Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What's For Dinner....

I don't get to cook dinner as often as I like to, because my dear husband cooks it almost as soon as he gets home from work (2:00ish).  Let me explain and redeem myself here.  My husband gets up around 3:15 am and gets ready to head out for work around 3:40 am.  He is a route driver for a vending company and rarely eats while on the job.  He may grab something to drink, but rarely grabs anything to eat, as he is busy loading and unloading boxes of chips, snacks and sodas.

By the time he gets home, he is starved.  He may grab something from the fridge to snack on while preparing dinner.  In my defense, I have told him that I would cook as soon as I got home (4:35pm), but he insists he cooks when he gets home, because he cannot wait until I get home, cook and then eat.  I love to cook and love to come up with new recipes and ideas, but it seems like the only time I get to do what I love, is on the weekends or on my days off (like today!).

So...I am going to be making Mackerel cakes or patties.  I have had these ever since I was little and still love them today.  It's been awhile since we've had Salmon patties, but here is MY take on them.


2 cans Mackerel
Cracker or breadcrumbs
1 egg, beaten
Salt, pepper & seasonings

I start off by removing the little bones from the mackerel (they're not the type of sharp bones you find in catfish, they are more delicate).  Next, add your beaten egg and mix with your hands.  Don't be afraid to get a little messy!  I then add my salt, pepper and lemon pepper (you can add any seasoning here, just to get rid of the fish taste) and enough crushed crackers or breadcrumbs to hold the mixture together and I coat each side with flour.  This will give it a little outside crunch.

If you like onions, you can add some minced or chopped onions to your Mackerel, just make sure you don't cook the patties too long to where the onions end up blackened or burned.

I add enough oil to my iron skillet or non stick pan, just to cover the bottom and fry on medium heat.  Cook approximately 2-3 minutes on each side, or to the way you like them.  I tend to like my patty cakes more on the "less cooked side".  If you like your blackened and well done, go for it, but beware if you add onions, as they will make your whole patty taste crispy and burned and not to enjoyable to eat.

I can actually eat the Mackerel straight from the can, but that's another story.

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