Monday, September 14, 2020

A Travel Mug That Keeps Hot Drinks Hot for 6 Hours and Cold Drinks Cold For 24 Hours

A lot of us depend on a travel mug or tumbler while traveling to work, school or on a road trip.  Travel mugs is the perfect way to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for a certain amount of time.  We count on our tumbler mugs; we want them to do their job.  There is one tumbler mug I found that does just's the LinkIt 20 oz. Tumbler Travel Mug.

The LinkIt 20 oz Tumbler Travel Mug fits in my hands perfectly and I love the feel of it.  But, most importantly, the LinkIt Tumbler Travel Mug keeps hot drinks hot up to 6 hours and cold drinks cold up to 24 hours.  I will tell you, I'm the world's worst when it comes to drinking even a small cup of coffee before letting it get cold.  This tumbler is my answer!  I can now enjoy my coffee without going back and forth, to either the breakroom at work or my own kitchen.

The LinkIt Tumbler Travel Mug is vacuum insulated and doubled walled.  This is what keeps your beverage hot and cold for a long period of time.  The tumbler also has a spill proof Tritan plastic slider lid and comes with two metal straws and a cleaning brush.  And, what's even better, is that this tumbler has a lifetime warranty!  Yes...a lifetime warranty that is 100% money back guarantee and a 100% Satisfaction!

All in all, I would say this tumbler meets my needs.  It does what it's supposed to do and I couldn't be happier.  You can grab your LinkIt 20 oz Tumbler Travel Mug at:

BUT....if you still are debating on getting this tumbler...You can get 15% off your order when you use my code: 154WF61R at checkout.  Go to this link to enter the code for your 15% discount: - Discount ends 9/30/20

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

ABBE Eyeglasses - Prescription, Non-Prescription, Readers and Sunglasses

When it comes to eyeglasses and ordering online, there are many brands and companies to choose from.  Although there are many eyeglasses companies you may have heard of, ABBE is one, that I will admit, that I hadn't heard of until now, but they have over 10 years experience in the eyewear industry.  With that being said, ABBE eyewear has many designs, colors and styles to choose from.  If you're curious to know just what styles ABBE has to offer, just visit

ABBE eyeglasses site is very easy to navigate through.  Just click on the Free Glasses option and there you will select which frames and color you want.  You will be asked for your eyeglasses prescription, so be ready to have that on hand (unless you choose non-prescription).  When you are ready to checkout, make sure you type in freeglasses where it ask for coupon.  That code will allow you to get your eyeglasses for free - minus the shipping and handling.

The eyelgasses I chose, they are just readers.  I chose a somewhat square frame, as I have a round face and square or rectangular frames look best for faces that are round...and can give a round face a slimming effect!  Of course, if you go with a smaller square frame than what I did, in my opinion, the glasses will make your face look even slimmer by not emphasizing on the roundness of your face.  These glasses came with a cleaning cloth and a case.  

Each pair of glasses include:

     *Premium Glasses Frames

     *1.50 Index SV Prescription Lenses

     *Anti Scratch Coating

     *Anti Reflective Coating

     *Optical Cloth

     *Sturdy Protective Case

In order to get your FREE eyeglasses, you much choose these options:

Select an option other than MULTIFOCAL

Input prescription if requested

Select "Clear" only in the color option

Select "Customize" in Lens Package

Choose "1.50 Standard Index" Package

Add to Cart, input "freeglasses" in coupon code box.

I can say I am very happy with the ABBE glasses that I chose.  They are very clear and easy to read with.  I love the way they look on my face (it did take a little time to get used to a larger frame) and love how easy it was to order from their site.  Don't forget to go grab your free eyeglasses today!  This offer may not last forever and if you don't have a vision plan, this may be your cheapest way to go! is the link to get your free glasses -


***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  REGARDLESS...all opinions expressed are 100% my own.***

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Skinny Jane Skinny Blend Protein Shake with Collagen Peptides

 Today I'm going to take a different turn on things.  Instead of focusing on fashion, let's focus on nutrition...somewhat.  I was recently selected to try a new protein shake with collagen peptides.  Thanks to Skinny Jane, I was able to try this chocolate flavored shake just yesterday.  It does come with a separate pack of collagen peptides that you can add to the shake.  

