Monday, October 13, 2014

Getting in the Fall/Halloween Spirit

UPDATE:  Finally!  My wreath is finally done and now, I even created a Fall banner!  Just one more project to go and that is the PUMPKIN! But I think I will save that for tomorrow.  Below are my two projects that I have completed, and I still have extra burlap to use for future projects.

I seem to be a person who is late in getting into the holiday spirits, but now that I've got my pumpkin, cob webs, pallets, paint and burlap to make me a fall wreath, I think I'm getting there!

I started out by going to my local Wal-mart to see what I can find for my wire frame for a wreath.  Since I already had my mini pumpkins, Dollar Tree leaves and Pine cones, which i snagged while we were in Florida, I figured all I needed was some burlap.  Now, the leaves, pine cones and mini pumpkins, will no way cover my wire frame completely, that's why I decided the burlap will do the finishing touches.

Today will be spent on creating my fall wreath, which I hope to post here soon as well as getting my pumpkin decorated within the next day or two.

Oh, and did I mention...I decided to take a little ride through my small town of Kennett to see if I could score some pallets for my fall projects...SCORE!  I found two, a very small pallet and a regular size one, right behind our local newspaper office!

With all that I've got to work with, I think I will be busy for a while.

This is what I spent:

Burlap:  $3.47 - Walmart
4 bunches of Fake Fall flowers: $4.00 - Dollar Tree
Mini pumpkins: $4.00/8  (Farm patch)
Cobwebs: $2.00/2 pkgs - Dollar Tree
Pumpkin: $4.00 (Farm patch)
Wire Frame: $2.77 - Walmart
2 Pallets: FREE!
Total:  $18.24 plus tax

This is not too shabby considering this will make a wreath, decorations through out my yard, and a nice sign or two on the front porch!

Do you have a Fall/Halloween project you are working on?  I would love to hear it.  Comment or send me a picture of what your projects are.

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