Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Luxe Home Essential Microfiber Kitchen Towels Review

Let me tell you, it's so hard to find a good kitchen towel, especially one that will wipe up and absorb excess water around the sink and counter tops!  I have went through many kitchen towels, only to have to grab an extra one to finish the job.

That is not the case with these Luxe Home Essential Microfiber Kitchen Towels! I am so in love with these towels... I know,  kind of lame, but I am!  These towels are awesome, and I'm not just saying that!  I will admit, the first time I used one of these microfiber towels, I used it on my vehicle after it was washed.  These Microfiber towels wiped up and absorbed, every little bit of water....using only ONE towel!

I have not used them in my kitchen yet, but I am saving one for my kitchen and the other two for my vehicles.  My husband even stated, "Do you want me to keep these out here for the car or do you want to wash them and save them for the car?"  WHAT!!! Of course, he instantly seen how well these towels handled while drying our vehicles.  It's not very often my husband compliments or even mentions how much he loves a product.

These microfiber towels are 15 x 26 inches in size and came in a 3 pack package.  They are extremely durable, yet gentle on counter tops and dishes.  They outperform cotton towels by a landslide and can hold 10 times it's weight in water.  Stop wasting money on paper towels, that never last til the end of the week.  Stop wasting dish towel after dish towel, mopping up excess water.

I'm telling ya, these are the best towels I've ever used and I plan on purchasing more, for my kitchen alone!  Sorry, hubby...you're limited to your 2 towels for vehicles!

If you want to experience the awesomness of these towels, you can visit Luxe Home Essential's Amazon page and get yours today.  A three pack package will run you $15.97.  They are well worth the price! 

***I received the above product, free, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.  Regardless, I only recommend products I personally use myself.

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