank top is perfect!  I love that this tank features the constellation.  It's different than most tops that I've seen that features the zodiac.


Free As A Bird has unique pieces of jewelry on their site.  They have bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, anklets and even tags for your pets!  One of the pieces that I received (no longer available) is this beautiful gold tone cuff bracelet.  It is an open cuff bracelet that has a pretty shaped design, that will go perfectly with that little black dress or as a casual piece for every day wear.


From The Glass Pearl Shop Etsy Shop, this is one of the prettiest bracelets I've seen (and had) in quite some time.  It is a chunky gold tone bracelet with a semi-large rhinestone ball.  Actually, until this morning (I've had this bracelet for 3 days)I didn't realize that the rhinestone ball was a magnetic clasp!  How cool! And you can't even tell.


I can't explain how beautiful this necklace is!  When I first opened the package from JanJat Jewelry Etsy Shop, it was stunning!  I couldn't wait to wear it the next day, to work.  Of course, several people commented on it and loved it!

This necklace came from all the way from Barbados.  JanJatJewelry Etsy shop has this tassel necklace from 26" to 36" and available with a pearl (as shown in the top photo) and many more different options. Each one is beautiful and the one I wore today, was the all silver tassel necklace.  


These beautiful silver earrings are by AndesBeads.  They are so intricately detailed with filigree like scrolls throughout the earrings.  They are not large, but not too small.  For me, they are the perfect size!  These earrings are very lightweight and they move freely every time I wear them.  The drop length is about 1.5 inches with surgically steel ear wires.  

They are simple, yet beautiful and I love the way they feel when I wear them. Being that they are silver, they catch the light and seem to catch the eye! The best thing about these earrings...they also come in gold!  So, why not grab both sets!  


This necklace shown here, is a short tusk necklace, created by SoCalKnotty on Etsy.  It is a Bohemian Inspired piece of jewelry that features a gorgeous tusk and adorned with matching wood beads.  The necklace is very lightweight and easily slips over your head, without having to unclasp it due to it being 22" long.

The necklace is so beautifully handcrafted by Anna, who is the owner of SoCalKnotty on Etsy and the most fabulous thing is...this necklace comes in three different colors!  The one I chose is of Natural white color, but you can also choose from Dark Brown and Light Brown.  The beads are so smooth and perfectly round and each tusk may vary with each necklace.


This piece shown here, is by Vogue Jewelry.  It is the Squash Blossom Necklace and as you can see, it's pretty intricate with all the blossom looking pieces, with a nice size half circle focal piece.  The stones resembles turquoise and the chain is a medium size silver chain.  The necklace sparkles with the silver that is combined into the necklace.


I love this elephant necklace by Vogue Jewelry.  It's not too big, but it's still large enough to make out.  I absolutely love the rose gold tone of this necklace and with the elephant's head adorned with many shining crystals, the two just compliments each other well.  Even the chain is rose gold tone and I love that, because with most necklaces I've owned, it's either sterling silver or gold.


The cut on the stone is immaculate!  It's flat on top and cut to perfection all around.  You can tell that Jeulia Jewelry took precise care and time in the details of not only this ring, but their other rings as well.  Such intricate details were sought when creating this ring and the best thing is, this ring is very affordable! has hundreds, if not thousands, of rings to choose from.  They have 3 piece wedding sets, Halo ring sets, three and two stone rings as well as Jeulia Jewelry Jeulia Design rings.  If you are looking for something more unique and different, then check out's Jeulia Design rings.  Here, you will find skull rings, frog rings, octopus, owl, Mermaid & elephant rings.  This wedding set came in this neat jewelry looking box, that has two slide outs; the top that held a smaller ring box and the bottom, a polishing cloth tucked inside of a business card type envelope.  So neat!


I am a HUGE watch fanatic.  Between watches and sunglasses, I probably own more than 12 each!  I love all the colors, designs and styles that come with watches.  I love how they go with anything I wear and how they CAN become a fashion statement.  I love all watches, but big watches are my weakness!

The watch shown here, is sold by bestseller2046 on Ebay.  They have this watch in gold and silver, and both are awesome looking.  The watch has a mesh style band that is adjustable and the watch, itself, is very lightweight.  I love the gold color!  This watch has a gold tone look with a gold tone face.  It has rhinestones adorned all around the face of the watch and catches the light every way you turn it.


I recently received several Marvel Comic items...t-shirts, lounge pants and even a colorful cool looking wallet!  All of these that I've received showcased the comic in vibrant & brilliant colors.  The t-shirts are oh, so very soft, stretchy and I love the way they fit. I am more of a gray-black t-shirt person, so these Marvel Comic t-shirts are PERFECT!  

The items shown below, are from sisterofdionysis, from Ebay.  Her store is Dionysis Clothing and she has some AWESOME comic stuff there...things that will appeal to anyone, who is into comics!  They are all, very reasonably priced and I have found, that sisterofdionysis prices, are cheaper than what I can get at the mall and she has over 600 items in her Ebay store!


Living in the South, flip flops, shorts and tank tops are a big thing...especially when it comes to comfort.  I usually start wearing my flip flops when temps start to reach the 60' right now, and it's only the end of February!

Anywho, these flip flops shown here, are by icandy fashions, on Ebay.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE wedge platform type flip flops.  For some reason, I seem to be able to walk better in something with a little heel, but also that is cushioned and comfortable.

These sandals are all blinged out with rhinestones and studs...LOVE!  These sandals are available in other colors as well, such as white, brown (shown here) and red, with other similar sandals, just like these, but with different designed rhinestones and styles.  icandyfashions has tons of these flip flops and it's hard to choose just one pair!

They have an almost Western look to them and they are so comfortable.  The wedge part of the sandal seems durable and does not give way or sink, as I walk in some wedge sandals I have.  They are fashionable, sheek and so cool looking!  

If you want to dress up a pair of jeans, but don't want to wear just ordinary flip flops or shoes, you have got to grab you a pair of these!  They are dressy and perfect for pairing up with jeans...not to mention those shorts!


Hot-shadz hooked me up with not one...but 10 pairs of sunglasses.  I tried each and one of them on, and even tho a couple may be WAY out of my league or style, I still found them very fashionable, trendy, popular and cute!

Each pair of hot-shadz sunglasses that I tried were lightweight, comfortable and fit my face, without being too loose.  If you've noticed, a lot of celebrities are sporting the larger sunglasses, which is why, I think they have become so popular and in demand


The blouse shown here, is sold by shnoopcom on Ebay.  This is one of the most comfortable shirts ever!  It's loose, flowy, does not hug my body and oh...did I comes in three different colors; black, ivory and caramel.  I went with the caramel, as I ALWAYS end up choosing black.  

This shirt is a Large, but let me tell ya, it fits a lot looser!  I probably could have went with a medium in this, but this is how the shirt is meant to be.  This shirt has a premium quality round neck and the shirt is by Dollz.


I love these shoes, sold by shoestation2015 on Ebay.  These shoes glitter and shine under the lights and the metallic glitter shoes are becoming a hot item, today.  These shoes are perfect with jeans, shorts and even your yoga pants! They definitely make a statement and will definitely be noticed.

There are shoes that I wear for when I work out....and THEN, there are shoes if I'm going out, dressed casual, but want more than just a regular pair of tennis shoes.

These shoes have a matching shoe lace, that matches the shoe.  They are available in Gold, Silver and Black (gold is currently out of stock) and available in sizes 5-10.  The brand is Top Moda and shoestation2015, on Ebay, has these shoes at a very low and competitive price...$23.98!  You can't beat that with a shoe that is becoming very fashionable.


Earrings are a very important accessory to my wardrobe, not necessarily when I'm just chilling at home, but when I'm going to work or out on the week-end.  I love my earrings to be noticeable, but not too big or loud and I love the bling!  I also love rhinestones and silver, both in one earring.

These earrings, shown here, are just that.  They are the perfect size, just enough bling and they are noticeable!  These are a Turquoise blue stone Boho earrings, available at Jewelry Boho - 


Two of the shirts I received from Vivian and Dutch are shown below and they truly are different and unique.  The first, is a camo t-shirt with golden flecked arrows.  The golden arrows are more of a glitter-n-grit design, which is very unique, as the gold arrows on this camo shirt looks as if it has been partially glittered, with gold flaking flecks (this is how it is meant to look.)

This is a camo foil tee, which is super soft and comfy.  I love that this shirt has stretch to it, is definitely a t-shirt for women, as it's a little thinner and not too thick of a tee.  It fits perfectly, without any tight spots and does not feel constricting on my body.  Super super soft tee!

This next shirt, is a Ladies Western Steer Head T-Shirt.  It has the design of a steer head on the front and has distressed collar, sleeves and hemming.  At first, when I opened the package and saw this shirt, I was thinking....OMG!  Did I rip this?  Did this get damaged in the mail?  But I then remembered...this is how this shirt is supposed to look! The collar, sleeves and hemming has tiny slit like rips, resembling a distressed look.

This shirt is a dark grey vintage color with a full damask steer head.  This shirt is also very very soft.  I love how VivianandDutch created this shirt, to give it that edgy look with the distressed collar and sleeves, making this to look as if you had already had this shirt for quite some time and not as if you are wearing a brand new tee!  This particular shirt has become very popular at the craft shows and craft fairs that VivianandDutch attends. She is hoping that it becomes, just as popular, on her Etsy store.


This sweater, shown here, is the long sleeve cross v-neck hoodie sweatshirt by Messic.  Messic is an Amazon store that sells tons of neat, comfortable and great priced clothing.  I have been blessed and honored to have had the opportunity to experience Messic's clothing.  Their tops are always so comfortable and fit me, perfectly.  

This sweatshirt is made just like a hoodie, but in fact, does not actually have a hood!  The shirt is very soft and warm, has a large front pocket (just like your hoodie) and even has the drawstring near the neck.  Everything about this screams hoodie, with the exception of no hood!  


This t-shirt, shown here, is by BaffleTeesShop on Etsy.  If you've been following me, you know I've done a few reviews on Baffle, but on BaffleGear on Etsy. They are the one and same company, but two different Etsy stores.

This t-shirt can be made for men and women.  This saying suits me to a T (no pun intended!)  I love the wide range of sayings and wordings that BaffleTeesShops have come up with.  Majority of them, I've never even heard of, which makes his t-shirts so unique!


this 3/4 sleeve tunic shirt, shown here, is one of the most comfortable shirts I've ever worn!  It's loose, flowy, smooth, lightweight and the perfect lengthy to wear with my leggings, jeggings and jeans!

Shirt shown here is Small

The shirt goes past my hips, covering what I don't want everyone to see, when wearing leggings!  The 3/4 sleeve has a small elastic in the sleeves, which are not too tight, nor binding and the sleeves, themselves, are loose as well...just like the shirt.


This mommy t-shirt, shown here, is by SimplyEmmaJs on Etsy.  It is a purple t-shirt, with the words, "Mommin' is my favorite" written across it.  It's so appropriate for those expecting and for those who are a mommy to a new baby.

The letters have been industrial heat pressed for a more durable and long lasting designed t-shirt.  Although this shirt is in purple, you can let Rhonda, from SimplyEmmaJs, if a different color t-shirt is wanted.  This shirt comes in sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge and 2XLarge.  The t-shirt, itself, is soft and comfy.


FH2Bags, on Etsy, has this cool looking backpack that is designed for kids and teens in mind.  It's a 'get-up-and-go" bag that can be used for practically anything.  It's lightweight, so there is not heavy straps or bulk, it's convenient and versatile, as well as having a waterproof vinyl print.

FH2Bags cool kids vinyl drawstring bag has exclusive design, that allows you to keep the arm cords balanced and even.  If you want to customize the look of the bag, the bag also features detachable arm cords.  It has a full lining and travels well to the office, school, gym and on your vacation.


Two of the shirts I received from Vivian and Dutch are shown below and they truly are different and unique.  The first, is a camo t-shirt with golden flecked arrows.  The golden arrows are more of a glitter-n-grit design, which is very unique, as the gold arrows on this camo shirt looks as if it has been partially glittered, with gold flaking flecks (this is how it is meant to look.)

This next shirt, is a Ladies Western Steer Head T-Shirt.  It has the design of a steer head on the front and has distressed collar, sleeves and hemming.  At first, when I opened the package and saw this shirt, I was thinking....OMG!  Did I rip this?  Did this get damaged in the mail?  But I then remembered...this is how this shirt is supposed to look! The collar, sleeves and hemming has tiny slit like rips, resembling a distressed look.

This shirt is a dark grey vintage color with a full damask steer head.  This shirt is also very very soft.


The first Dolman shirt shown here, is sold by Under Moments on Amazon.  Sizes available are from Small - XXL and come in a wide variety of colors.  This shirt is so comfy and goes well with leggings, jeggings, jeans and shorts. The Dolman draped sleeve shirt is 65% polyester and 35% viscose.  

The second shirt, also sold by Under Moments on Amazon, is the Women's Tri-Blend Dolman. This shirt is 25% cotton and 25% rayon and 50% polyester. This shirt comes pre-shrunk, so there's no worry about shrinking it while washing. It, too, has a scooped neckline and has a flawless blend of three quality fabrics, that include: rayon, polyester and cotton. 


The necklace shown here, is a turquoise bar pendant necklace, sold by Amy's Leather Lane on Etsy.  Amy's Leather Lane has tons of unique and fashionable jewelry to choose from and it's almost hard to just choose just one!  This particular necklace is sold as a bar necklace or a bar with an initial.  I chose the bar pendant necklace and I absolutely love it!  

The pendant hangs from a gold tone chain and is trimmed in gold, around the turquoise... so pretty!  The turquoise blue pendant is bright blue, gold plated and the gold tone veins adds that extra rustic vibe.  


It has an 8.5" capacity and comes with a 47.8 inch silver chain shoulder strap chain and features a rhinestone button closure.  The rhinestone and the silver bag is what caught my attention of this bag.  The handbag is mostly fabric with a rayon cotton lining.  It has a small elastic pocket, small zipper compartment and two compartments on each side of the zipper pocket.  Women's luxury shoulder wristlet dinner handbag, sold by JackyBrand, on Amazon


This tank top is by Ensasa, on Amazon, and is a very vibrant colored tank.  It features a large skull on the front and back of the tank and the colors are absolutely awesome.  

This tank is available in sizes, small - XXL and comes in colors of: Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange and Yellow.  Each tank top has bright vibrant colors.  I chose the large black in this tank and it fits perfectly!  It has a little stretch to it, due to the 15% Elastane (spandex).  It also consists of 82% polyester, 18% Lycra lining and 85% nylon. I can't get over how bright the colors are in this tank top.  It truly is a one of a kind tank top!


The tunic top shown here, is sold by Messic, on Amazon.  I have become a big fan of Messic, as this is the second blouse I've received from them and both have fit perfectly!  This has a white floral design, almost a paisley print on a red blouse.  This shirt is a Large and comes is sizes medium - XXL.  It also comes in several color options: Beige, Black, Blue and Red.

