Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Today's Frugal Tip

I had decided that it was time to take care of my squeaky back door once and for all!  That back door of mine has squeaked and made a very noticeable sound for about a year now, and I couldn't take it any longer!  

I kept thinking about buying some WD40, but didn't know how much that would cost and didn't want to buy something that was going to cost me more than finding something that would solve that problem, cheaper.

Low and behold...I got to thinking!  If WD40 is a lubricant and it coats door hinges and stops the squeaky noise...couldn't oil do the same thing?  I mean, oil is a lubricant and I always have cooking oil on hand, so I decided, why not, it couldn't hurt.

What I did, was poured a little oil in the cooking oil cap and dabbed my fingers in the oil and applied it to my door hinges.  Just to make sure I had it well coated, I carefully poured the remaining oil, from the cap, onto each hinge.  I WAS AMAZED!  Yes, I don't get excited over very many things, but I was so proud and surprised this little trick worked!  Who needs WD40 when you have cooking oil on hand?

Then I got to thinking...maybe this won't last long, maybe this will last for a day...maybe two days.  NOPE!  It is going on a week and two days and still, no squeaky doors!  The only thing is now...I can't hear anyone coming in the back door.  


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