Thursday, February 19, 2015

Jiva USDA Organic Moong Dal Yellow (2lb) Review

I had never heard of Jiva or the Moong Dal Yellow, but knew after reading that it was Vegan free, organic and could be used in Indian dishes, I wanted to give this product a try.  I am thankful that Simply Beautiful gave me the opportunity to try this unique and different product.

Jiva USDA Organic Moong Dal Yellow is a dry lentil that is split in half and dehusked, making the cooking time quicker than most lentils.  It has a sweet flavor with a soft texture, making it perfect for cooking not only Indian dishes, but other dishes, in less time.  This dry lentil, that is split and dehusked, absorbs any spices, readily and quickly.  

Jiva USDA Organic Moong Dal Yellow is easily digestible and as the name states, is Organic as well as non-GMO, vegan and a Certified USDA product.  Anyone looking for a vegan product, this is it.  This is a 2lb bag with approximately 20 servings, so this 2lb bag will last quite some time.

Some of the uses for the Moong Dal Yellow are:
1.  Can be used in porridge
2.  pressure cooked with chopped onions, tomatoes, garlic and chilies.
3.  soups and purees, since the yellow doesn't hold shape well.

 Moong Dal Yellow is a good source of fiber and protein.  It is low in fat and contains rich B complex vitamins, potassium and calcium, making this a perfect staple for any diet. You will want to store this Jiva USDA Organic Moong Dal Yellow in an airtight container in a dry dark place.

I love this Moong Dal Yellow just the way it is...but with just one or maybe two additional items added to it.  It makes the perfect meal and fills you up, due to the protein and fiber in this product.

If you want to try Jiva Organics Moong Dal Yellow, you can head on over and grab your 2lb bag, at Amazon, for only $9.99.

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