It has a flattering drapery look to the shirt, due to the pleated front.  The drape in the front of the blouse gives this shirt a slimming look and has a generous amount of pleated draping.


he blouse shown here is the Women's V Neck Sleeveless Pleated Tunic Blouse.  Yes, it's I said, I love black!  This shirt has a lot of stretch to it, but does not stretch out of shape.  It's very comfortable and I love the separate pleated piece that is adorned to this shirt.  It gives the blouse a more dimensional look and very elegant looking.  The sizes available on Amazon ranges from Medium to XXL.  I received a Large in this shirt and it fits perfectly!


The tank top shown here, is the Women's Anchor Racerback Tank Top by Fashow, sold by KOOBEA, on Amazon.  This tank top features an anchor on the front and a cute pink bow on the back.  The back of the tank top looks as if the bow is cinching the back into a racerback tank.  I love the extra bow detail to this tank top, as it adds something different.

The anchor on the front covers the whole front of the tank top and is in white. The tank top itself, is soft and nice feeling.  It feels lightweight when worn and has a slight stretch to the material.  The front of the tank is just a tad shorter than the back, which is another popular feature in a lot of tank tops and shirts, today.


The sandals shown here are by ABUSA.  ABUSA offers a wide range of great quality shoes and sandals that are perfect for the Summer time.  These shoes are leather with a rubber sole, flat heeled and so very comfortable.  They feel so lightweight on my feet, as if I'm not wearing any shoes at all!  These ABUSA sandals have a slightly padded footbed as well as an adjustable strap. The upper part of the sandal is leather.


I recently had the chance to try Overmal's sleeveless summer tank tops.  The sizes are in Asian sizes, so ordering a size or two larger is recommended, due to the fact, Asian sizes are smaller than US sizes.  I received a white tank top as well as a rose colored one.  They are both XL (Asian size) and they fit perfectly.

The bottom of the tank top has a nice lace detail all around, as well as a lace near the neckline and chest area.  The tank top is very thin, very lightweight and perfect for summer. 


The dress, shown here, is FancyInn's Women's Cute Lace Cocktail Party Dress.  It has a white lacy top and a gold, almost metallic looking skirt.  It is a one-piece dress that zips on the side.  The bottom of the dress flares just a tad bit, but not to much.  It's actually pretty comfortable and I love the way it looks on me.  The dress consist of 20% lace and 80% cotton.  It's suitable for Casual, Evening Party and as a Special Occasion dress.  Sizes range from Small to Xlarge.  And even though by looking at this dress you may think it's out of your price range...Think again!  This dress, right now, is priced at only $13.99!


These cute sandals, shown here, are by SheSole.  They are sold by SHOEZY on Amazon and come in either silver or gold.  As you can see here, I chose the gold, mainly because gold looks so well with a tan, not to mention, a lot of summer attire especially for work.   These sandals have what you call a kitty heel (low heel) and take on  a metallic look (another reason why I love these shoes!)  They have a rubber sole and a strap to hold them in place, that fastens on the outside.  These sandals have that weaved look on the front of the sandal, giving it dimensions and a classy look.


If you've been following my reviews and some of the awesome dresses that I've been posting, then you may recognize the style of this dress.  This dress is similar to others I've posted and it comes from Fancyinn on Amazon.  Fancyinn has numerous sexy and cute dresses for women, in sizes Small to XLarge...and some in XXL.  

This dress, shown here, is a sleeveless white cocktail dress, also known as a skater dress or mini dress (of course it's not mini on me...I'm only 5'1"!)  This dress is so comfortable and one of the dresses that fits really well on me.  I love that it has a zipper in the back and that the whole back area is covered.  It has pleats, all around the dress, which helps hide and camouflage any problem areas.  This white cocktail dress, by Fancyinn, has a cute black lace trim around the bottom of the dress, giving this dress a nice finish and that extra detail.


The Egg-specting shirt is by She Loves Her Mama on Etsy.  The shirt is a light gray raglan jersey like shirt with turquoise sleeves.  On the front, sports an egg (looks so much like an Easter egg!) and has the word, 'Egg-specting' displayed across the front.  It's a simple shirt, but makes a statement.  I love the colors....Turquoise and light gray.  The shirt is available in Gray, Turquoise and Dark Gray.  

The shirt, itself, is not a maternity shirt, but it has plenty of stretch and flowing and long enough to cover your baby bump.  The shirt is very soft and Shandy Hoover, the store owner of She Loves Her Mama of Etsy, has these shirts in sizes Medium to X-Large.  These shirts seem to have become very popular among mothers.  It's a way of letting everyone know that you are carrying a precious cargo.  


The bag shown below, is the Iris Shoulder bag.  This bag can be used as a regular purse or as a diaper bag.  This bag is perfect if you are looking for a diaper bag, as it has many pockets to fill your baby's needs. 

There are two large exterior side pockets, one exterior front pocket as well as 1 exterior pocket on the back of the purse.  Two interior pockets on the inside, for cell phone or small notebook, one 3D pockets for bottles, cell phones and more and one interior zipper compartment.  That's a total of 4 inside pockets and 4 exterior pockets!  

The outside pockets are ideal for diapers, notebooks, and burpie cloths, while the inside 3D pockets are great for bottles, teething rings, sunglasses and baby necessities.  The bag also comes with a 19" double shoulder strap and a 24" to 45" removable strap.  This purse is very nice.  It has deep compartment pockets and plenty of room for you and your baby's items.  I love the canvas look and feel and it's very stylish.  


This bracelet, shown below, is an adjustable genuine leather bracelet that displays the word, "love."  It has that rugged look to it, but is very durable and very well made.  I love how this bracelet feels on my wrist...not too tight, but not so loose that it slides around.  It has and adjustable cord that you will everyone's wrists.  It's a cognac brown color with an antiquish gold looking plate that has the word "love" written on it.  

The bracelet is approximately 7 inches long and all you have to do is loosen the leather cord, slide your hand inside and then pull the two pieces of cord to tighten.  I really like these types of bracelets, the ones you can adjust to fit and I love that it displays, not only a message or word, but a word that I would love to wear everyday.  This bracelet is perfect for both men and women, who wants to make a fashions statement and is also great for teens. It's very lightweight and is made with a supple russet hued leather.  


The rain boots shown here, are by Buffy Boots.  Buffy Boots has several selections of different styles and colors to choose from.  The ones I have here are the Groovy Gal.  They are funky, wild and very colorful.  I love the fun colors of these boots and the turquoise color is one of my favorites.  

These Buffy Boots are designed in the United States and are constructed of the most high quality rubber to make these waterproof.  They also feature strong synthetic rubber buckles and pull straps, making them waterproof and lightweight.  Not only are these boots waterproof and will keep your feet dry, but they will also keep your feet warm with the multi-layered thick cushion foam foot bed insole that is removable.  They have a cotton lining to keep warm in and dampness out.  The Buffy Boots also has a treaded sole, to prevent slipping and to give better tread, no matter what the weather.  


This cute little number shown here, is the Fancyinn Women's Deep V Neck Lace Patchwork Cocktail Party Dress.  It is a black dress that is adorned with white lace, adding a touch of sophistication and delicate detail to the dress.  The dress is 80% cotton and 20% lace.  You can get this dress in two color options....the black, as shown here and the white with black lace.  The dress, itself, has a subtle floral print, adding that extra detail to such a pretty and sexy dress. And, to finish off this cute black dress with white lace, the bottom of the dress has a white hemline.  I love a dress that seems all balanced!  


Every women should have a pair of leggings.  Leggings are the "go-to" item when looking for something comfortable, stylish and long as they are paired with something that compliments the leggings.  Leggings are often paired with a long loose shirt, such as a tunic or Piko top, long vest - whether it's a summer or winter vest and finished off with some cute boots, booties or sandals.  

I love leggings.  I own several pairs of them.  These leggings, by Sejora, are a little different. They have fleece lining inside, to keep your legs warm during the winter months.  These are the first pair of leggings that I own, that have fleece lining inside of them and I will admit, they felt pretty darn nice!  They feel just like regular leggings, but more warmth and thickness to them.  They almost felt like I was wearing pajamas, but on a more snug level.  I love the high waist band, although I didn't quite pull the pants up as high as shown in the photo.  

These Sejora fleece lined leggings give off a slimming effect to the legs, which I love, cause lets admit it, I need a little slimming in that area!  These are one-size-fits all and when I first opened that package and saw how tiny they were at the waist, I gasped.  I thought, "How in the world am I gonna fit into those!"  But to my surprise, they fit perfect!  They have LOTS of stretch to them, but do not seem to stretch out of shape.  They were not tight at all, like I expected them to be and may be one of the most comfortable pairs of leggings I own.

The Sejora fleece lined leggings has a high waisted band that tucks in your waistline and hides any rolls.  The fleece lining does not add any extra bulk to these leggings and will keep you warm in any setting.  The leggings are made of 92% nylon and 8% spandex. The leggings have tapered legs, elongating and giving your legs a more slimming look.  The Sejora fleece lined leggings come in several colors: Burgundy (as shown), Black, Black Love, Black Sport, Blue, Khaki, Mocha, Olive, Pink and Red.  Plenty of colors to choose from!  The Black Sport and Black Love are black fleece lined leggings that have the words, Love and Sport, down the side of the legs in white.

I love these fleece lined leggings by Sejora!  I can't express how comfy they are and how they are the most comfortable pairs of leggings I own.  There is no tightness in the waist area or cutting into my skin.  Love them!


This Peach Fashion Choker Bib Statement Necklace is sold by XY Team on Amazon.  It comes in two options: White (which I have shown here and also the one I chose) and Pink. The only difference is that one has more clear rhinestones in the flowers than the other. Both are beautiful and will go well with just about anything you wear.

The detail of the Longil Peach White Choker Bib Statement Necklace is exquisite!  You can see there was detail that went into each flower, as well as the necklace as a whole.  



The Longil Love Hope Dream Trust necklace is not an over-the-top piece of jewelry, not a piece of jewelry with a lot of bling, but a piece of jewelry that makes a subtle statement in such an intricate detailed way.  I love this necklace!  It's not too small where you can't see the charm or circle, but just the right size.  It's lightweight and hangs comfortably around my neck.  I love wearing this necklace with black, which sets off the silver tone of the necklace or a brightly colored top.

The Longil Love Hope Dream Trust pendant comes in a small red box, perfect for holiday giving. Not only is this perfect for the holidays, but for birthdays, special occasions and Valentine's day.  



This Simlu women's 3/4 sleeve Dolman sleeve loose tunic is just the right shirt.  It's loose (hello!), comfy and hangs loose in all the right places.  This shirt has quite a bit of stretch to it, making it perfect for me!  The sleeves are not too tight, the bottom has a stretchy band like material that has the perfect stretch and I love how it drapes around the middle.  I can't tell you how comfortable this blouse is.  It's soft, lightweight and fashionable.



Layering on multiple strands of bracelets to give off that funky and fashionable look has become one of my favorites when putting on my bracelet(s) each day.

The bracelets shown here, are sold by TOUCHfashion on Amazon.  It is the Slake bracelet or the multi-wrap bracelet.  This bracelet appears to be multiple bangles, but actually, is just one bracelet.  You simply just wrap it around your wrists and snap into place with the snap closure.  The bracelets comes in several colors: Black, Nude, Pink, and Multi-Silk, just to name a few


The tunic top shown below, is the AMIE Finery 3/4 sleeve Tunic.  This tunic is stretchy, long and comfortable.  PERFECT FIT!

Not only does this Tunic by AMIE Finery come in Burgundy, but you can get this comfortable, flattering tunic in Black, Heather Charcoal and Olive.  95% Rayon and 5% Spandex.  Pair with boots and leggings, jeans or even a skirt.  



I a big fan of Tunic.  Tunic dresses, tunic blouses, you name it, tunic is a popular piece of clothing.  It just seems like tunic wear is so much more comfortable.  It is versatile and the style goes well with leggings, jeggings, jeans and even long maxi skirts.  

The tunic shown below, is a Tunic A-Line Dress with the romantic sleeves.  This tunic dress by Back From Bali, has long flowing sleeves that are embroidered with pretty bright colors of thread.  The neckline is elastic and is very comfortable.  It's a vibrant blue color with green and pink embroidering.  If worn down past the shoulders, this is a short tunic dress...pull it up past the shoulders, and it can be worn as a tunic blouse with your favorite pair of pants or skirt.

I love how this feels on.  It's light, airy and oh, so comfy!  This will sure be one of my favs to wear!  It is slightly sheer, but not too sheer.  This is a One-Size, so it should fit many women. Here, recently, I went from a medium to a large blouse (yeah, thanks to a little weight gain!) and this fits me perfectly!  I even have extra room in this tunic dress, so I'm almost positive it would fit someone who wears an XL.  

This Back From Bali Women's Solid Tunic Dress is absolutely gorgeous in person.  I love the bright colored embroidery that is on this dress.  The embroidery seems very well done and the dress, itself, is well made.  The color is true to color as shown on Amazon.  Sometimes when you get a piece of clothing, it's not exactly the same color.  That is not the case with this dress.  I love the vibrant blue color!

The Women's Solid Tunic Dress with Romantic Sleeves is made of Rayon.  It's a very feminine dress that has that hint of romantic look to it.  Wear it as a summer dress or with some cute heels for a night out on the town.  You can get many various looks from this dress!


I previously posted about an awesome tunic dress/blouse.  It was absolutely gorgeous and now, from the same company, I am bringing another review, this time, on a Black Long Sleeve Tunic Dress with pockets and a tie belt.  Back From Bali is a company on Amazon, that has tons of items that I love!  Items that range from dresses, blouses, yoga pants and accessories.

This little number is the Women's Tunic Dress with Pockets and Belt.  It is solid black with two side pockets.  The pockets are of generous size and my whole hand fits into this dress.  It does not skimp on pocket size.  It comes with a tie belt that you can tie around the dress, adding that extra finishing touch to the dress.  The dress is a simple dress, but with the belt and the gathered neck line, makes for a very cute dress.

This dress is an XL, but I think I could have gone with a Large.  This dress is plenty roomy and very comfy and I can actually see myself wearing this out, just on a casual date with my hubby!  Pair it up with some black boots or black booties and you have a fashionable outfit! The dress is 100% Rayon that is lightweight.  It has a round neckline, front and back, and dressing this dress up with that statement necklace will make this dress pop!

It has 3/4 slightly poufy sleeves, adorned with a small button.  The sleeves are not too tight and are actually loose fitting.  Not only can you wear this tunic dress as a dress, but it can be paired up with your favorite pair of leggings, jeggins or jeans.  Perfect for the office, school or just a night out on the town, this dress is very stylish without it being overly dressy.  This dress is also available in a peacock print!