The Skinny Blend Shake by Skinny Jane was specifically designed to speed up your metabolism, nourish your muscles and tone your body.  The shake can be used as a replacement meal to lose weight or, as a way to boost energy by increasing your protein intake.  This shake is only 90 calories per serving and consist of 20 grams of protein when mixed with 8 oz milk.  Easy instructions guide you to making your perfect shake.  All you do is add one heaping scoop of the shake, add 1/2 TBS of the collagen peptides, 6 oz of liquid (preferably milk) and 5 to 6 ice cubes.  Blend well.  You can adjust the consistency of the shake by adding more or less ice.  The Skinny Jane Skinny Blend contains NO caffeine and NO aspartame.  

Let's Talk About The Collagen Peptides...  What exactly is collage peptides and exactly how does it benefit you in this drink?  Collagen peptides is a type of protein made from collagen that helps promote healthy skin, bones and joints.  There are actual studies that show collagen peptides help with weight loss as well as reduce body fat.  Skinny Jane's Skinny Blend contains 100% Pure collagen peptides which have these benefits:

  1. Rejuvenates and repairs hair
  2. Strengthens nails
  3. Repairs and firms damaged skin
  4. Helps relieve joint pain
  5. Strengthens connective tissues and bones
   Ok...Let's Talk About The Taste... I will start by took me two times to get the shake to taste right for me.  At first I though it was collagen because my shake had a very light chocolate taste and was kinda frothy, but on the second try, instead of using water (this was my mistake), I used milk.  MUCH BETTER!  I actually thought about leaving the collagen out and just enjoy a nice chocolate shake, but I wanted all the benefits that the collagen peptides had to offer!

I will say, I was pleasantly surprised that this shake did not have that gritty taste, like you get with a lot of protein shakes.  When blended in a blender, it has a smooth consistency.  If you are someone who just does't like the taste of a protein shake or even the thought of it...go ahead and throw in a 1/2 banana or a TBS of peanut butter...I promise, it will make a BIG difference!

All-in-all, I really did enjoy this shake (once I go the taste right).  It only takes a few seconds to whip up and you won't have to spend all that time in the kitchen, before work, making breakfast or waste what lunch hour you have.  You can get Skinny Jane Skinny Blend in these available flavors:

     Skinny Blend Flavor:

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Tees, Tees, Tees - Femme Luxe Finery Tshirt haul

So, some of you may or may not know,  that I recently had a hysterectomy 2 days ago! It wasn't as bad as I worked myself up to think, but still, there is a 2 week recovery with no heavy lifting over 10 pounds. 

I will say,  I am going to take advantage of the recovery process while I'm off work for 2 weeks, but keeping me down all day long,  well, that's probably going to be a problem!  I HAVE to get up and do something, just so I won't feel tired all the time. 

With that being said,  and on  a more positive note, I am so glad that these tees from Femme Luxe Finery showed up on my doorsteps before the surgery.  If you've heard it before, you've heard it a hundred times...I'm such a tshirt junkie!  I sleep and live in tshirts when not at work; it's the first thing I change into after work.

This first tshirt is the Pink Bo$$y Oversized tshirt. It is available in Pink with black writing and is available in sizes M (10/12)  L (12/14) XL (14/16). It is truly oversized and when ordering,  make sure to check out Femme Luxe Finery's sizing chart, as the sizes run a little smaller than US sizes.  

This shirt was also available in white with black writing, so if your not a pink person,  check out their white version in their site.

The next tee is the Black Couture Lip Print Oversized tshirt.  I LOVE this tshirt because I have a long sleeve hoodie that is pretty similar to this tee!  The bronze gold color of the lips against the black of the tshirt really makes this tee POP out.  And let me mention...this same shirt is available in white as well!  Sizes available are: S (8/10) M (10/12) L (12/14) XL (14/16).

This shirt is ideal for those black biker/cycle shorts, blue jeans shorts or Jean's.  I prefer wearing mine with solid black leggings,  paired with some summer bootie sandals!

AND...just like the above,  the Couture Lip Print tee is available in white.  The white couture lip print oversized tshirt has the same design and available in the same sizes as listed above for the black tee.  I love then both, but I have al lyways been partial to black...which is your favorite of the two?

And last, but certainly not least, is another tie dye top.  This Mid Blue Tie Dye Oversized Tshirt is your basic blue with white mixed in.  The shirt fits just like the other oversized tees and has agreat quality feel to it, just like the other oversized tshirts.  I've been waiting on this tie dye shirt in pink, but as soon as I ordered the blue...the pink version showed back up.  Either way, you can't go wrong with tie dye as a trending fashion piece.  This Blue Tie Dye Oversized Tshirt is available in sizes S (8/10) M (10/12) L (12/14) XL (14/16) and available in colors Pink, Lilac and Mid Blue.


