Saturday, March 28, 2015

Main Line 2.5% Retinol with FREE Cosmetic Bag Review

I've tried several retinol products, but this Main Line 2.5% Retinol cream is one of those that has little, if any, scent.  Most creams are white and the texture looks very creamy or almost solid, but Main Line's 2.5% Retinol cream has a slight yellowish tint to it (which does not in the least bother me) and LOOKS as if it has some sort of texture to it, even when it doesn't

When I apply the the retinol cream, it goes on very smoothly and feels creamy.  Let me tell you, a little goes a long way!  When I first tried this, I scooped up a finger full...DO NOT DO THIS!  It took a while for me to work it into my face, before the cream was no longer visible on my face.

A small amount at a time is all that is needed.  It is recommended, that if you use a serum, to apply the serum first, allow to dry and then apply the Main Line 2.5% Retinol Cream.  Allow the Main Line 2.5% Retinol cream to absorb into the skin and dry before applying foundation and makeup.
2.5% retinol cream is best when applied at night.  This allows the cream to boost collagen and reduce those fine lines.  You can also use it in the morning, like I do, as a moisturizer before makeup.

The 2.5% retinol cream is a perfect solution for tightening pores and improving skin tone.  This little jar is packed with a powerful cocktail of antioxidants combined with Vitamin A, that works with skin's cells to act like younger cells.  

AND.....what I really love, is that it comes with a pink travel bag!  The bag is so cute, so functional and can carry many of your skin care products!  Main Line is also offering a coupon code for 20% off the retail price of this jar of retinol cream (and the bag).  
When you are ready to checkout, you can use the coupons code:  BAGWRETI

If you want to try the Main Line 2.5% Retinol Cream AND get a FREE Travel Cosmetic Bag (It's PINK), you can head on over to their Amazon page and order yours today.  DON'T FORGET TO APPLY THE COUPON CODE!

***I received the above product, in exchange, for an honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.  Regardless, I only recommend products I personally use myself. 

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