Finding that perfect little black dress for New Year's Eve or even a Christmas cocktail party can sometimes be stressful.  You want a dress that not only looks elegant and sexy, but one that also fits in all the right places...a dress that actually compliments your body.

Back From Bali has many cute little black dresses, fit for cocktail parties and occasions.  This little black dress, shown below, is a Sleeveless Black Jersey Wrap Dress, featuring a V-neck. Of course, being a wrap dress, it wraps around to form a nice gathered look in the front, complimenting most body types.  

The dress is made of Rayon.  It's perfect for travelling and packing, as the dress does not wrinkle and it can be folded very small into a compact case.  It's a perfect dress if you're looking for a slimming effect, as the rayon is known to be slinky and flattering.  The front is cut right above the knee, giving off a sexy look and the wrap hits right above the waist to give a slimming and comfortable fit.

I love that this dress is sleeveless as it can be worn during the summer time without a jacket, showing off your shoulders or it can be paired up with a nice Belero shrug or jacket during the cooler weather.  Team this dress up with some sparkly high heels and a simple piece of neck jewelry and you are ready to hit the town!

I will admit, it took me a while to figure out how to do the wrap thing, since there was a opening in the back for the tie, but once figured out, the dress fits me perfectly.  I love how light this dress is, and it may be because of the rayon.  I have some curves, I'm not gonna lie, but this dress does seem to give me more of a slimming look. YAH!


Back From Bali has this different take on the maxi dress.  It's not only long, but it has a slightly low cut or cut out back, revealing a little of your back, but not too much.  The back part of the dress has a gathered elastic band, allowing for some stretch.  The sleeves are 3/4 lengths and an empire waist, that gives a long loose fit.  The Back From Bali Floral Maxi Dress has a purple floral design, mixed with a paisley print, which lends to a feminine look.  The fabric is a crinkled rayon, which adds a bit of texture to the dress and allows the dress to flow and move with you.

This Floral Maxi Dress is so casual, that it makes it perfect for the beach.  You can also wear this dress to your work place, adding a jacket over dress, for a more modest look.    You get pretty, feminine, sexy and comfort, all wrapped up in one with this dress.


Zheermai Online Shopping has sent me the TSSS Exquisite Black Leather Watch Organizer Box Cabinet that holds 12 watches.  I could not be any happier than I am now!  The organizer has a see through window on the top lid of the box.  It has 12 soft cushion compartments that allow you to wrap your watch around the cushions.  The 12 compartment watch box can also be used as a jewelry box as well.  You can wrap your bracelets around the cushions or remove the cushions and use each compartment for your earrings, bracelets, etc.

For me, personally, this will definitely be used as a watch box.  It is very so much needed! The TSSS Exquisite Black Leather Watch Organizer is PU Leather, has a vintage design look to it and a very sturdy, nice box.  I love that this Watch Organizer is presented as a display box and that I can see my watches through the see through glass window.  Dimensions of this box is 13"(D) x 7.5"(W) x 3.5"(H).


I am thrilled to be working with First-Time on Amazon.  They have tons of wonderful products that are right up my alley and style.  I've worked with First-Time a couple of times and I've never been disappointed in their products.  They have such unique styles of, not only sunglasses and accessories, but watches as well.  

The watch shown below, is the M&C Ferretti Women's Rose Gold Midi Watch.  It has beautiful rhinestones around the facing of the watch, which makes this watch pop!  The band and facing is a mixture of Rose Gold and a Light Pink that, surprisingly, goes really well together.  The band, itself, is lightweight, but the casing and face of the watch has a little weight to it.  

When I first saw this watch in person, I was in love.  It's so beautiful and full of bling with all the rhinestones circling the face plate.  The Dial part is a light pink, which matches the band. The clasp is very well secure when closed. This watch's clasp will not or should not come undone very easily, as I had to work (just a tad little bit) to open the clasp.  This ensures me that I won't have to worry about losing my watch off my wrist and I'm proud to see a watch that fastens securely.

The M&C Women's Rose Gold Acetate Pink Dial Midi Watch as a three hand quartz movement and adjustable links.  I actually had to take a link out of mine, to allow it to fit perfectly.  The removal of a link is as simple as opening one of the clasps and taking it off. Most of the new watches are starting to make it easier to remove a link, instead of having to find a mini screwdriver to remove them (you remember these, don't ya?)

All in all, I've received many compliments on the watch, as the photo does not do the watch justice.  The stones adds just a touch of glamour to such a already chic looking watch.  AND...although the month of October is just about over, this watch is perfect for those raising awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  You can still get this watch and give it to a loved one, that you know, who is fighting cancer.  I just find that this watch has the perfect color pink, that is well known, for Breast Cancer Awareness.


Just because Summer is gone, doesn't mean you no longer have to protect your eyes, nor forego the fashion sunglasses.  I wear sunglasses year round, during the summer and especially during the winter months, when snow is glistening off the ground.  There's nothing more blinding, than the sun glaring off the snow and into your eyes.  

The sunglasses shown below, YUFENRA Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses, have plastic frames as well as plastic lenses.  I, myself, prefer the plastic frames, as I think they last longer (for me anyway).  Every time I end up with the wire frames, there's always a screw that comes loose and gets lost, hence, no more sunglasses!  I've always had good luck with the plastic frames and I also love how some of them look.

These sunglasses have what they call a TR-90, a plastic titanium polymer material, consisting of the most ultra light materials and a super toughness.  They are light weight, impact resistant and resistance to deformation (a big plus in my book!)  The lens are hard coated to prevent scratching, using TAC (Traiacetate Cellulose.)  

MEASUREMENTS:  Lens: 55mm wide, 44mm height, 16mm Bridge and 143mm arms

These YUFENRA Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses are a little larger in the lens than what I normally buy, but I love them.  They don't look "buggy" on my face and they actually look pretty fashionable.  The sunglasses came packaged very nicely and carefully.  YunFenRa from Amazon, took very precise and good care on how the sunglasses were packaged and shipped.  The sunglasses had plastic around the arms, the lenses and even came in it's own sunglasses case.  

The sunglasses case, I was not expecting, but thank you YunFenRa for including this!  I'm always carelessly throwing my sunglasses in my purse, with months later, scratching the lenses.  Although these have TAC coating to prevent scratching...I don't want to risk it! The sunglasses case is not your ordinary hard shell case.  It's actually a pretty semi-firm, but flexible case that zips.

I am very proud to own these sunglasses.  If you know of a sunglasses freak like me, who seems to have to have a new pair every time they turn around, you have got to check these out!  


Some of the best fashion jewelry are those that are simple, yet elegant looking, without being too bold.  Fashion jewelry is available in many shapes, sizes and forms, ranging from bold and chunky to simple and elegant.

The necklace set shown below, is from Cougar's Collection on Amazon.  Cougar's Collection has many elegant pieces of  jewelry that can dress up any casual outfit and one of the most popular and hot items right now, is the leaf and bar pendant necklaces.  With this set, offered by Cougar's Collection, you get both!  
The Leaf pendant necklace is actually larger in person.  By the photos, the leaf pendant necklace looks dainty and simple, but in person, the pendant is actually larger...but not too large and makes a bold statement with such a simple piece.  This necklace is gorgeous and I love the cutout look of the leaves.  

The second necklace, the Bar Sequins Pendant Multilayer necklace, has three layers to it.  It has the bar, the small round pendant and the simple chain.  This is a delicate looking necklace, yet elegant in its own way.  Both necklaces will dress a button down shirt or plain solid shirt.  If wearing a v-neck or low cut blouse, these two pieces are perfect!  

You get 2pcs in one set, to mix and match as you please.  These two gold tone pieces are also available in silver, so if you're not a gold tone jewelry type of gal, go with the silver.  I find that silver will go with most anything and can be paired up with just about any color outfit.

If you're looking for that perfect Christmas or birthday gift, this set of necklaces will sure to make any gal happy!  You not only get one, but two necklaces.  Give both as a gift or save one for yourself!  



Watches come in many shapes, sizes and styles.  Not all watches are worn around the wrists.  There are some watches, that can actually serve not only as an accessory, but also as another piece of jewelry.  The watch shown below, is the Godagoda Antique Bronze Color Round Pocket Watch with the Hollow Rose Engraved into it.  It is a very unique and different watch and although this is considered a pocket watch, it can also be worn as a necklace!

Many people I know, love the looks of watches, but they do not wear one, mainly because they are not either used to wearing a wrist watch or they just don't like the feel of one around their wrists.  With the Godagoda Antique Bronze Color Round Pocket Watch with Hollow Rose Engraved, you can still have a watch on you, just not on your wrists.

It is a Quartz watch with a white dial color.  The case measures 4.7cm while the watch and chain measures in at 83cm.  This is a very intricate and detailed pocket watch.  The rose is perfectly engraved and gives a whole new look to the traditional pocket watch.  

It truly is a beautiful Antique looking time piece and would make the perfect gift for anyone who loves pocket watches.  Wear this as a necklace alone and have your own unique necklace that is so detailed or carry it as pocket watch, either way, this watch will sure to be a conversation piece.


No gal can have too many vests in her closet, especially if those vests are a fashion statement and looks as if a scarf is adorned to the vest.  I love sleeveless vests.  They can be worn with just about anything and the options are endless.  

The vest shown below, Fling Fashion Fringed Vest, is a sleeveless vest that is very very lightweight.   It has fringed like tassels at the bottom of the vest, which resembles a scarf like addition to the vest.  That is one thing I love about this vest.  When I wore this vest the other day, I had several people ask me if I made that scarf.  I had people asking me if the scarf was attached.  I had to laugh a little and answer, "No."  I explained that is all one piece, it just looks like a scarf.  I don't know if this was Fling Fashions intentions, but it was a brilliant idea.

The Fling Fashion Fringed Vest fits loosely and very comfortably.  It is an open vest cardigan type vest that can be worn over just about any top.  I paired mine up with a thin, long sleeved, tunic top and it just made that vest "pop!"  The Fringed Vest is unique, versatile and made of cotton.  It is a bright Turquoise color blue that has many pastel colored threads running through it.

I absolutely love this vest and it has become one of my favorites!  This vest only comes in the color shown above, but it is a color that will go with many!


You just had a new baby!  Congrats! But now, your head is probably already spinning (if it already hasn't while you were pregnant) with all the ideas, plans and things you want to do for and with your newborn.  Cute little outfits, family events and pictures are some of the things you have been thinking about.  The number one thing most new parents want (and can't wait to do) is have your baby's photo taken by a professional.

What better accessory for your little diva, but for her to have her own little tiara headband!  I mean look at this...A tiara for a Diva!  It's cute, adorable and very unique.  Most headbands you see in baby photos consists of bows, flowers or ribbons.  Not your baby!  Your baby will be wearing a tiara!

SBParts has this cute little Crystal Crown Tiara Slider Baby Headband on Amazon and it costs less than what a personalized hair bow would cost you.   This unique and different headband is only $3.69 plus FREE SHIPPING, right now, on Amazon.  This price may not last long, but it sure is a good steal for something that will add bling to your baby girl's photo.

It's suitable for newborns from 0-6 months and has an elastic band.  The band on the tiara I received was a light tan looking band.  As you can see in the photo, the tiara doesn't look big in my hands, but on a newborn's head, will probably be the right size.  I will add, when I first received this Crystal Crown Tiara Slider Baby Headband and I opened the package, the tiara looked as if it was hot glued to the bottom of the big deal...but the tiara was halfway coming off of the headband and by the looks of the photos I've seen, the band should be located in the middle of the tiara, not the bottom.  It also states it's a slider, but I had not been able to figure this out.

Luckily, I know how to operate a glue gun and I just re-glued the tiara back onto the elastic I big deal, but I would liked to have seen it all put together.  It really is a cute accessory for your little girl and for the price, I think it's really reasonable.


Like mommy, like daughter...or that's how it should be any way when you have a little girl who wants to be just like her mother, especially when it comes to dressing up.  What little girl doesn't love to dress up in her mother's shoes, hats and makeup!  Looking stylish and fashionable in this adorable vest below, this will become one of her favorite pieces to wear.

Lilax has you covered when it comes to fashionable wear for children.  This Lilax Little Girl's Animal Print Faux Fur Vest come with a brown braided belt.  The vest is faux fur, so no need to worry about any cruelty to animals here.  I love how this faux fur vest feels!  It's super soft and plush and any little girl will fall in love with this!  The vest should be Dry Clean only, to keep the vest looking its best and in tip top shape.  The vest is available for ages 2 to 5 years.

This vest can be paired up with some jeans and those cute fashionable boots.  During the cooler weather, your child will want to wear a long sleeve, solid colored shirt underneath.   


Ok, it's obvious that we all can't live like a celebrity, much less, one of the most famous people of the world, Princess Kate Middleton.  We may love her style, but we sure in the heck can't afford it! BUT....we can try!  There is totally nothing wrong in imitating a style of a famous person, or even someone you admire.  But unless you have their income, you may have to settle for the imitation.
I see nothing wrong in buying a piece of jewelry, clothing or even a handbag that is not authentic.  My theory is, if it looks pretty and I like the style and like the way it looks, then I love it!  The necklace below is, of course, an imitation of the necklace that UK Princess Kate Middleton has been seen wearing.  It is by Fun Daisy and Fun Daisy has a way of coming up with some unique and exquisite jewelry.  This necklace is not lightweight!  It's not too heavy, but it does have a little weight to it.  The intricate details of all the stones, nestled into this necklace makes this a very elegant necklace.

The Grand UK Princess Kate Middleton Fashion necklace is made of sturdy material and consist of alloy.  This necklace will dress up that little black dress or jumpsuit you may have in your closet or a statement piece to add the finishing touches to a prom dress.  You won't pay no where close to the price of a UK Princess, but only a tiny fraction of that.  This necklace, by Fun Daisy on Amazon, is less than $25.00!  It's such a beautiful piece in person and will dress up even the most simplest outfit.


I recently see Katie Lee, from "The Kitchen" (Food Network Channel), wearing what appeared to be gold jewelry, but they made no movement.  After a closer look, I noticed that they were temporary jewelry tattoos!  They were so neat looking and looked so perfect around her wrists, that I knew I had to find some!
These seem to be all the craze right now, the metallic body jewelry that you can wear on your wrists, arms and just about anywhere.  Zhenhui supplied me a package of 10 sheets of these wonderful looking jewelry tattoos!  You get 10 different sheets of metallic tattoos that, although they are waterproof, will come off easily with oil, makeup remover or soap and water and will last from 2-7 days, depending on how often you come in contact with water, soap or other liquids.  The fake jewelry tattoos are also non-toxic, so you don't have to worry about any harmful chemicals.  

If you love the look of tattoos, but don't really want a permanent one or if you are looking for something, just for an occasion, then the Zhenhui Premium Metallic Tattoos are your best bet!  These are perfect for bridal showers, weddings or night out on the town.  What would funner than to have a sleep over or a girls get together and have fun experimenting with all the cool designs you and your friends come up with.  