***I may have received complimentary items, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.   REGARDLESS...all opinions expressed are 100% my own***

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Affordable and Fun Fashion - Femme Luxe Finery

Good morning guys and gals...or evening to those across the country!  These past two weeks have been kind of a roller coaster for me, from doctor visits, work, etc, but it's all getting better!  As usual, work has been kind of hectic, slowed down a bit, but still...hectic.  But you know what...I wouldn't change it a bit.

I've been attempting to lose some weight (noticed I said tempting).  It's not as easy to stay on a specific diet or eating plan, whether it be Keto, Low Carb, clean eating, etc, but I WILL DO IT!  I'm trying to stay positive, and for the most part, I am...I guess I'm just a little impatient and, at times, get discouraged, but by the Summer of 2021, my plans are to have lost at least 
50 lbs.

But, on to a more fun!  You guys know by now I'm a huge lover of Femme Luxe Finery's clothes.  Whatever is trending, popular and hot, Femme Luxe Finery has it!  Tie dye is coming back and making a huge hit in the world, but today, I'm here to show a few more new items from the brand, one of them, geared for the winter season...yes, you heard me, the winter season (I couldn't pass it up!)

This is one of my favorite tees by Femme Luxe Finery.  It is the Black Leopard Print 'Femme La Mode' Slogan Print T-Shirt.  I already have this black shirt with the pink and black leopard print lips, but I really wanted one that was black with the gold/yellow lips.  These shirts are available in larger sizes (which I love) and let me tell you, they are so much more roomy-er than their original t-shirts. I didn't notice at the time I got this, but this shirt matches my leopard print pajama pants perfectly!  These t-shirts also seem to have a bit more stretch (big plus for me!).

AVAILABLE SIZES: S(4/6), M(6/8), L(8/10), XL(10/12)
PRICE: $7.68 (after 15% off w/code TKE15)
COLORS: White, Black, Pink

The second item is also a tee.  Once again, I love slogan tees, and this one has "No Bad Vibes".  I love it!  I love when a tee has a slogan that is so appropriate and has positive messages written across them.  Not in black, but in pink, is the Pink 'No Bad Vibes' Oversized T-Shirt.  This shirt is considered over-sized but I do feel as if it fits a little more 'not over-sized' for me.  It's probably due to the fact I ordered a size smaller, being it was considered over-sized.  Either way, it fits perfectly and I love it!  This shirt is available in white, black and pink.

AVAILABLE SIZES: M (6/8), L (8/10), XL (10/12)
PRICE: $9.87 (after 15% off w/code TKE15)
COLORS: White, Black, Pink

The third item is another set that I currently own, but in a different color.  I knew when I received my first one, I had to have another in a different color.  This is the Taupe & Black Oversized Hoodie Shorts Loungewear Set.  This short set is thicker than your average short set, but can be worn during the Spring, Summer and maybe Fall.  The hoodie jacket is sleeveless and has pockets on each side with a zip up front.  The shorts have a drawstring and let me mention, these shorts are super comfy!  Add a long sleeve shirt under the jacket and it can be worn during the warmer part of Fall.

AVAILABLE SIZES: M(6/8), L(8/10), XL(10/12)
PRICE: $19.76 (after 15% off w/code TKE15)
COLORS: Taupe/Black, Grey/Black, Black, Khaki, Charcoal

And last, but certainly not least, is this cozy, cuddly and warm loungewear set.  OMG... it is so very comfy and soft and I can't wait to wear this, this coming winter!  This is definitely what I going to live in while at home!  This is the Grey Fleece Long Neck Loungewear Set.

AVAILABLE SIZES: M(12/14) L(16/18)
PRICE: $16.99 (after 15% off w/code TKE15)

***I may have received complimentary products,  in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.   REGARDLESS...all opinions expressed are 100% my own. ***

Monday, July 27, 2020

Grilled Dog Treats For Helathy Hip Joints - Happy Hips Duck Grilled Strips

If you're a pet owner, specifically a dog owner, you know that our dgs are part of the family...our fur babies, and we will do anything it takes to keep our fur babies helathy and happy.  We take care of our dogs as if they were like our own child, because in a way...they are.

