Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fogless Mirror and Razor Hook by Cassani Review

If you are one who shaves in front of the bathroom mirror (I'm sure this is mostly men), or just stepped out of the shower, only to look into your bathroom mirror to find it fogged up from all the steam, then this mirror may just be for you.

Cassani has a fogless mirror, that also comes with a stainless steel razor hook, that you can attach to your bathroom wall.  The mirror and the razor hook has self adhesive tabs, that allow easy installation, anywhere in your bathroom.

What I love about the Cassani fogless mirror, is that it's so simple looking, but yet does not clash with our bathroom decor.  The razor hook is perfect!  It holds my husband's razor in place and it can be adjusted to fit just about any razor.  What I did, was that the razor hook allowed my husband's razor fit loosely, allowing it to sometimes dangle sideways or almost fall out of the hook.  I just put my thumb under the hook, raised the prongs up a bit and squeezed here and there...just a tad wee bit, and now my husband's razor fits nicely in the hook.

The mirror has a modern design, infused with Cassani's Anti Fog Nanotechnology, to repel fog.  The mirror has added width and height to match the shape of your face and neckline, making the best use of space in any shower.

If you would like to experience a pleasant mirror experience, without all the fog and steaming of your bathroom mirror, you have to check out Cassani's Fogless Mirror with Razor Hook.  It is the Highest Rated Shower Mirror for Shaving.  Check it out at Cassani's Fogless Mirror Amazon page. 

***I received the above product for testing purposes, in exchange, for an honest and unbiased review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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