Be creative.  Try adding a thin chain tattoo on either side of a tribal tattoo or one of the look alike Love and Cross bracelet tattoos and mix it up with gold or silver circles and small thin arrows.  Once you start experimenting and creating your own unique look, you'll wonder why you haven't tried these before.  I had fun, picking out which design and pattern I wanted!  They went on very easily, almost effortless.  I can't wait to create more!

How To Apply: 
1. Clean and dry the area where you're going to place the tattoos 
2. Remove the plastic transparent layer and place tattoo face down on your skin. 
3. Take a little cloth / sponge, soak it in water, and then wet with it the tattoo that is placed on your skin 
4. wait 30 sec and then gently remove white paper from your skin, and let the tattoo dry in the open air for 2 min. 

How To Remove: 
Can be easily removed with baby oil or a makeup remover


Are you looking for a necklace that will go with just about anything in your wardrobe?  A necklace that says 'Tribal', 'Boho' or 'Fashion statement'?  Zhenhui has jewelry that will satisfy even the pickiest people when it comes to jewelry.  Whether you're into bold and chunky, simple yet unique, or just a fun piece, Zhenhui Fashion has you taken care of.

The necklace shown below, is the Ethnic Tribal Boho Coin Fringe Necklace.  With coins that jingle, to the turquoise accented stone that is the focal point of this necklace, this necklace has it all.  Wear it with black, white or any wardrobe color..wear it with a tank top, sweater or Bohemian themed costume, you will find this piece to be a regular item in your jewelry collection.

Material of the Ethnic Tribal Boho Coin Fringe Necklace consist of alloy and a resin gem. The necklace is available in either Silver and Black (resin gem) or the Silver and Blue (as shown above).  The necklace chain is approximately 74cm with the bone chain being 10.5 cm.  


I don't know about you, but when I see a vibrant, colorful, chunky necklace, my heart is instantly in love with it!  A statement piece that is bold in color, bold in materials and is totally unique and one of a kind...that's my kind of jewelry!

Previously, in my earlier posts, I mentioned the wonderful statement pieces that Zhenhui Fashion, on Amazon, have.  Their pieces are unique and different and very well made.  And when I say well made, these pieces are handmade!  So much work and details go into these necklaces and I was privileged to have received two of these awesome pieces.

The necklace shown below, is the Zhenhui Christmas Hot Handmade Braided Multi-Layers Flower Pendant Statement Necklace.  It comes in Purple, Brown and Red and is adorned with multiple crystals and colorful thread, woven in between and through the chains of the necklace.  The material consist of braided rope link and crystal with copper and zinc alloy. The pendants on this necklace are exquisite, just as the rest of the necklace.  The pendants resemble crystal flowers and shine like no other, when under the lights.  The necklace length is approximately 18" x 2.75".  

I can't get over how beautifully created this necklace is!  It's absolutely breathtaking, especially with the colorful threads woven in with the necklace that also compliments the crystal flower pendants.  The necklace lays flat against my neck and chest area, without any unevenness.   Although the necklace looks chunky and's not.  It has a light to medium weight to it and feels really comfortable when wearing it.


Accessories, accessories, accessories.  That is what it's all about when dressing up an outfit. I can't tell you enough, what a big difference, a piece of jewelry will dress up the simplest outfit.  Zhenhui Fashion goes all out when it comes to their jewelry.  If you're looking for simple, you won't get it here!  Well, that may be an under statement, but majority of their jewelry is made to make a statement!  That is what I want when I'm wearing a simple basic shirt, but need to dress it up a bit.

The necklace shown below, Zhenhui Fashion Vintage Statement Necklace, is a very intricate, detailed necklace that is a show stopper!  It is a cross of a bib necklace to a long necklace, which makes a bold statement.  The necklace is vintage and retro, all wrapped into one.  It is a Turkish Style necklace that is approximate 55cm.  No photo will do this necklace justice. You actually have to see this necklace in person to appreciate all the detailed work that went into this necklace.

It is a antiquish vintage necklace that is silver with pearlish looking stones.  This is not a lightweight necklace, but it's not too heavy, either.  This necklace will go perfect with any outfit.  This is my type of necklace!  Now, I don't recommend wearing this necklace with a t-shirt, but if your little heart desires, go for it!  Black, white, bright colored shirt...this would be your best bet when wearing this necklace.  


With any clothing attire, you need the perfect accessories.  Whether it be earrings, necklaces or bracelets, adding a little something-something will not only make your outfit stand out, but by adding the right accessory, will compliment one another.  As I stated before, I rarely leave my house without my watch.  This is my all time accessory.  My second must-have #accessories are earrings and bracelets (to add that finishing touch to what I'm wearing).  

This beautiful gold bracelet is by Q&Q Fashion.  It is the Egyptian Aztec Polish Gold Concave Triangle Statement Bangle Cuff Bracelet (whew!) and by the name of the title, has every bit mentioned, in this bracelet.  You can see the etching of the Aztec Triangle print, the bangle, and especially the polished gold in this #bracelet.  This bracelet is perfect for parties, prom, homecoming, weddings and even for everyday wear.  AND...If you are planning on being Cleopatra or any other Egyptian themed character on Halloween, this would be perfect to complete your costume! Match this bracelet up with something black and you got you a bracelet that will stand out and make a statement!

The bracelet has a diameter of 6cm. with a width of 4.5cm.  The bracelet is absolutely stunning in person and no picture will do it justice.  It's solid, well made and the etching in the bracelet is very noticeable.  It is not tight on my wrist at all, as a matter of fact, with a little muscle, I can squeeze this to fit my wrist.  When I say a little muscle, the bracelet does not bend very easily.  That is a good thing!  This tells me that this bracelet is very well made and is cannot be easily bent or distorted.  

I am very proud to own a piece of jewelry, that I know will last for a very long time and an accessory that will go with many of my outfits and not just limited to certain colors in my wardrobe.  The bracelet is elegant looking, fashionable and definitely a MUST HAVE!  And what makes this even's very reasonable priced at just under $7.00.  I would say this is a steal for such a gorgeous bracelet.  I can promise you, I will be wearing this bracelet today, to work.


For those of you who know me, you know I'm a BIG watch fanatic.  Any type, any doesn't matter.  I think watches is are one accessory that I can't live without!  I am totally lost without a watch and if I notice that I've forgotten to wear one....well...!

First Time, on Amazon, was kind enough to send me not one, but two watches.  They are the Ferenzi brand watch and both watches are very lightweight but have their own unique look. The first watch, shown below, is the Large Modern Easy Read Silver Face Thin Band Watch. For those of us who have a hard time reading the numbers on the face, especially if they are gold in color, this watch is perfect!  There is no mistaking what time it is.  Very easy to read and ideal for those who own watches, but can't see the time.

The watch above has a three hand Quartz movement, thin PU leather band, clean dial with large, easy to read Arabic numbers and is ideal for work or casual wear.  The band has two buckle closures to ensure a perfect fit for any woman.  I love this watch. It's simple looking, yet has the big modern face that makes it a tad bit different.  It's easy on the wrist and does not fit too tight.  The black band on this watch makes it perfect for any attire!

The second watch, Ferenzi Elegant Simple Silver Face Tan Strap Gold Tone Watch, has more of a Taupe color band.  The band is a little wider than the Large Easy To Read Silver Face watch, as shown above and has a 22mm case diameter.  It has a sleek gold tone facing that compliments the Taupe color band.  I actually wore this watch yesterday and love that it does not bind or cinch my wrist, as some of the metal stretchable watches.  It also has a two buckle closure pieces, making it ideal for a perfect fit.  The Ferenzi Elegant Simple Silver Face Tan Strap Gold Tone Watch goes well with whites, golds, browns, tans and blacks, but will go with just about anything, as it's a neutral color.

I love the simple elegant look of this watch.  The gold facing with the gold accented bars on each end of the face makes this watch look elegant, but without the elegant price!  Both watches will become a regular part of my everyday wear and you can get these and many more styles by visiting First Time on Amazon.


Don't forget to check out other watch styles that First Time has.  There are many to choose from at very reasonable and low cost price!


I will be the first to tell you...I LOVE PURSES!  And, with Fall already here, what perfect purse to go with my Fall outfits, than a Dawdyfu Faux Fringe Tassel Hobo Bag!  This purse is the perfect color for all my Fall clothing.  It will go with my blacks, browns, tans and anything in between!

This Fringe Tassel Hobo Bag is not too big, yet not too small.  I was carrying a tote bag before switching over to this one and let me tell you, I'm so glad I did.  I really didn't have enough stuff to carry in my big tote purse and it was always hard for me to find my phone and keys.  This purse is the perfect size to fit my wallet, phone, pens, keys and a few necessities.  I can easily find everything I need in this purse because it's not all scattered out or hidden in the corners, as with my other purse.

Now, I don't go around sniffing purses, but when I opened the package to this purse, I was invited with a fresh, clean almost suede smell. The purse has two small pockets on the inside to hold either a small cell phone or change and it also has a zipper compartment.  It also comes with a shoulder strap.  I decided to leave off the shoulder strap, as it seemed the purse was off balanced when I attached it and tried to carry it.  I personally like the look of the two smaller handles, myself.  The handles are embellished with a pretty gold tinsel like ribbon, that I think compliments this suede looking purse.  It is faux leather and it comes in four colors: Black, Beige, Orange and another, that is now shown on Dawdyfu Amazon site, so I'm not sure what this other color is.

This Faux Fringe Tassel Should Hobo Bag is a fashionable purse that will make a statement this Fall and Winter.  It doesn't skimp on the fringes!  This purse is covered with long fringe tassels and that is one of the reasons why I love this purse and one that will become my favorite to carry.  No more digging and trying to find what I need.  This purse is the perfect size to keep all my things together.


One of the must haves for me is leggings, or in this case, jeggings.  Jeggings and leggings are one piece of clothing that can be paired up with anything!  I love jeggings with a long flowing shirt and paired of with some cute sandals or boots.  Jeggings and leggings seem to have been around for many many years and is one article of clothing that never seems to go out of style.  There are many color options to choose from, besides your standard black and brown.   

I recently received two pair of jeggings from Fashion Outlet on Amazon.  Bright Green and an Old Pink, two colors I don't normally wear in a pant, but wanted to add more colors to my collection of jeggings I already owned.  First of all, these jeggings are totally different than the ones I already own.  They are thicker, softer and longer in the legs.  I've never had a pair of jeggings that were as thick as these!   These will definitely be perfect for the winter time as they feel so warm and soft, yet still act as jeggings.

The brand is Dinamit Jeans and they are the Skinny Fit French Terry Jeggings.  They consist of 95% cotton and 5% spandex...enough stretch to fit me comfortably.  The extra length in these jeggings make it perfect if I want to wear ankle to mid calf boots without the pant legs popping out of them.  The Dinamit jeans look like real jeans, but more form fitting and available in many colors.

These Dinamit Skinny Fit French Terry Jeggings tend to run smaller than normal, therefore; you will need to order a size larger.  I received the XL and before even putting them on, looked like a small medium.  I  normally wear a medium-large in jeggings, so an XL in this brand was a perfect fit. You can check out the measurements below before ordering.

Form Fitting, non functional front pockets, 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
Size: Small Waist 26, Front Hip 8, Back Hip 12, Inseam 31
Size: Medium Waist 28, Front Hip 8, Back Hip 12, Inseam 31
Size: Large Waist 30, Front Hip 8.5, Back Hip 12.5 Inseam 31.5
Size: X-Large Waist 32, Front Hip 8.5, Back Hip 12.5 Inseam 31.5

I am totally happy with the way these jeggings feel and fit!  A girl can't have too many colored jeggings in her closet and I'm thrilled Fashion Outlet has many colors and styles to choose from AND at a reasonable cost!  


Fall is just around the corner and with Fall, there comes cooler weather, bonfires and not-so-summer type clothes.  I love Fall because it's the season where I get to dress a little warmer, where I get to pull out my boots and where Fall type clothes.  With Fall, I associate my clothing with browns, tans, blacks and any earthy colors.  I love cardigans and of any type!

This cute and fashionable cardigan, shown below, comes from Persun on Amazon.  It is 100% polyester (yes, it looks like suede!) It is very lightweight, which I love, which makes it easier to layer it with a cotton or polyester shirt (black or white would be perfect!)  I can see myself wearing this with a pair of jeans, black shirt underneath the cardigan and pairing in off with my brown knee high boots.

The Persun Open Front Vest Cardigan has tassels that hang from the waist, on down past the hips.  It's open front, and is faux suede.  I'm not too big on whether something is faux or real, as long as it's cute, fashionable and I love how it looks, I'm all for it.  The Persun Tassel Faux Suede Open Front Cardigan has a detailed braided stitching around the collar and chest area, giving this cardigan that extra touch.

When it comes to choosing a size, this cardigan by Persun, is considered a free size...meaning, it does not have a specific size, but will fit most with a bust size of up to 37.8" with a length of 32.7 inches.  Now, this is not a One Size Fits All by no means, but I normally wear a large in a blouse, jacket, etc. and this fits perfect.  It's soft to the touch and has many many free flowing tassels.  LOVE IT!  The cardigan also comes in black.


My idea of comfort, is a loose comfy shirt.  One that will go with most of my leggings and jeggings, not to mention shorts.  If I could have a closet full of white and black, I would be a happy gal!  Well, Ventelan just made that come true for me.  Thanks to Ventelan on Amazon, I received not one, but two long sleeve shirts, that can also be worn as a short sleeve shirt. The Women's Sexy Deep V Neck Long Sleeve Shirt has sleeves that can be rolled up and fastened with a button, that is attached right above the elbow.  During the warmer weather, I can wear this blouse as a short sleeve blouse.  During cooler weather, let the sleeves hang low!

Not that I have a shortage of black and white clothing, but I have a shortage that I can actually wear to work.  Most of my black shirts are either tanks, shows my back or just not work attire.  I can't thank Ventelan enough for sending these two shirts to me.

When the description says Deep V Neck, that is not an exaggeration!  These shirts are so deep cut in the front, that I may have to put just a tiny little stitch near the bottom, so I can wear these to work.  Oh sure, I could wear a tank or camisole underneath, but I'm not much into layering my clothing...remember..I like loose and comfort clothes!

The material of the shirts are Chiffon.  Although the black shirt is not really see through, the white shirt is, therefore, break out the camisole! I love how roomy, comfy and stylish these shirts not only look, but how they feel.  The shirts have such a soft and airy feeling to them and with me, having slightly fatty arms, the sleeves are not too tight and they fit just right.

