Tuesday, May 26, 2015

ESK Collection 100% Cotton Dust Mite and Allergen Standard Pillow Covers

Most of us have normal pillow covers or cases on our favorite pillows.  Not only are the pillows that we sleep on very important for a good night's sleep, but having the right pillow case cover is essential as well, especially if you have allergies to dust, pet dander, etc.

This set of two Allergen Control Pillow covers, that I received from Lily's Wineware from Amazon, are ESK Collection.  They fit the standard pillows, size 27" x 21" and protects your pillows from dust and allergens. They are 100% cotton and come in a ziplock bag.  They are waterproof and protects against spills, fluids, perspiration and saliva.

The ESK Collectioin 100% Cotton Dust Mite and Allergen Standard Pillow Covers maintain their performance and efficiency, when washed in water up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.  They have a Lifetime Warranty, therefore, ensuring that you will get the most from these Allergen Control Pillow Covers.

These pillow covers are very soft and fit my pillows. I have standard size pillows, so these covers were not hard at all to slip right onto my pillows. I actually like these, better, than the pillow cases I've been sleeping on.  I have three small dogs that sleep with us, so having these Allergen Control pillow covers are a must!

What's also best about these pillow covers, is that they protect your most expensive pillows.  If you have a pillow, like a lot of people do, that is your favorite, but wasn't exactly cheap, you will want to protect that pillow from any stains.  There's nothing like pulling a pillow case off your pillow to wash it, only to find that your favorite pillow has either perspiration stain or other stains.

These ESK Collection Pillow Covers have a zipper, that is not very noticeable and somewhat hidden.  I love this feature, as I know the cover will not slip off or twist while sleeping on it. They are very soft, comfortable and easy to wash.  

If you have allergies and want to control dust, allergens and protect your favorite pillow from the unknown stains, you must invest in this ESK Collection 100% Cotton Dust Mite and Allergen Standard Pillow Covers.  Visit Lily's Wineware on Amazon to get yours today.  These covers come in a 2 pack and are priced at only $22.99.

*** I received the above product, free, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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