Thursday, January 29, 2015

Teodora Nourishing Body Polish Review

I can say, that I've never used anything besides soap or body wash when taking a bath or shower.  I usually tend to stay away from soap, as I don't like the drying effects from it. That is why I was happy that I was chosen to try out Teadora Nourishing Body Polish by Teadora Beauty.

Teadora Body Polish comes in two different scents...Rainforest at Dawn and Rainforest at Dusk. 
 Rainforest at Dawn

Rainforest at Dawn has an earthy, bright and sparkly citrusy burst of lemon and bergamont, mixed with fresh florals, basil, woods and eucalyptus...perfect for waking up in the morning.

Rainforest at Dusk has a smooth floral scent that is sexy and has hints of Rose Absolute and Geranium blend, with a little orange and coconut to relax and sooth you after a long day at work.  This is perfect for unwinding at night and gives you a relaxing twilight in the forest.

Rainforest at Dusk

Here are a few suggestions, by Teodora, for using this body polish:

 • We recommend you use the polish no more than two to three times a week to get rid of dead skin, ingrowns, or imperfections without over-exfoliating.
• For stronger exfoliation, rub two to three squirts of polish in the area you want to exfoliate prior to turning on the water.
• Leave it on your skin for a minute or two while you focus on other areas of your body.
• Turn on the shower and rinse if off.
• Repeat with water running for more sensitive areas.

You can also use this, just like a body wash.  The scent that I had chosen, Rainforest at Dusk, has a very inviting and mellow scent, that has a subtle relaxing note to it.  It left my skin feeling soft and removed any dry skin I may had have.  

The body polish has Acai' seeds and Amazonian White Clay, which are two ingredients that help remove dry skin and give your skin that polished look.  I suggest if you want glowing healthy looking skin, you MUST try these Teodora Nourishing Body Polishes!  They have a wonderful smell and give great results.  It's like having your own home spa treatment! 

You can find out more about Teodora and their beauty products at: Teodora Beauty.
You can also find this Nourishing Body Scrub at: Amazon-Rainforest at Dawn and Amazon-Rainforest at Dusk. Each tube is 6 oz. and range from $31.75  to $34.00 on Amazon.

** I have received this product, free, in exchange for an honest review.  Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own and only recommend products that I believe would interest my readers.

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