These shirts run in Asian sizes, therefore; you should order a size or two larger.  These are an XL, which fits more like a U.S. Large.  These can be worn as casual shirts (with shorts, jeans, leggings, etc.) or they can be dressed up with that statement necklace and a pair of capris and work slacks.  This is perfect for walking on the beach on a breezy day or an evening out.  These shirts are so versatile and will become one of my favorite collections.  You can also get these shirts in Pink, Rose and Yellow.


I will be the first to admit, I won't deny it...but I am a sunglasses addict!  Next to my watch addiction, I have a sunglasses addiction and no matter where I'm at, I can't seem to steer away from the sunglasses!  I love all the colors, styles and designs and I feel like I have to have a new pair of sunglasses every time I turn around.

One of the styles of sunglasses that has become popular, is the aviator sunglasses.  At first, there were just the plain original aviator sunglasses.  Now, it seems like different variations of the aviators have shown up, such as the ones I received, below.

These aviator sunglasses are sold by Newbee Fashion on Amazon.  Not only do they have the brown pair, like I received above, but they also have the white, black and grey.  What I love about these sunglasses, is that the arm pieces are sturdy.  They are not as loose and flimsy like the first pair I bought.  I love that they have the smokey brown lenses.  The arm pieces compliment the color of the lenses and they have this tiny little gold accent on the arm pieces.  They also have the letters IG on the lenses, which I think adds that finishing detailed touch.  

These are poly-carbonate lenses, not polarized and are made of a plastic frame.  These are very stylish and I love how they look on me!  I don't know if the aviator sunglasses will ever go out of style, but these are one of my favorite styles to wear.  Newbee Fashion IG Metal Aviator Sunglasses are very reasonably priced.  They are only $10.89 and they come with free shipping!  These are less expensive than what you can purchase them at the mall or boutique!  

You can pair these sunglasses up with just about any outfit.  They would look awesome with a brown fur hooded jacket or even black for that matter.  


If you don't know by now, I'm a big fan of Bestal's clothing!  They have a large line of clothing and accessories that I love and I can always find new items, especially when they add seasonal items.

Below is Bestal's Women Thicken Faux Fur Hooded Parka Coat.  This coat is very thick and very fully lined with faux fur.  It has a front zipper as well as snaps down the front of the coat and comes with a belt!  This reminds me more of a trench coat style jacket, but very thick and very very warm.  I won't have to worry about keeping warm in this coat, this winter! 

I love the color that I chose.  It's a white coat, but better yet, a cream white color.  The coat is long and very roomy inside.  The coat has a semi fitted look, but is not so fitted, that it's too small.  The inner fur lining can be taken out, if the coat needs to be washed.  I love that feature!  This coat, as well as any other Bestal items, run in Asian sizes.  It's recommended to order a size larger since Asian sizes tend to run smaller than U.S. sizes.

The Bestal Women's Thicken Faux Fur Hooded Parka Coat comes in several colors and styles.  There are two different white colors, two different blacks, and an army green color. They all are fully lined with faux fur.  The Faux Fur Hooded Parka Coat has four pockets, two breast pockets and two front side pockets.  The removable fur lining has a zipper, making it easy to remove the fur lining for washing.  The arms of the coat has a cuff like strap, giving this coat that extra finishing touch.


The time is coming, the time to break out our hoodies, jackets and coats.  In approximately two to three months, depending where you live, cooler weather will soon be here.  I'm not ready for the cold, as a matter of fact, I'm not a cold weather person.  I love the Spring, Fall and Summer months, but there are times, where I long for cooler temps.  

I like to have a jacket or coat for certain occasions.  Not special occasions, but just occasions such as work, weekends and winter months.  There are times when I need a light jacket, times for when it's colder and then a jacket that is perfect to wear over work clothes.  I love jackets that are both casual and that is dressy.

Below, is a jacket that is perfect for the weekends or just sitting outside on a cool night, while enjoying a bonfire.  This jacket is perfect for that casual night/day.  Although it is a hoodie style jacket, this jacket is very warm.  It's well insulated and has a fur lined hood.  It has two side zipper pockets as well as a zipper in the front.  When I tried this jacket on, I couldn't believe the thickness of this hoodie jacket.  It will definitely keep you warm!  I love the inside of this jacket.  It has graphics written inside the whole jacket.

The jacket is made of cotton and has a slim fit.  It hits me right above my hips. This jacket does run in Asian sizes, so you will need to order a size or two larger, depending on how loose you want the coat to fit.  All in all, I love the slim fit of this jacket and how thick and warm it feels.  The fur lined hood seems to set this hoodie jacket off from all the rest of the hoodie jackets and that is one of the features I love about this coat.


Watches.  They are my weakness.  It seems like I can't get enough or have enough watches!  I need a watch that will go with each of my favorite and most worn outfit.  I guess you can say I have a weakness for watches and anytime I see a new style of watch or a watch that is blinged out and catches my eye, I gotta have it!  I feel lost with a watch and if I ever forget to wear one, it drives me crazy, not being able to look down to see what time it is and not having something adorn my wrist.

This beautiful watch shown below, is one of my favorites.  It is the first time I've had a multi wrap watch, especially one that gives the appearance of a watch and bracelet.  It has such a stylish and fashionable look, that I've worn it two days straight!  I love how the Rhinestones just shine in the light!  This is me!  

The watch wraps easily and perfectly around my wrist.  It has just enough notches to wear the watch loose or snug.  The watch is by Godagoda and is approximately 58cm in length (22.8 inches).  The watch I chose is a bright white watch and has a square or rectangle face plate.  It is adorned with many many rhinestones that glistens under the lights.  The face plate is gold tone as well as the dial. The band of the Godagoda Women Multilayer Wrap Weave Rhinestone Bracelet Watch is made of velvet.  It has the looks of faux leather and seem to be made really well.

This watch, since I chose white, goes with everything.  The piece makes a statement and everyone will surely notice this watch.  It is very trendy, fashionable and has that wrap around belt bracelet look.  Layering bracelets is very popular and wearing a multilayer wrap watch will give off that affect, as if you are layering up your watch with matching bracelets.  I have got to have this watch in other colors!  Speaking of which, hellocrafts on Amazon, has these watches in several color choices.  They are: Black, Blue, Green (lime color), Light Blue, Pink, White and Fuchsia.

And get this...THIS MULTI LAYER WATCH IS ONLY $1.49!  Seriously...only a $1.49!  You can afford to get every single color they have!  I am definitely planning on purchasing more of these watches from hellocrafts!


Some of the simplest pieces of clothing can make a big statement.  Many people, such as myself, believe you have to have a piece of clothing that is over the top, that is full of bling or that the clothing is so loud, that you can't help to notice the clothes and not the person, themselves.

Well, this little number shown below, is nothing like the above...but still makes quite a statement.  The blouse is very sheer, see through and has a low draped neck that features a matching tube top underneath.  No reason to add bling or loud colors here!  It has an irregular hem, that I find that makes this top unique and different.  It's sexy, playful and is perfect if you are hitting up the club.

The tube top itself, is actually smaller than the blouse.  You can wear the tube top underneath if going to the club or beach, but if you plan on wearing the Allegra K Drape Neck Chiffon Blouse to a restaurant or office, you will definitely want to wear a matching camisole underneath.  It's a beautiful piece of clothing.  So sheer, light and airy! 

The Allegra K Drape Neck V Neck Irregular Hem Chiffon Blouse falls loosely over the body and has a loose fit.  It's 100% polyester with the tube top being 95% and 5% spandex.  The tube top has an elastic band that holds it into place wile the bottom of the tube top is loose, with no elastic band.  The top I received is a Nude Pink...very pretty and feminine.  As with all Allegra K products, sizes are in Asian sizes, which run one to two sizes smaller.  You will need to take this into consideration when ordering yours.


Fashion is all about style.  When I think of fashion, I think of celebrities and what they are wearing, I think of what's trending and I think of what clothing that has their own unique look.  There are a lot of 'fashion' styles out there that I love and then there are some...well..I don't.  Fashion should be about something you love, you feel comfortable wearing and that is not dated...unless it's been brought back, like the leggings.

Uxcell provided me with these Allegra K Concealed Zipper High Waist Wide Leg Capris. These pants are every bit what the description states.  When I first received these and held them up, I thought....these are going to be soooooo baggy!  But, I didn't realize that they were the high waist pants, then.  When worn, as they should be, these pants have plenty of room in the legs and even in the bottom area.  They have a concealed zipper on the side, so everything just blends in smoothly.

The Allegra K Concealed Zipper High Waist Wide Leg Capris are made of 95% polyester and 5% Spandex, allowing for a little bit of stretch.  They contain two small pleats on the front of the pants.  These pants feel light and soft and are machine washable.  These pants do run in Asian sizes, therefore; you will need to order a size larger.  The pants I received are a Large, but they fit like a Meduim-Large on me.

The material and stitching seems to be of great quality.  They feel durable and seem to hold up well when worn.  These are perfect for the office, school or just on a weekend out.  Pair these up with some black rhinestone flats or black heels and you can turn these pants between casual or work attire.  Everyone knows black goes well with everything.  You can pair these pants up with a bright colored summer top, or just go neutral and top these pants off with a matching black or white blouse.


I'm all about comfort, especially the older I become.  When working or even around the house, I want to be as comfortable in my clothes as I can.  There are many times, at work, that I'm constantly up and down from my desk.  Times, when my pants sometimes seem to be feeling a little too snug for my liking and makes me uncomfortable the whole day.

If I'm not comfortable in my own clothes, than it's if everything I do, seems like a chore.  I was thrilled when I received the Women's Wide Leg Flare Palazzo Pants from Uxcell.  Their Allegra K products seem to fit me perfect and I love the brand.  These pants have comfort written all over them.  They are, foremost, elastic waist with drawstring ( a big must for me), the have the wide leg and they are oh, so comfy.  It's almost like wearing a thin pair of pajamas!  That is another thing I love about these Palazzo pants by Allegra K...the pants are of a thin material, therefore, keeping you cool during the summer months.

Allegra K Woman Boho Floral Prints Wide Leg Flare Palazzo Pants have two slanted front pockets and two hip pockets, located at the back of the pant. These pants are unlined and very lightweight and made from 55% cotton and 45% linen.  They are machine washable and it's recommended to wash them inside out.  

I will say, I'm only 5'2" and these pants were really long on me.  Even if I put on my tallest high heel, the still touched the ground and many of my shoes are not high heels!  Luckily, I know the basics of hemming.  I ended up cutting off about 4-5 inches of the leg material and then hemmed them up.  PERFECT!  I love how easy these pants are to move in.  I could literally sleep in these pants and be comfortable!

Another thing I love about these pants is the design and color.  The color of these pants have a burgundy red, tan and navy blue in them.  The design, to me, has more of a floral geometric look to them and when I say geometric, I mean the floral part itself...perfectly shaped inside a circular design.  The stitching seemed to be of great quality.  I did not see any loose threads.


If you are a professional or have a job or career in an office that requires you to 'dress up', then your closet may consist of more skirts, dresses and suits than anything.  Sure, you have your casual and weekend wear, but for the office, this is your time to 'gussy up' a bit, your time to dress up and wear some of the clothes you normally wouldn't wear when at home.

You don't have to go all out, when dressing for the office, but just by slipping on a skirt, one that is fitted and fits well, may be all you have to do to get that professional look.  This skirt, shown below, is a very sharp, clean and professional looking skirt, without taking it overboard.  It features a split in the front, that rests right around the leg area.  The thin pinstripes seem to help elongate the skirt as well as your legs.  This is a simple looking skirt that makes a statement.  That little extra split in the front, turns this skirt into anything but boring!

The skirt is knee length, depending your height, and has a concealed zipper on the side.  It's made of 95% polyester and 5% Spandex, so you do have a little stretch in this skirt.  It's an Asymmetric hem pencil skirt that is lined on the inside.  It is machine washable, but it's recommended that you wash the skirt, inside out.

I want to remind you, that this skirt runs about one to two sizes smaller.  It comes in Asian sizes, therefore, if you normally wear a medium...order one or two sizes larger.  I have hips and a stomach that is not flat, so an Xlarge would be the perfect size for me.  I normally wear a large in U.S. sizes, depending on if it has stretch to it.  

I have always been pleased with Allegra K products. I love their style, the quality of their clothes and I can always find something I love.  Go visit Uxcell on Amazon.  Check out their Allegra K line of clothing.  There's something for everyone!



With Fall and Winter just right around the corner, preparing for the cooler months can be a little discouraging.  I am a Spring and Summer kind of gal, but I know, eventually, I'm going to have to break out the jackets.  Thanks to BEKDO on Amazon, I was thrilled when I received the Women's Faux Leather Zip Up Cropped Moto Jacket!  Not only is this a cool looking jacket, but it comes with a hoodie!

This jacket is 100% Faux Leather, with the inside lining being polyester.  Although this is a faux leather jacket, I couldn't be happier with the way it fits and feels.  It's not very heavy at all, as a matter of fact, I think this is the perfect weight for me.  I chose the beautiful light brown color, as this would go perfect with jeans and matches my cowgirl boots I just recently received over two weeks ago...perfect color!

The jacket is a basic hoodie bike rider jacket, that has four pockets on the front...two with zippers and two upper front chest pockets with snaps.  The jacket is fully lined and the hoodie is detachable, so you have the option of wearing this nice faux leather jacket, with or without, the hoodie.

I can't wait to wear this jacket, this fall and winter!  I love the feel of the jacket when you touch it.  It has a soft texture feel to it and the quality of it seems very well made.  I love the whole fitted look and that it is a semi cropped jacket, that fits right above my hips.

You can get your BEKDO Women's Faux Leather Zip Up Jacket with Hoodie


Let me start off by saying, I love Palazzo Pants ( and I only have maybe two pairs!) and I love the comfort and looseness of them.  They are some of the most comfortable pair of pants I own.  Both of my Palazzo Pants are of Polyester/Spandex mix and are stretchy, even to fit if you've gained just a few pounds.  There are so many designs, patterns, styles, etc. to choose from and you just can't have one pair.

I was fortunate to receive another pair of Palazzo pants, this time, from Dorzi on Amazon. These are a black/white design, similar to that of an Aztec or tribal print.  They are Polyester/Spandex mix and have a little stretch to them due to the Spandex.  They are of a lightweight material and I love the feel of them.  

The Dorzi Smocked Waist Baggy Bohemian Pants can be worn as a casual pant or as a dressy pant, depending what you pair them up with.  Pair them up with a solid colored t-shirt and flip flops and you have your casual look.  Dress them up with a droop v-neck blouse or a sexy spaghetti strap top and you have your dressy evening look.

As a reminder, these pants run in Asian sizes.  What that means is, you will need to order a size or two larger to match your normal size.  I normally request an XL in pants when ordering from China, because I like my pants to fit either loose or exactly right.  In this case, I ordered a Large, thinking since these have Spandex, they have stretch and that I normally wear a Large in the Palazzo pants, that these would do just fine.... The only downside about these pants....THEY RUN WAY TOO SMALL!  Although I love the looks, the design and the feel of these pants and I CAN FIT INTO THEM, they are way too tight to be baggy bohemian pants, let alone palazzo pants as shown in the photos.

