Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Four Baby Bandana Drooling Bibs With Pacifier Clip Review

Ok, we all know when you have a baby or toddler, you have to keep them stylin'!  Your baby represents you and you represent your baby.  I can't tell you, how much fun it was, to dress my son when he was a baby....matching outfits, bibs that matched his onesie, shoes that get my drift.

Well, these Baby Drooling Bibs are so darn cute!  They are different than any bibs I've seen and they come in a 4 pack, which also includes a Pacifier Clip!  How cool is that!  These cute little bibs are made to look like bandanas, thanks to Savvy Baby.  They have two snaps at the ends, that easily snaps the bib in place.  The material is so soft, that I couldn't believe how soft they actually were.

The Drooling Bibs are very well made, the stitching on these four bibs were excellent.  Each one of these bibs are made with material and a design, that is perfect for a little girl or a little boy.  I'm sure, if your little one is old enough, they would love these bibs!

These four bibs come in these designs: Red/White Chevron, Black with White Polka Dots, Yellow/White triangular pattern and Gray with White looking arrows.  The pacifier clip is red with white polka dots on one side and a gray and white Chevron on the other.  The clip fastens to either the bib or can be attached to the baby's clothing.

Company's Statement about the bibs: 
- Made of 100% highly absorbent cotton with a soft comfy fleece backing 
- Nickel-free snaps made to adjust to your baby's size (no itchy velcro or plastic) 
- Trendy & stylish design that complements any outfit 
- Functional bandana design doesn't lay flat like many other drool bibs 
- Bandana shape allows the drool to catch on the bib while keep the baby's arms free to move around 
- The perfect solution for drooling and teething babies! 
- Pacifier clip can be use to keep your pacifier clean and dry OR used as a teething ring holder!

You can keep your baby stylin' in these #savvybaby Drooling Bibs, as well as the stylish pacifier clip, by visiting Savvy Baby's Amazon page.  

*** I received this product for testing purposes, free, in exchange for an honest review.   All opinions are 100% my own.

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