Monday, February 9, 2015

Thermo Dish Review

A gal can never have too many bowls and storage dishes in her kitchen, for me at least!  What better way to store hot and cold food, then in this 6 piece set of Thermo Dishes!  I was thrilled when I was approved to test and review these dishes, as it's not every day I have thermo dishes in my kitchen.

It seems like every time I cook food and try to keep the food warm while the rest of my dinner is cooking, something gets cold and then I have to reheat it.  This Thermo Dish set solves that!  No more lukewarm food for me!

The set I received was the white with red and is by the company, Pinnacle.  The set comes with a 0.5 qt container with lid, 1 qt container with lid and 2.5 qt dish with lid.  Colors that were available were Purple, Red and Turquoise.

First, when I received my set, I washed them with sudsy water.  These dishes are NOT dishwasher or microwave safe, therefore, you will have to wash them by hand.  To me, that didn't bother me.  They are very easy to clean, with no fuss.  

Next, before you store your hot or cold food in these dishes, it is recommended that you fill the dishes up with hot or cold water and let set for at least 5 minutes.  This is suppose to activate the thermo ability.

I tested these this past weekend and followed the above instructions.  I then made some potato salad and wanted to keep it warm.  After about 2 hours, the potato salad was still warm and did not get cold.  I was impressed.  These dishes, when following instructions for first use, is said to keep your food warm or cold for 4-6 hours.

The lids lock, to keep food fresh and safe from spilling and makes it easy for transporting to school, picnics, family gatherings and more.  It is recommended that when transporting, you want to make sure that the dishes are sitting upright and not on it's side.

Dishes are made with an inner stainless steel construction (hence, not microwave safe) and has a polyurethane insulation with locking lids. You can grab your own set of these Thermo dishes at Amazon . This Thermo 6 piece dish set retails for $61.45, but is on sale at Amazon for $38.99.  

***I received this product, free, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are ALWAYS 100% my own.  Regardless, I only recommend products that I would use myself and that I believe would be of interest to my readers. 

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