I probably could wear these with a long shirt and they would look more between a snug fitting palazzo to leggings, and that's probably what I will do.  Although they fit tighter than I would have liked, they still have that comfort fitting when I wear them.  I just wish they were a size bigger, to allow more of a 'loose' fitting in the thigh area.  



Even if you don't consider yourself "Country" or a "Country Gal", every girl needs a pair of cowboy boots.  Cowboy boots are not just for those who were born and raised, country, but are for those who love a good pair of cowboy boots to go with that little summer dress or that pair of cut-off denim shorts.

You can pair cowboy boots up with just about anything these days...shorts, summer dresses, jeans or a mini skirt.  These boots, shown below, that I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try, are sold by SHOEZY on Amazon.  The brand name is Lara's and are a size European 37-38 (US size 7).  

I could tell that I would love these boots instantly, when I first felt the material.  The material of the boot is not the hard shell boot, nor are they tough and stiff.  The boot material feels like very soft leather that is not too stiff.  The boot comes up to my calf and not quite to my knee.  I fell in love with these boots as soon as I tried them on! These boots, sold by SHOEZY, are so soft and comfortable...not like most boots I've tried.

They are made with PU Leather with a rubber sole and features:

1. 4-row contrast stitch pattern
2. Stacked heel 
3. Lightly cushioned footbed
4. Breathable mesh lining

They also have a 10-11 inch shaft from arch, a 1.8" heel and 13-15" circumference.  These boots have plenty of room around the top boot area and do not hug the leg.  As a matter of fact, I prefer my boots the way these are made...roomy, loose and easy on the feet.

The stitching on these boots are amazing.  I love the little details that were put into these boots when they done the stitching.  I can't get over how soft and comfortable these boots are and I'm sure that once you try these boots, you will love them!

Fall and Winter are just hanging around the corner.  It will soon be time for bonfires, campfires, and boots!  Every gal needs a pair of cowboy boots and if you are one of those who can't wait to try the next boot...

Head on over to HERE for your SHOEZY'S Lara's Cowboy Boots.


Summer may be ending in about a month, but there is still time to wear summer shorts, capris and tanks.  The mornings have been cooler these past two days, but with temps still in the high 80's, I will continue to wear my shorts as long as I can.

Mullsan, on Amazon, has these trendy shorts that I've been seeing around lately in stores. Ever since I've first seen them, I knew I wanted a pair.  Thanks to Mullsan, they were kind enough to send me a pair to review.  These awesome shorts are the Fitted Scallop Hem Crochet Tiered Lace Shorts.  They are different than most shorts, as these have the Scalloped Hem Tiered Lace that I love and what makes these shorts stand out.

The Women's Fitted Scallop Hem Crochet Tiered Lace Shorts are 90% cotton and 10% Spandex ( a big plus when you're looking for stretch).  They have an elastic waistband that allows the shorts to stretch and is actually pretty comfortable.  These shorts run in Asian sizes, which are smaller than U.S. sizes...therefore, you will need to order a size or two larger to fit.  I normally wear a Large, so I ordered an XL in their size.  Fits perfectly.

These shorts are perfect for either casual day wear or a night out.  If you are hitting up the club, shorts are an 'IN" thing right now, especially with heels.  These would be perfect.  Pair these shorts up with either a tank or a semi-long tunic top and you have a comfortable summer outfit!

These shorts are perfect for either casual day wear or a night out.  If you are hitting up the club, shorts are an 'IN" thing right now, especially with heels.  These would be perfect.  Pair these shorts up with either a tank or a semi-long tunic top and you have a comfortable summer outfit!

  • Medium: - Waist: 27" - Length: 12" - Inseam: 2.5"
  • Large: - Waist: 29" - Length: 12.5" - Inseam: 3"
  • X-Large: - Waist: 31" - Length: 13" - Inseam: 3.5"


    You can grab either a Black or White pair 


    Not to rush Summer away or anything like that, but Fall and Winter will soon be showing their faces soon.  Two more months for Fall and just a couple months after, Winter will be here.  When it comes to dressing warm for these seasons, scarfs, gloves, light jackets and even head wear become a necessity.  But that doesn't mean you can't dress fashionable for these seasons!  Scarfs, caps, berets and leggings are all fashionable pieces that you will see these next few months.

    You may have seen post about this one company, Xinliya, before.  They have some cool and fashionable items that I really love, such as this Women's Knit Crochet Braided Beret.  This is one of the cutest berets I've seen when it comes to knitted caps.  Not only is it braided and knitted, but it is adorned with a braided rope like attachment that has two buttons at each end.  This little detail sets this knitted beret apart from all the others. 

    The Xinliya Women Winter Ski Stretch Knit Crochet Braided Beret is made with woolen yarn and comes in two colors...Gray and White.  I have the Gray beret and it is perfect for fall and winter and will go with just about anything.  The white beret is cute as well and looks more is also adorned with the same brown braided rope like feature and really makes the white beret stand out.

    The hat is so soft, stretchable and fits perfectly on my head (and trust me, I have a head full of thick hair!).  The knitted crochet beret is woven thick, so it's not too thin and is thick enough to keep your head and ears warm.  This Xinliya beret seems to be made of good quality material and seems to hold up well, even when stretched to fit the head.

    I love this hat.  It's so stylish, warm and I love the small detail they added to it, to keep it from looking plain and like all the others.  The only problem is...I'm going to have a hard time hiding this away from my daughter!  I will never see it again if she gets her hands on it.

    Want your own Xinliya Stretch Knitted Crochet Braided Beret?


    Sandals, Sandals, Sandals.  That is what I live for during the summer and not only sandals,but flip flops and any other summer shoe that is light, airy and comfortable.  The sandals shown below, are the Women's Slip On T-Strap Flat Jelly Thong Sandal by Easos Geal, sold by Misuki on Amazon.

    These sandals came in a pretty pink box with the brand name, Easos Geal written on it.  The shoes were wrapped in the same brand tissue paper and were well protected with wrapping and shoe inserts.

    These sandals have a jelly like bottom as well as jelly like straps, but are sturdy and not flimsy or cheap like a lot of your original jelly sandals.  The bottom or foot part of the sandal is very sturdy, yet flexible.  These sandals are very comfortable and can be worn every day.  I love the feel of these sandals, as it feels like I'm literally barefoot!  

    The top part of the Easos Geal sandals are beautiful!  That's the only way I know how to describe them! Not only do these sandals come in the Black/Gold, as I have chosen for myself, but they also come in brilliant and bright summer colors, such as: Turquoise Blue, Red, White and Yellow.  You have got to check these sandals out!  I now want these in every color!

    The fitting of the sandal fits perfect with my size 6 to 6 1/2 inch foot.  They seem to stay on well and have that flat, barefoot feeling.  They are sturdy and seem to hold up well, with an all day wear.

    You can get your own pair of Easos Geal Jelly Thong Sandals


    Ode to Joy!  Another pair of sandals that I love!  A gal can't have too many summer sandals, especially ones like these!  These Charles Albert Women's Hera Criss-Cross Gladiator Sandals are so very different!  I know, I say that with a lot of shoes and sandals, but each pair I receive, ARE unique.

    These Charles Albert Women's Hera Criss-Cross Gladiator Sandals are sold by Orly Shoes on Amazon.  Orly Shoes have tons of shoes that I love.  They have a wide variety of styles to choose from.  I chose the ones with the Turquoise straps with the black and white foot colors.  They have slender, criss-cross straps that feature multiple strap adjustments.  They also have a cushioned footbed, but feels like you are barefoot, without have a sandal to smother your whole feet.

    They are true to size with a man made sole and have adjustable ankle straps with a buckle closure.  The back of the sandals have a zipper, so you can zip them off and on in seconds.  I love the zipper feature, as I don't have to re-adjust the straps, every time I put them on! Brilliant!

    The shoes fit true to size and although I wear a 6 1/2, these shoes I chose are in a size 6. They fit perfectly!  I can wear these sandals with multiple outfits I have.  I have worn these for a whole day and my feet never ached, they are comfortable and everyone loved them.  My only problem was...saying, "No!  You cannot have them!"

    If you want your own pair of Charles Albert Hera Criss-Cross Gladiator Sandals...Visit Orly Shoes


    I can't tell you how cute these Meow Flats are in person!  These have got to be one of the most adorable shoes I've ever seen.  My little niece was so excited when her mother showed her the shoes on the picture I sent.  She couldn't wait to get them!

    Delilah came by where I worked, BAREFOOT!  Yes, I said barefoot!  She was prepared to slip these cute little shoes on.  The shoes have a stitched on feline face, but she thinks it's a mouse, and has cute little ears attached.  The nose is a red heart shaped nose and little white whiskers.  These shoes come in gray or black and in several children sizes, ranging from toddler to big kids.  The shoes are sold by Orly Shoes on Amazon.

    The shoes are flexible, so there does not seem to be a whole lot of stiffness to them...perfect for the first wear.  They have a light cushioned footbed for support and the name, "Simply Petals' embossed inside the shoe.  They feature a smooth suede upper and a man made sole.

    What little girl wouldn't love these?  They can be paired with any outfit and comfortable for every day wear.  These shoes are different, unique and oh so cute!  I believe any child would love wearing these!  I can't tell you how many moms have hit me up for these shoes!

    As you can see from the photos, Delilah loves her Meow Face Slip on Flats!

    If you have a little girl that would love her own Meow Flats, hurry on over to 


    As many of you may know now, I'm a big fan of Bestal (Fulsen's) clothing.  They have some of the most awesome clothes and accessories that I love, that fit the way I want.  Their clothes are comfortable and flattering and I love everything I've tried by them.  Bestal (Fulsen) can be found on Amazon.  They also have a line, Xinliya, that I love as well!

    The dress shown below, is the Bestal Women's Maxi Dress, that is a one-piece with an elastic waist.  I ordered a Large in this dress, but when I received it and took it out of the package, I was a bit scared.  The dress looked like a small...very small...and I instantly thought, no way this dress will fit me.  I was WRONG!  This dress has an incredible stretch to it and the waist band made my waist look small!  The dress is so light and comfortable!  I actually thought this dress made me look smaller.  I was a very very happy girl when I tried it on.  I was very shockingly pleased at the result!

    The Bestal Women's Maxi Skirt One Piece Dress has a slim fit with a stretchy material.  The material is a blend of 65% cotton and 35% Polyester.  The dress hits me right below my knees and is perfect for a family gathering or just to wear to work.  It is sleeveless and has a tank top style to it.  I chose the Navy Blue with white polka dots, but there are many more styles that you can choose from, if you are not a polka dot fan.

    I can tell you, I will be wearing this dress on more than one occasion.  It's perfect for any outing.  I just can't get over the comfort and fitting of this dress!  Here are just a few more styles of this dress.

    You can check out this dress and more by going


    Ok, this is the first I've seen or heard about the Magic Scarf, but after seeing the multiple things you can do with it, I was intrigued!  I never imagined there were so many ways to wear this simple looking scarf!

    The Xinliya Magic Stretch Scarf does just stretches and stretches to turn itself into what you want it to be.  You can wear this scarf as a normal scarf, a muffler, halter dress, vest, skirt, hooded scarf plus much much more.  The Xinliya Magic Scarf is made of bamboo fiber and is really really soft. The material reminds me that of the boa yarn (not the feathers) and has this incredible stretch to it.  

    I was afraid if I stretched it too much, it would lose it's shape, but that was not the case. It went back to it's original shape, which was a big plus and lessened my worries.  It has an opening in each end of the scarf, so all you have to do is slide your hands into the scarf, stretch, even it out and begin your creativity!

    Below are just some of the ways you can get creative with the Magic Scarf.  I'm sure, if you let your imagination run wild, you can come up with more ways to wear this fluffy, soft scarf.

    You can get your Xinliya Magic Stretch Scarf


    I love doing clothing reviews!  Not only do I receive awesome clothing from some of the great companies, but I also find something I love!  This trendy, fashionable top is sold by Bestal (Fulsen) on Amazon and it's the Xinliya Chiffon Casual Floral Batwing Dolman Sleeve Blouse.  It's so loose, comfy, stylish...shall I go on!

    The Xinliya Chiffon Casual Floral Batwing Dolman Sleeve Blouse has LONG flowing bat wing sleeves and is a Free Size, meaning, it will fit most people.  It's an oversized top that gives you plenty of room and actually has a slimming effect!  It's perfect with jeans, leggings or even a skirt.  I chose the Yellow and I'm so glad I did.  I normally don't go with yellow, but since my closet has really no yellow in it, I found this the best choice.

    The material is Chiffon, which in this case, is NOT transparent.  This is one of the things I really love about this Chiffon blouse.  It is approximately 32 inches in length.  This dress does come in Asian sizes, which tend to run smaller than U.S. sizes.  But since this is a Free Size blouse, I see no problem with this fitting most people.

    As you can see, I wore this with my blue jeggings, which went perfect together.  I finished it off with some brown and goldish looking wedge sandals.  How cute!  As you can see, I had fun modeling this gorgeous blouse!

    This blouse comes in several colors: Black, Purple, Red, White and Yellow.  They each have their own unique floral design and each are just as awesome looking as the yellow.  This has got to be one of the most comfortable blouses I own.


    I'm a gal who loves tank tops!  With hot summers, here in the South, a gal has to keep cool any way she can.  Now, when I was a little younger (and a little thinner), I wore the ribbed tank tops ALL THE TIME!  I loved the many different colors of tanks I owned and would pair it up with a cute sleeveless jacket or even wear them alone with some bluejeans and shorts.  I had no problem, then, with the snug tanks.

    But now, since I'm older and since I've put on a few pounds, I am more hippy and now as thin as I use to be.  The Nouvelle Women's Summer Floral Print Tank Top is takes care of hiding my problem areas.  The Summer Floral Print Tank Top by Nouvelle, is a tank top but has more of a rounded and thinner neckline.  It is a lot longer than what I am used to wearing, but at the same time, is what is in style now days.  Pair this long tank top up with some leggings and you have a cute, cute outfit.  The Nouvelle Floral Print Tank Top is made to where the bottom of the tank is looser and wider, allowing a more free-er and flowing tank.  

    The material is soft and silky feeling and comes available in UK sizes.  There are two color options...Grey and Pink.  I chose the Pink and it is so pretty.  You can almost wear this tank as a mini dress!  It is one of the most comfortable tanks I now own!  The stitching on the tank top is excellent and seems to be of great quality material.  The Novelle Women's Summer Floral Print Tank Top is available from Love Fashion USA on Amazon.  While you are there, check out Love Fashion USA's other items if this tank top is not for you.  Love Fashion USA has many items I would love to have and I believe you may just find your next piece of clothing there!  

    You can visit them HERE.


