Friday, September 15, 2017

Ozeri INSTAVAC Nesting Food Storage Container Set

I LOVE food storage containers that come in sets; better yet, I love storage containers that are nestled inside each other, has a vacuum seal and are not half way small, where you can't hold very much food.

That is why the Ozeri INSTAVAC Nesting Food Storage Container Set has me hooked!  I love how easy these snap lids open and I don't have to struggle with them. Not only that, but these gems comes with a Date Dial! WHAT???  Yes...a Date Dial!  On the top of the lid, there is not only a vacuum seal valve, but a little dial that you can turn, to the date you put the product inside.  When you go back to your fridge a couple days later and notice some strawberries in this set, but really can't remember WHEN or HOW OLD they are, this dial will let you know the date this was stored.  SO COOL!

Here's a little more info on the Ozeri INSTAVAC Nesting Food Storage Set:

     *Patented Valve:  reduces air volume so naturally occuring bacteria is less 
                                able to grow, and food stays fresh longer.

     *Date Dial:          to track the number of food storage days.

     *Release Valve:    prevents spills and splatters in microwave.

     *Wave Pattern:     on bottom keeps cut fruit and veggies elevated from
                                 water and juices.

     *Stain Resistant, Shatter Proof and transparent as glass.

     *Freezer, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe.

The Ozeri INSTAVAC Nesting Food Storage Container Set contains instant vacuum freshness without pumps, motors or confusing parts; Simply press down on the lid and air is forced out via the one-way valve.  

This set is an 8 piece set, with lids that contain:

*21 Cup (5.0 Liters)
*12.7 Cups (3.0 Liters)
*  6.3 Cups (1.5 Liters)
*  3.0 Cups (0.7 Liters)

I love that I can save space and money with these containers.  Being that these nests inside one another, I won't have to worry about having four separate bowls, taking up all my cabinet space and I can keep them all in one place. 

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***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions expressed are ALWAYS 100% my own.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Enjoying Family Time with Fun Outdoor Games

Family gatherings can be ideal occasions to relax, enjoy the company of your loved ones, and spend hours playing games while making memories.  Trying to keep everyone packed into the house can be a challenge, however.  Rather than spend time in a cramped and crowded home, you can get everyone outside for some recreation by setting up games designed for outdoor use.

When you want to play games that go beyond croquet or horseshoes, you may wonder what other options are out there for you to consider.  You may get everyone involved in the fun when you bring out gear like Frisbees, cornhole sets, and other games that your family can play together.

Cornhole Styles

This game is becoming increasingly popular with families everywhere because of its simple yet competitive nature.  While at first it was primarily played on plain wooden boards, the cornhole sets available today feature designs that can delight and excite everyone in your family.

When you shop online, you can find sets emblazoned with the American flag, bike logos, or even designs that you custom order yourself.  The colors and decorations of the game boards add to the overall enjoyment and make your loved ones eager to play the game.

The sets are also available for a variety of prices so you can select one that will give you the value you want.  You can select the one that best aligns with what you want to spend when you browse the options listed on the website.

Learning How to Play

As popular as cornhole is, you might not be familiar with how to play it.  When you want to play by the rules and give everyone an equal chance of winning, you can learn what those rules are when you visit the website.

The site explains how to play cornhole competitively yet fairly.  It also explains the variations of the game so that you can up the ante if you want to make the game more exciting.

The website even has a blog dedicated to the game of cornhole.  You can read about all of the newest topics involving this pastime by using the appropriate link at the top of the page.

Family time is the perfect opportunity to make memories and engage in some old-fashioned fun.  You can get the party started and get everyone out in the yard for some low-key exercise by setting up cornhole games.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

How I Got My Old Jewelry Looking New Again!

I have so much jewelry, that I really can't tell you the exact amount of pieces I have.  I mean...come on!  How many of us gals has several places we keep jewelry; even a place (like a spare bedroom) where we hang jewelry that doesn't have a place in our jewelry box or on the numerous 'hooks' of our favorite pieces?

I know I do!  I've even came a cross a few earrings, bracelets and necklaces - hidden in another room, that I almost forgot about.  After these pieces sit for several months (in my case, some of them for years), they tend to become a little...dusty...maybe dingy looking.