When it comes to my older dog, Benji, I do worry about him aging and developing issues that comes with getting older.  We've already had to have a couple of his teeth extracted due to some being loose and possibly early signs of tooth decay.  I couldn't take that he was having a hard time eating due to the loose teeth, so I knew I had to do something about it.

Something that we may NOT think about is hip joint health.  As our dogs get older, they may develop stiff joints and less mobility due to the joints.  I know that we all give our dogs treats (I give mine one every day) and nothing makes me feel a little better about giving my beloved ones a treat, than a treat packed with nutrients to support healthy hip joints.  

Happy Hips by Nutrisca has these chewy grilled strips that geared towards helathy hip joints.  They are high in protein, low in fat and contain no soy, wheat, corn or sugar.  They DO contain Glucosamine & Chondroitin for healthy hip joints.    Nutrisca uses 100% real duck, raised without antibodies or hormones.  

AS soon as I tore open the bag of these grilled treats, both my dogs came running for them.  You can smell the smoked aroma as soon as you open the bag.  These treats are available at Target, online or in store.  To purchase your Happy Hips Duck Grilled Strips, visit

***I  may have received complimentary product(s), in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  REGARDLESS...all opinions expressed are 100% my own***

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Bebinca Smart Watch - Keep Track of Blood Pressure, Steps, Fitness Actvity and More

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a HUGE watch fanatic.  I can't even go into a department store without making my rounds and coming to a halt in front of a watch display. Eyeing and admiring all the different styles of watches has me mesmerized for at least a few minutes!  If I get a watch for Christmas or for my birthday, I'm a happy girl!

That brings me to a different style of watch that I'm wearing now, the Bebinca Smart Watch. Now, I've had smart watches before and they look just that...a smart watch, with maybe a black or white band or one that most definitely could not be mistaken as a fitness tracker.  I liked those, but... they just weren't stylish enough for me.

The Bebinca Smart Watch is the first smart watch that I absolutely love!  It is more my style, speed and to me, doesn't look too much like a smart watch or fitness tracker.  The only thing that may give it away as a smart watch is the solid black watch face, which by the way, is round!  The Bebinca Smart Watch tracks your blood pressure, heart rate, fitness level, steps, sleep pattern and more.  You can sync it with your cell phone and receive notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as view messages and missed or incoming calls.

This smart watch came with not one, but two bands.  I love a watch where I can change out the bands, but the one I'm wearing now, the rose gold band, will definitely be the one I wear the most.  The other band that came in the box was a light pink color.  The light pink band is more of a rubber type band, that is more of a traditional watch band.  The rose gold band is my favorite because I don't have to waste time feeding it through the loop and finding the right notch.  The rose gold band is magnetic, so it just slides easily around and automatically attaches where you want!

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect with the Bebinca Smart Watch:

  • 【Smart Reminder】New IP68 waterproof upgrade smart watch. Check the time and daily steps which includes distance, calorie counter, blood pressure, heart rate, and sleep data at a glance.Display the notification of the incoming call, message, and SNS from Social Media Software.Connected GPS use your smartphone GPS to see real-time pace and distance.

  • 【Accurate Health Monitor】24 hours of real-time accurate blood pressure , heart rate monitoring, comparable to medical equipment.Tell you real-time heart rate and blood pressure through your watch.Continuously your wrist based on step data to content to figure out the calorie burn. Night sleep monitoring records the quality of your daily sleep and records your sleep.

  • 【Full Touch Screen&Free Band】The 1.22-inch full touchscreen makes you more comfortable to use. You can switch between the three time style as you like.New silica gel band ergonomic convex design and soft strap which makes wearing more comfortable.Give away a free metal band,convenient replacement of the band can meet your more needs.

  • 【Portable Charging&APP Support】The product contains a portable USB charging base, smart watch can be conveniently and quickly to charged.Smart watch compatible with Android 4.4 or higher,IOS 8.0 or higher and above only for the smartphone.Please install the "Da Fit" app in your phone and device pairing.

  • 【One Year Warranty】 30 Days No Worry Return and 1 Year Warranty For Your Better Shopping Experience. If you have any problem with our product, just contact us. Our support team is ready to assist you in solving the problem you met.

You can grab your Bebinca Smart Watch at:

I am totally in love with my Bebinca Smart Watch!  Being that I have high blood pressure, I knew that this watch would become my favorite!  Now, I can easily keep track of my blood pressure, anytime...anywhere!

***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  REGARDLESS... all opinions expressed are 100% my own***