    Like any girl, I love my shoes!  Better yet, I love a wide variety of summer sandals, ones that will go with many outfits.  Shoes are girls best accessories.  I know they are for me!  I was beyond excited when, Twisted Shoes from Amazon, asked me to pick not one, but a few shoes to review.  WHAT?!  Well, of course I will!  Twisted Shoes just made me the happiest girl!

    The first pair of summer sandals, shown below, are my absolute favorite!  They are the Twisted Women's Riley Faux Leather with Chainmail Diamond T-strap Low Wedge Sandal.  They are black wedge sandals with black T Strap adorned with golden rhinestones.  They are very elegant looking, yet simple to wear everyday.  These sandals would go perfect with a dressy black jumpsuit or a pair of dressy shorts.  You can even dress up a pair of jeans with these sandals. I love shoes with bling and these sandals have just that. They are faux leather, faux cork wedge and faux cork soles.  These shoes are very very lightweight and feel awesome on my feet.  I thought these would feel heavy, but are totally the opposite.


    The next awesome shoes by Twisted, are the Twisted Women's Riley Metal Ring Low Wedge Sandal with Strappy Ankle Wrap.  I chose the black in these...yes, I just can't seem to get away from the black color!  These sandals are strappy looking sandals that are adorned with golden rings on the front.  The golden rings are what make these sandals, pop. These Twisted Women's Riley Metal Ring Low Wedge Sandal with Strappy Ankle Wrap are also made with faux leather, faux cork soles and faux cork wedge.  They have a 3" wedge heel and like the first pair, they are really comfy!  I had no problems with toe thong like I do with many other sandals.  Perfect with shorts, pants or a jumpsuit.  


    And the last...but certainly not least, we have the Twisted Women's Riley Faux Suede Cutout Gladiator T-strap Low Wedge Sandal with Rhinestones.  These are faux suede and have faux cork soles.  They are very lightweight as well and very comfortable. They have a studded look to the suede part of the sandal that brightens up this suede shoe. The heels are 2.5" wedges.  If you've never worn wedge shoes....give them a try.  They are very comfortable, more comfortable than spiked heels.  With these shoes, I did have to add another notch, to make the shoe fit tighter on my feet, other than that, the shoe fit perfectly.

    Twisted Women's Riley Faux Suede Cutout Gladiator T-strap Wedge
    Sandal with Rhinestones

    All of these shoes above, can be purchased in other colors.  The Twisted shoes shown here, are just the colors I've chosen, but you need to check Twisted on Amazon out, for these shoes as well as many, many others shoes by Twisted.  I assure you, you will find a pair of shoes you just HAVE TO HAVE!  You can visit Twisted on Amazon right now, by going HERE.


    I DO LOVE MY TANK TOPS!  This awesome looking tank top is made of Chiffon material and is from Good Eye, over at Amazon.  The front of the tank top is a 3D Tiger print pattern, that covers the whole front of the tank and looks awesome in person.  The back of the tank top is a sheer, see through back, which means, you may want to wear a black camisole underneath.

    The back of the Good Eye 3D Print Tiger Pattern Chiffon tank is a little longer than the front.  It gives the impression of a hi-low shirt, but not that quite dramatic of the hi-low.  The tank seems to be of very good quality material and is very well made.  This tank is perfect with black, brown or yellow shorts or leggings.  Paring this tank up with a pair of black leggings will definitely make a statement!  The tank top is casual, yet can be dressy at the same time when paired with leggings or jeggings.

    This tank top is in an Asian size, so I had to order an XL.  I normally, right now, would wear a U.S. large, so Asian XL would be the size to get.  With the size XL, the tank fits more fitted, instead of loose.  If you are looking for a more loose tank, I would recommend ordering two sizes larger.  I love this tank top and love how the tiger print stands out.  It really does make a statement and is different than a lot of tanks I've seen.

    You can order your Good Eye 3D Print Tiger Patter Chiffon Tank Top HERE.  While you're there, don't forget to check out other items by Good Eye.  They have a wide selection of clothing and more.  

    Solilor Women's Palazzo Wide Leg Capri Pants

    With Summer here, I'm always looking for a cool and comfy pair of pants that I can wear, not only out on the weekends, but to work as well.  With Winter past us, I am so used to wearing leggings, jeggings, and winter friendly pants to work.  And most of all, I had a very limited selection of pants I could wear to work.

    Thanks to BX Apparel on Amazon, I now have the perfect pair of pants.  Not only are they Summery, but they are cool, stylish and comfy!  These pants are so comfortable, I could wear them day in and day out.  They have an elastic band with drawstring, so you can tighten or loosen them as you see fit.  They have a Black and White geometric Tribal design on them, but when you visit BX Apparel on Amazon, you will find that they also offer other patterns to choose from.

    These pants are of high quality cotton blend and have a wide leg capri cut as well as a drawstring elastic waistband, as mentioned above.  These pants are thin material, therefore, keeping you ultra cool in the summer.  They are stylish and look awesome!  These have become one of my favorite summer pants!  

    You can check out these awesome summer capri pants HERE, as well as other items by BX Apparel.  I promise you, these are some of the most comfortable pants I've worn and I absolutely love them!


    I am a big flip flop wearer during the Summer time. You will hardly catch me in tennis shoes when it's 80 to 100 degree weather, sunny and Summer time.  And although I have flip flops in almost every color, I got to noticing, that I don't really have any REAL Summer sandals. You know, the kind that looks like flip flops, but aren't.  The kind that seems dressier, but still casual for every day wear.

    Well, thanks to Tracy Fashion Store on Amazon, that was taken care of!  Tracy Fashion Store on Amazon sent me these nice pair of T-Strap thong sandals.  They are the Love Mark brand, named Iris.  When I first got these sandals, I fell in love.  They are different than any sandal I own and the light coral pink and tan go well together.  Now, these sandals come in other colors as well, but I will get to that later.  I love the box these sandals came in.  The box has the brand stamped on the outside and is more of a narrower box, than most shoes come in. When you open the box, you will be greeted by the brand's tissue paper, to which the sandals lie within.  

    These Mark Love Iris sandals have tan sides, that resemble somewhat to tiny leather strands.  They are flat sandals that feel really comfortable on my feet and has an adjustable strap.  The top of the sandal is part of the thong of the sandal and is more of a melon color, between a light pink and light coral. 

    These sandals come in 5 different colors: Tan/White, Tan/Black, Tan/Pink, Tan/Blue and Tan/Tan.  I chose the Tan/Pink due to they look more summery and love these two colors together.  These sandals are perfect for the beach, lake or just to wear out anytime.  They are embellished with a tiny stud, on the front of the thong part of the sandal and are a T-strap sandal.  The ankle strap has several adjustments for a better fit as well as a slight stretch to it.

    If you are looking for a different and unique pair of sandals and love the looks of these, I recommend you checking out Tracy Fashion Store, on Amazon, and choose your color today. While you're there, don't forget to check out other shoes, available, by Tracy Fashion  Store.  Visit Tracy Fashion Store, HERE.


    Like many women, I love clothes!  That is an understatement!  I love to experiment with fun and bright colored summer clothes.  During the Fall and Winter, I tend to wear the same colors...Black, Beige and solid dark colors.  When Summer arrives, watch out, it's all about color.

    That is why I was excited to have received the SOL Tie Die Umbrella Top.  Ok, I've never heard of an umbrella top, but I was definitely going to have to try it.  This SOL Tie Die Umbrella Top is very colorful.  As you can see, the one I have on is the Orange and Fuchsia Mix.  This is very comfy and I love that the majority of the top is wide, roomy and loose.  It hides those imperfections...if you catch my drift!

    The SOL Tie Die Umbrella Top is made exactly like a tank top, but with a wider and free size bottom.  It's a thin material, but not too thin where you can see right through it.  It is made of 55% Rayon and 45% Cotton.  It's a Free Size, meaning, it fits most with size SM-XXL.  The Umbrella top is a summer top that flatters everyone.  I absolutely love this top and really love the colors!  It's perfect for Summer.

    The SOL Tie Die Umbrella Top also comes in these colors: Fuchsia/Orange, Blue/Turquoise, Fuchsia/Purple, Orange/Fuchsia/Green and Turquoise/Purple.  All of these colors look awesome together and to see how great these colors compliment each other, you can check these out at Tool Box Clothing on Amazon.  While you're there, don't forget to check out their other items.  


    The Xinliya Ventilated Booty Enlarger Panty seems to be made very well.  It has some stretch to them, but fit very snug.  Asian sizes, as I mentioned before, run smaller than U.S. sizes, so you will have to order a size or two larger.  I normally wear a 7-9 in underwear, but these are an XL...which fit more like a medium to large.

    The back of the Booty underwear has two pads, one on each side.  They are not removable, therefore, when you go to wash the underwear, you may want to hand wash if you don't want to distort or wear down the pads.  The Xinliya Ventilated Booty Enlarger Panty is made from a combination of Cotton and Spandex.  They come in sizes: S:hip 85-90cm(34-36"),M: hip 90-93cm(36-37.2"), L: hip 95-100cm(38-40"), XL: hip 105-118cm(42-47.2").

    I tried these on, and yes, my booty, although flat and wide, did take on a more uplifted shape.  I'm not gonna argue about that, I was happy to see the 'lift'!  Just wish they rose up higher in the front.  For you girls looking for that Beyonce, J-Lo or Kardashian booty...go hit up Bestal on Amazon and grab your pair today.  You can visit them HERE.


    Is it just me, or does it seem like long dresses are 'the thing'.  I love summer dresses and normally, I like the short or knee length summer dresses.  But now, it seems that the long dresses are now back in style.  Anytime you search for beach or summer dress, it never fails, there are tons of long dresses that pops up.

    This dress, the Maxi Skirt One-Piece Beach Dress, comes from Bestal, on Amazon.  The dress is a clean summer green color that is made of Chiffon material.  It's light, breezy, and comfy.  It can be worn as a beach dress or a party dress or even as a cocktail dress.  If you are going to and are part of a wedding, this dress would be ideal for mothers and bridesmaids, especially if the wedding is an outside or casual wedding. 

    The dress comes in four different colors; Black, Green, Grey and Watermelon Red.  The dress is 100% Chiffon and has a slim fit with a stretchy elastic waist.  Although this is a one-piece dress, the top is made to resemble a separate blouse top.  The Bestal Maxi Skirt One-Piece Beach Dress comes in 8 sizes, which include: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL and 5XL. Bestal has you covered when it comes to finding the size you need.

    As with any Asian clothing, you will need to order a size or two larger as Asian sizes tend to run smaller.  Most people will have to order 2 sizes larger, depending on how loose or how comfortable they want the garment to fit.

    This dress is full floor length and has an elegant look to it.  It seems a bit dressy for the beach, but can be perfect for a beach event.  It's a very thin material dress, that will definitely keep you cool.  The stitching and quality of this dress seems very well made.

    You can get your Bestal Maxi Skirt One-Piece Beach Dress HERE.  While you're there, don't forget to check out other items by Bestal.  They have something for everyone!


    Bestal is well known for their long dresses.  I've had the opportunity to try several of Bestal's dresses, short and long.  This is the second dress I've tried by Bestal, that is a long dress. The material is Chiffon and has a pretty butterfly floral pattern.  It's a cream colored summer dress that has a wide elastic waist band.

    The Bestal Chiffon Floral Pleated Midi Skirt Beach Long Maxi Dress has a slim fit, but has a generous stretch to it, thanks to the elastic waist band.  It's sleeveless with criss cross front and a scooped back neckline.  Perfect for a summer day, beach outing or just an everyday summer dress.

    The dress is very comfy and lightweight.  You may not be able to see in the photos, but the dress has like a layered skirt.  It has almost like a scalloped layer, which offsets this dress to make it unique and different looking.

    You can get your Bestal Chiffon Floral Pleated Long Maxi Dress HERE.  Check out other dresses and clothing by Bestal while on Amazon.  They have a selection that will appeal to everyone. 


    If you love long dresses and you love summer dresses, then this Bestal Women's Maxi One Piece Dress may just be it.  The material of this dress is silk and is of a brown animal print pattern.  The dress is a halter type dress, that ties behind the neck and has an elastic band. The dress is full floor length and can be worn as a beach dress and is dressy enough to be worn out on the town.

    With me being only 5'2", this dress is a bit tad long on me, but with a little alterations, can fit to my liking.  I wouldn't change anything about this dress, except for the length, as it is an awesome looking dress.  The colors of this dress is another thing that I love.  It's colors of brown, mixed with greens and a golden brown, all compliments each other.

    You can get your Bestal Women's Maxi Skirt Wedding Dress One Piece Dress HERE. Remember...Don't forget to order a size or two larger, as the sizes stated are Asian and they tend to run smaller than U.S. sizes.


    Two of my favorite things to wear during the summer is tank tops and summer dresses.  But when it comes to summer dresses, I will admit, I have never owned, let alone worn, a maxi dress.  I love the looks of them!  They are summery, fashionable and very much in style today.  Tank tops used to be my favorite when I was 15lbs lighter and the fitted tanks were the thing.  Now, tank tops come in many shapes, styles and fittings and I now love the loose flowy tank tops, as they seem to compliment me better.

    Thanks to Bluetime on Amazon, I received both the maxi dress and the tank top!  I couldn't have been happier! The maxi dress is a long, full length dress that is solid on top and has a Chevron print from waist down. It also has a split down the bottom of the dress, to allow free movement.  I love the colors of the Chevron print.  It is a mix of orange, coral and light green with a turquoise blue top.  The dress shown below is an XL (Asian sizes run smaller than U.S., so you should order a size or two larger).  It fits perfectly!  

    The material of the dress is polyester and spandex and is very comfortable.  Four sizes are available: S, M, L, XL.  Remember, order a size or two larger due to Asian sizes tend to run smaller.  The dress feels so light and silky.  

    Now, to the cute anchor tank top that Bluetime sent me.  It is a white tank top that has a fishtail side (longer on the sides).  This tank is absolutely adorable!  Very simple, yet will go with anything.  I ordred an XL and it is a white tank top with multiple Navy  Blue anchors (shown below on the model).  You also have the choice to choose two other anchor tank tops, with just one anchor on the front and available in the colors, Lake Blue and Navy Blue.

    If you are small frame, order two sizes bigger to get the oversized look.

    This anchor tank top is made of polyester material and has an irregular hem, which I love.  There are four sizes available: S, M, L, XL.  This anchor tank top is lightweight, airy and very comfy!  It goes with blue jeans or any other shorts.  The tank top is longer on the sides (fishtail style) and the back is a racer back.  

    You can get both of these items, plus much much more, at Bluetime on Amazon.  They have an awesome clothing line and prices are very very reasonable and pleasing.  The tank top alone is only $6.77 - $7.99!  Go HERE to check out Bluetime.