Sure, I've used Walmart's jewelry cleaner here and there, but very seldom. They seem to come half way clean again, or at least, better looking than before. BUT...after I tried Quick N' Brite Jewelry Cleaner Kit, I was excited!  Jewelry that was dingy looking, instantly turned new looking again!  I'm talking about pieces that I haven't worn in like years!

Quick N' Brite is a non-toxic, no harsh chemicals and ammonia free jewelry cleaner that brings back life to dingy jewelry.  It's a powerful cleaner that family safe with no worries about harsh chemicals.  Being that this jewelry cleaner contains no harsh chemicals, this is perfect for your precious stones and pearls, without worrying about the cleaner harming them.  

Before Quick N' Brite                                                                                       

                                                After Quick N' Brite

This Quick N' Brite an also be used in Ultrasonic Machines!  The only thing that Quick N' Brite WILL NOT do, is get rid or clean tarnish.  It is not a tarnish remover, but a cleaner that revitalizes your dingy jewelry. If I had only one downfall or con about this cleaner, is that it requires a little longer for the jewelry to sit in the solution....maximum of 6 minutes.

Before Quick N' Brite                                                

                                                After Quick N' Brite

With Quick N' Brite, it is recommended that you place your jewelry in the solution (pour a little in a bowl or cup, enough to cover jewelry) and stir. Let it sit for 3 minutes and stir again.  Remove after another 3 minutes.  Although it's not a 10-20 second dip for cleaner jewelry, this jewelry cleaner kit DOES work better and gives me a more desirable result than the store bought brand.

You can purchase your Quick N' Brite Jewelry Cleaner HERE:

The Quick N' Brite Jewelry Cleaner comes with a 16 oz. bottle of the Quick N' Brite cleaner, cleaning cloth and cleaning brushes.  Quick N' Brite is safe on Silver, Gold, Diamond, Metal and More!

***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are ALWAYS 100% my own.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Never Tie Your Shoes Again with Hickies Never Tie Laces

Don't you hate tying your kids' shoes everyday before they step out of the house? Or what about those shoe laces that seem to come untied, not matter HOW you tie them.  Wouldn't it be nice to just slip on your favorite pair of shoes, without worrying about tying them...EVER! 

HICKIES products turn any pair of sneakers into convenient, comfortable, and stylish slip-ons that are perfect for any activity from recess play to Mom and Dad's triathlons.


Works in any shoe with eyelets.

One size fits all.

Elastic material keeps shoes secure and comfortable.

Never tie again! Play uninterrupted.

Fun look, without messy knots and bows.

Adjustable tightness.

Quick and easy - simply slip on and off.

You can grab these @Hickies Never Tie Laces on  with a 25% off w/ code USFAM now thru Sept. 20th!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Every Little Girl Needs Their Own Flip Zee Girl Doll

What is your little Diva's favorite toy?  Is it a princess tent, Barbie doll or something different?  Every little girl that I have come in contact with, whether it be my niece or just a friend's child, always seems to love some sort of doll.

A doll can be your toddler's best friend - to dress up, comb it's hair and play pretend mommy to.  But what about a doll that is plush, soft, cuddly and has unique looking hair? A doll that can be 'flipped' into a fuller sized doll?

The Flip Zee Girls Doll is all that!  This doll comes packaged in a box, with it's legs and arms, folded and bundled up, inside what looks like it's own attached blanket, but when flipped out, it is the doll's skirt.  The Flip Zee Girls Doll has some wild and fun looking hair, that is made of yarn material and has the cutest little face ever!  I'm pretty sure this would have been my favorite doll as a child, if it was available back then!

There are about 6 different Flip Zee Girls Dolls to choose from and all are as unique as the other.  The one that was delivered to my door was the Zara Happy Flower, which has a light blue bonnet with purple flowers and matching satin like skirt.  Zara Happy Flower has this wildly fun purple, light blue and green hair that is sure to make any little girl call it, her 'bestie.'

How adorable is Zara! The face of these dolls are just so vibrant and full of life and I can see why these dolls would light up any little girl's face!  They are friendly looking, face full of colorful freckles and of course...sporting a fashionable dress!













You can purchase these adorable and fun loving dolls on Amazon....HERE

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Organic Slimming and Anti-Cellulite Cream

If you are like me, you probably have tried every product on the market to either reduce the appearance of cellulite or a product that promises to help slim you down.  Lord knows, I've tried more than I can count, but most have not been in a cream form.

