Saturday, September 20, 2014


If you've been keeping up with my posts, you know I'm all about saving and where ever I have to go to get them, that's what I do.  You can call me crazy or impulsive, but I have a habit of snapping photos of items I know have coupons and then list them in a notebook that I keep, with each store and price of each item. Yeah, crazy, but I will know what the cost of the item is and what kind of savings I can get with available coupons.

And, if you haven't checked out Dollar Tree yet, they now accept coupons as they DO carry name brand items.  One of the items that I scored Friday was Coffee Mate.  I had a Coffee Mate coupon that was $0.75 off of one, making the liquid Coffee Mate only $0.25!  I picked up two of these, as Dollar Tree only allows 2 printable coupons a day.  Therefore; 2 liquid Coffee Mate Hazelnut Creamers for only $0.25 each, totaling only $0.50 for both of them all together.

You can find the printable Coffee Mate Creamer coupon here: Coffee Mate Liquid Creamer

This is a Facebook offer and you will have to LIKE them to get the coupon.


Do we have any Cream of Wheat fans out there?  I can't tell you how long it's been since I've tried Cream of Wheat, but I will tell you, that after finding a coupon for this hot cereal, I will definitely be purchasing this at the Dollar Tree.  Now, keep in mind, not all Dollar Tree's carry the same brand nation wide, and will not always have it available, especially since more and more people are aware of these coupons and aware that Dollar Tree now accepts coupons.  Here is the deal I found.  Dollar Tree has the Cream of Wheat cereal and there is a coupon you can print (or order from an onlineCLIPPING SERVICE) that is $1.00/2.  This is like buying one and getting the other one free, or like purchasing the Cream of Wheat for only $0.50 each.  I CALL THIS A DEAL!  You can print the coupon here: Cream of Wheat

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