Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tech & Pro Battery Operated Callus Remover Review

I have always wanted one of these callus removers, but had never invested in one.  I was happy to have gotten the opportunity to test and review this wonderful product.  The Tech & Pro Battery Operated Callus Remover is very easy to use.  First of all, I love the pink color!  Second, the Callus Remover comes with an additional replacement roller, so if the first one wears out, you have another one to replace it.

The Tech & Pro Battery Operated Callus Remover requires 2 AA batteries, which do NOT come with the remover...bummer!  But, luckily I had two batteries on hand, which doesn't happen very often.  The Callus Remover does what it says, it removes dead skin and smooths away the calluses.  It's perfect for both men and women as well as boys and girls.

The battery operated callus remover is:

*Saves time and effort
*Water Proof
*Easy to clean - just run under running water
*Safer and more effective than metal scrapers
*Rollers spins 360 degrees for fast results
*Stylish design
*Safe & Fast
*Smooth and Silky feet in seconds 

You can take the Tech & Pro Callus Remover anywhere you go.  It's portable, light and can fit in any purse or bag.  I used this for the first time, last night, and loved how it just removes the dead skin from the bottom of my feet.  The rollers were not uncomfortable, and actually felt pretty good going over my feet!  

You can grab your own portable Tech & Pro Battery Operated Callus Remover by visiting their Amazon page.  It retails for $23.95.

***I received this product, free, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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