This cream, shown here, is the Organic Slimming and Anti-Cellulite Cream, that is made by a company that offers a RISK FREE 30 day Money Back Guarantee! I've only used this cream 2x out of the 4 days that I have had it, so of course, I have not seen any results yet, but I will definitely be doing an update, once this jar is just about gone!

The Organic Slimming and Anti-Cellulite Cream is also a cream that is supposed to help diminish cellulite, to promote healthy skin.  It does not contain any harsh chemicals, unlike some similar creams and actually has a pleasant scent. It has a creamy smooth texture and I found that it doesn't take a lot, to cover an area.

This cream is designed for the abdomen, waist and buttock areas, but I can assure you, I am also trying it out on my upper thighs (I have to admit, my thighs and buttocks need the most work when it comes to cellulite!)  I am excited, yet at the same time, skeptical about this cream.  I really want this cream to work, so I am going to try this for 30 days and come back with my updated results!  Let's keep our fingers crossed!

I do like how this cream comes in a jar, that has a protective plastic lid, on the inside.  The labeling on this slimming cream is very attractive and would more than likely catch my attention, if I were to purchasing this at a store.  This is great for both men and women and with this cream, it is fast absorbing and will not stain your clothes.  Like I've said, I've used this twice already and immediately got dressed, with not residue or stains on my clothing.

You can purchase this slimming and anti-cellulite cream HERE:

***I may have received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are ALWAYS 100% my own.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Why You Need One of These Play Tents For Your Toddler

How many of my moms out there has toddlers?  Show of hands?  Are they at the age where they like playing by themselves, to play make believe or pretend? Do they like to play house?  Well...if they do, then I have the perfect set up for them!

Recently, I found several play tents that were just so adorable; not your traditional play tents, but play tents that were shaped as a castle, fire engine, play house with tunnel, etc.  Now, I know many of us have seen the Princess Play Tents, but what about play tents shapes as some sort of vehicle?

Well, WooHoo Toys has just those!  They are pretty generous in size and some can fit up to 4-5 kids inside (or a child and two adults.)  The two play tents, shown here, are the Fire Engine Truck and the Play Tent with Tunnel.  Both are large enough to fix several children inside and if I may add, they are just too fun!

The Fire Engine Truck tent is a pop up play tent that is 54" long, 28" deep and 36" tall.  The tent is very lightweight, making it easy to move from room to room or even outside.  It has mesh windows all around the fire engine tent and has a roof, that allows for ventilation.  You child can even lock the door, by aligning the velcro on the inside.  The fabric of this Fire Engine Tent is water proof, made with water resistant polyester fabric.  What child wouldn't love this bright fire engine truck tent!  He or she can dress up in their fire fighter outfit and they are set to go inside their tent.

The next play tent shown, is the Big Children Play Tent with Tunnel.  The Play House is 47.25" x 47.25" x 53 (almost 4 feet.)  The tunnel is 6 feet long with dimensions of 72" x 19.5".  This tent is ideal for those who love to play house, have their own little getaway and is perfect for outside, as it too, is made with durable thick water proof polyester fabric.  This tent also comes with stakes, so you can stake it down in your yard.  The tent also has loops, to allow you to secure the roof of the play house to the tent, as well as roll up the windows.

What's great about the Big Children Play House Tent, is that the tunnel and play house can be separated into two units, to better fit into a room.  Both of these tents are ideal for both boys and girls and they will get total enjoyment from having their own 'space.'

Both tents are CPSIA Compliant and meets federal regulations for lead and phthalate.  

No tools are required to set up tent.  Simply open the bag, allow the tent walls to pop out and watch your child play!  Fill up any tent with phthalate free and non-toxic balls and you are set to go!


     *Fun personal space for your child
     *Easy getaway for alone time
     *Fun addition to any room, especially a themed room
     *Your toddler will love it!
     *Allow your toddler to have fun-time with their friends
     *Allows your child to imaginative with the play tent

Brody loves his play house....WITH HIS BABY POOL WITH BALLS!

You can purchase any one of these tents HERE: 

Don't forget to check out WooHoo toys other tents!

***I may have received a complimentary product(s), in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions expresses are ALWAYS 100% my own.