    I love clothing, just like any women does and to have a piece of clothing to fit me perfectly, without even trying it on, is almost impossible.  I am so proud to have been given the opportunity to try Syuer Women's Loose Casual Short Sleeve Chiffon Top.  This top is in Asian sizes, therefore, ordering a top a size or two larger is recommended.  I normally where a large in tops, and the top shown below, is an XL.  XL Asian size is a Large in U.S. size.

    The top is Chiffon and does not fit too snug, nor too loose.  The top is a sheer top, but with a built in tank top that matches the blouse perfectly.  It has a stretchy waist band that allows it to stretch just a bit and sits right at my hips.  The wings are like a bat wing sleeve and is very flowing and light.

    The top, of course, is made of Chiffon.  It comes in 5 colors: Black, Blue, Purple, White and Red.  It is very comfy and can be for a party, casual or even for work.  It is a very stylish and elegant looking shirt that will go with nearly everything...especially this white color I chose. The material feels so light and smooth and I love how it fits!

    You can check out the other color options HERE.  This blouse is ship and sold by Syuer, on Amazon and they even have free shipping on this blouse!  Go check out Syuer for your comfy Chiffon blouse!


    I absolutely think this Halter Tankini Swim Dress is adorable.  At first, I didn't think it was swim wear and at first glance, looked more like a mini dress or a fairy top style blouse.  As a matter of fact, I plan on wearing this 'swim wear cover up' as a summer top!

    This Bestal Convertible Wrap Halter Tankini Swim Dress comes in many options such as style, colors and patterns.  I chose this Black with White dot fairy style top.  This tops does run small!  They are in Asian sizes, therefore, you may want to order a size or two larger. Material is 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex, so it does have a little stretch to it.

    I love the fairy hemmed style of this top and although I've never worn it as a cover up, it looks adorable as a summer top...and that's probably how I will end up wearing this.  Below are some of the different style

    You can purchase yours HERE.  Stop by Fulsen (bestal) on Amazon and check out not only these cover ups, but many many more summer clothing and items they have.


    I love sun dresses and finding the perfect one is a must.  It has to be comfortable.  It has to fit in all the right spots and most of all, it has to be cute and stylish.  Thanks to Fulsen, the seller of the Bestal Elastic Waist Mini Sun Dress on Amazon, I found the perfect sun dress!

    This cute little number is light and airy, has an elastic waist and is very comfortable.  The dress is  not too long, nor too short, just the right length.  The Bestal Elastic Waist Mini Sun Dress has a slim fit, yet stretchy material.  The upper back portion is adorned with a beautiful light green lace that sets off this sun dress and gives it it's own unique summer look.

    The sun dress is made of Meryl material, a fabric with a soft and durable fit, that stretches and resumes back to it's original shape when not worn.  It has a similar texture and feel as that of Lycra and Polyester.  The Sun dress comes in sizes Small-Large and is in Asian sizes, which means, you may need to order a size or two larger, as Asian sizes tend to run smaller.

    When I first tried this dress on, I fell in love with it.  It has a slightly plunging V-neck that is not too deep and can give a flattering look.  The dress has beautiful complimentary colors that are a mixture of greens, goldish brown, blues and white.  It is sleeveless and has a beautiful lace from the upper back of the dress to the top of the straps.  This dress screams Summer!  

    Fulsen, on Amazon, has this dress priced at only $19.90..WITH FREE SHIPPING!  This is such an awesome price for such a beautiful, comfortable and cool dress.  You can get this Bestal Elastic Waist Mini Sun Dress HERE.


    I have been looking for rompers for quite some time.  Although I've seen rompers in my local department stores, magazines and commercials, I've never tried one on.  I thought they were the cutest, yet simplest summer wear.

    Bluetime, over at Amazon, was kind enough to send me a complimentary romper, that is sexy, lacy and cute.  The white sexy lace romper, once I put it on, reminds me of a lingerie piece.  I don't know if it's because it's solid white and one piece or that it has a lace bodice, either way, the style is what makes it sexy...without showing any belly or booty!

    I received an XL, because it tends to run small, when it comes from overseas.  The XL fits like a Large on me and is not too tight or too loose.  The back of the romper has a zipper and the back is somewhat backless, but not totally.  The spaghetti straps are adjustable, so you can adjust to the fit you need.

    Material of the romper is polyester, with a floral lace covering the romper.  There are 4 sizes to choose from: S, M, L and XL.  Although I loved the look of the romper on the model shown, I was hoping it would look just as cute on me.  It looked alright on me, but of course, I'm not model material and this romper would look absolutely cute and adorable on a smaller person.  I am 5'2" and 145lbs, therefore, all my weight shows on a short body.  It's not the romper's fault my tummy protrudes a little and I look a little wide, because the romper is absolutely well made, very good quality material and cute.  I guess it's time to tame my tummy!

    I did get the idea, however, that I could possibly tie a sheer scarf around the waist or add some kind of belt to the romper, to give it more dimension.  Overall, I love the romper and find that it's well made and holds up well and was described perfectly on Bluetime's Amazon page.  

    You can check out the Sexy Spaghetti Strap Lace Jumpsuit Romper, HERE.  As of right now, this romper is only available in white


    Summer is here and with that being said, I love love love summer dresses!  They are not only light and comfortable, but they can be worn everyday, even at the beach...which is where I will be headed to this weekend!

    NY Deal, from Amazon, was kind enough to send my not one, but two Women's Smoked Tube Summer Dresses to review.  I have to tell you, I have never had summer dresses that felt so light, cozy and comfortable.  It feels as if I can barely feel the dress, when worn!  I love both dresses.  The first one shown, is my favorite.  It is the blue/green Chevron print Smoked Summer Dress by NY Deal and it fits perfectly.  The bodice stretches to fit and then returns to it's original state, when taken off.

    The second dress, the pink flowered Smoked Tube Dress, is exactly like the blue Chevron.  It fits me to a Tee and feels just as lightweight and comfortable.  I love the silky material, which is actually, I believe, Polyester.  So soft and so light!

    Both of these dresses run small, so it's best to order a size larger.  Both these dresses I have on are large.  NY Deal has many many prints, colors, patterns and designs to choose from.  It's hard to just pick one, when you see so many others that you like!  Check out NY Deal on Amazon.  Check out all the awesome dresses they have.  It's summer time and every gal needs a cool looking summer dress!


    Summer is here and it's the time where vacation time is soon approaching.  This year, we are headed to Destin, Florida, where the weather is warm and the beach is calling my name.  I'm not quite swimsuit ready, but this little Bestal Cover Up Beach Sun Dress is the perfect cover up for my swimsuit.  

    The Bestal Cover Up Beach Sun Dress is a hi-low cover up, that is not only a swim suit cover up, but is also a sun dress!  The dress is cut slightly higher in the front and the back of the dress is longer.  I love how this dress fits!  I chose the Red and White striped dress, as being it's summer and all, and the Fourth of July is right around the corner, this was the perfect color!  

    The dress also comes in Black/White and Green/White.  The Bestal Sun Dress Cover Up is 100% Cotton with a little elastic and runs in Asian sizes, so if ordering, it's best to order a size larger, as Asian sizes tend to run a little smaller than U.S. sizes.

    With 4th of July soon approaching, this dress would be perfect for weekend BBQ or sitting on the beach, watching the fireworks.  You will already be dressed for the special holiday.  Yes, it's very beach and casual, but what a perfect way to relax in a very comfy dress. Pair this summer beach cover up with something blue, and you will have all your colors for the 4th!

    You can get this dress, by visiting Bestal's Amazon page.  The dress is only $19.99.  What a deal!


    Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE tank tops!  I love them in every color, blinged out and different.  I love tank tops that are long and comfy, long and loose and in between.  Can you tell I love tank tops?

    Well, thanks to D'Rockabilly Punk Rock, I received the most awesome tank top ever!  If you want bling, then this tank top states that!  It is the Rockabilly Punk Rock Baby Gothic Cross Studded Faith tank top.  The tank top is very comfy and the size runs a bit on the small size.  The size shown here is a Large, so if you want a little more room, you may want to order one size larger

    This beautiful Rockabilly Punk Rock Baby Gothic Cross tank top is adorned with many many studs and rhinestones.  Under lights, the tank just sparkles!  I love sparkles, too!  The fabric is 92% cotton and 8% Spandex, so it has some stretch to it.  It is slightly tailored and fit and feels soft and stretchy against the skin.

    I did have to wait about 2 weeks to get the tank, but that is because it is sold by Fashion Machine, in Germany.  Still, 2 weeks and coming from Germany, is not bad! This particular tank is priced at $30.32, when ordered from

    You can get this tank top, as well as other cool looking tanks and shirts, by visiting Fashion Machine at  Go check the site out.  They have some very very cool looking tanks, very original and very different!  Below are just some of the tanks I LOVE! 


    Ok, we all know when you have a baby or toddler, you have to keep them stylin'!  Your baby represents you and you represent your baby.  I can't tell you, how much fun it was, to dress my son when he was a baby....matching outfits, bibs that matched his onesie, shoes that get my drift.

    Well, these Baby Drooling Bibs are so darn cute!  They are different than any bibs I've seen and they come in a 4 pack, which also includes a Pacifier Clip!  How cool is that!  These cute little bibs are made to look like bandanas, thanks to Savvy Baby.  They have two snaps at the ends, that easily snaps the bib in place.  The material is so soft, that I couldn't believe how soft they actually were.

    The Drooling Bibs are very well made, the stitching on these four bibs were excellent.  Each one of these bibs are made with material and a design, that is perfect for a little girl or a little boy.  I'm sure, if your little one is old enough, they would love these bibs!

    These four bibs come in these designs: Red/White Chevron, Black with White Polka Dots, Yellow/White triangular pattern and Gray with White looking arrows.  The pacifier clip is red with white polka dots on one side and a gray and white Chevron on the other.  The clip fastens to either the bib or can be attached to the baby's clothing.

    Company's Statement about the bibs: 
    - Made of 100% highly absorbent cotton with a soft comfy fleece backing 
    - Nickel-free snaps made to adjust to your baby's size (no itchy velcro or plastic) 
    - Trendy & stylish design that complements any outfit 
    - Functional bandana design doesn't lay flat like many other drool bibs 
    - Bandana shape allows the drool to catch on the bib while keep the baby's arms free to move around 
    - The perfect solution for drooling and teething babies! 
    - Pacifier clip can be use to keep your pacifier clean and dry OR used as a teething ring holder!

    You can keep your baby stylin' in these #savvybaby Drooling Bibs, as well as the stylish pacifier clip, by visiting Savvy Baby's Amazon page.  

    *** I received this product for testing purposes, free, in exchange for an honest review.   All opinions are 100% my own.



    If you're like me, and you're a female, then you're going to love this handbag!  I love purses and I love to switch up every now an thenSometimes I may want a bag...another day, I may want a simple small purse. Either way, purses are so fun to change up and carry.

    The featured purse here, is the MKF (Mia K. Farrow) Collection Plora Pad Lock Designer Handbag. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of it, as it didn't look as large in the photo shown.  I LOVE BIG BAGS!  This beautiful handbag comes in many colors: Beige, Red, White, Green, Yellow, Brown, Black...and several others.

    The MKF Collection Plora Pad Lock handbag features its signature pad lock on the front of the purse.  Although it doesn't add any function (locking the purse), it is that detail piece that makes this purse stand out.  I also love that this handbag has not only handles to carry the purse, but a long strap, that is accented and attached with gold link chains.  VERY ELEGANT!

    The MKF Collection Plora Pad Lock Designer handbag is very roomy on the inside.  I instantly switched purses when I received this.  It has approximately 6 compartments...SIX! It has two smaller sections, 2 pouches, one for your cell phone and one about the same size for another device.  It has a zipper section in the middle of the purse, as well as a zipper on the inside interior.  There are also two sections, one on each side of the zipper section that is found in the middle of the handbag.

    This purse can carry A LOT of items.  To give you an idea of how roomy this purse is, I have placed my wallett/billfold (kind of bulky), my bottle of body spray, keys, pens, sunglasses, reading glasses, cell phone, lipsticks (approx 5), 2 packs of gum and I still have room to add tons more stuff...just to fill this purse up.

    I love the sexy and bold red color.  It really makes a statement.  The red against the gold chains...BEAUTIFUL!  

    Here are some of the features of this purse:

    • Made with faux leather and fabric lining
    • Attached shoulder strap; 13" shoulder drop
    • Features a main compartment, mid zippered compartment, zippered pouch, 2 open smaller pouches
    • Measures approximately; Large: 13" W x 12.5" H x 5" D - Medium: 12.5" W x 9.5" H x 4.5" D
    You can check out this MKF Collection Plora Pad Lock Designer handbag and other available colors by visiting On The Go Fashion Tech Amazon page.  On The Go Fashion Tech has many other colors to choose from and you can shop with confidence that you are getting a great quality purse at an excellent price!
    ***I received the above product, free, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 



    You've seen them before...the bandage dresses.  You may not have known what the dress was called, but many celebrities have been seen wearing some sort or form of the bandage dress.  The bandage dress has become such a hot and trendy fashion.  The bandage dress is perfect for a party, an evening out to dinner or a night out on the town.

    The Bandage dress below, is by Holly O Boutique. The dress is made from excellent quality material, that is stretchy.  The material is thick, but not restricting and although the dress fits snug, it's actually pretty giving and comfortable.

    This dress can be worn in several ways.  It can be worn alone, as or with a small crop jacket, which would be so cute!!  OR....pair the bandage dress off with a black leather jacket for a rocker look and don't forget those bling bling dress heels!  

    I love that this dress will flatter all body types.  I, by no means, am thin or even close to model size. I am short, 5'2" and every bit of my weight, shows....but this dress compliments and accentuates your curves.  The dress will smooth you out in the right places and will hug your curves, like a fitted glove.  The back of the dress is open and backless, making it perfect to show off your toned body and back.  

    This little black bandage dress is made up of 90% Rayon, 9% Nylon and 1% Spandex, which means...NO IRONING!  You can pack this dress in your suitcase and don't have to worry about wrinkles, as this dress is wrinkle free! 

    I tried this dress on the day I received it...THANKS Holly O Boutique, and I had no problems at all getting it on.  From the front view, I loved it!  it hugged my body and showed off my curves.  From the side view, it did show my tummy, but that is not the dress's fault.  I have a stomach and I have a little back fat, which means, I need to work on that.  Overall, I love love love the dress and plan on getting in shape so I can wear this out.  

    It's a beautiful dress.  It's made out of very high quality material and is not flimsy in no sort of way and I love the simpleness of the dress, yet it's still sexy!  I chose the Large, as this dress seems to run on the smaller size.

    If you have a big party or a special vacation planned, you need to check out Holly O Boutique on Amazon or check out Holly O Boutique original website for more great outfits! Maybe you have a daughter who is getting ready for prom or a dance...this dress will make a statement!

    ***I received the above product, for testing purposes, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.


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