Friday, May 22, 2015

Health Gurus Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Review

For those with high blood pressure, like me, it's very important to keep check on this vital issue.  Although some of us take blood pressure medicine to keep our blood pressure under control, there are still times when your blood pressure will elevate.  This is why you need a blood pressure monitor to keep it in check.

Thanks to Greater Goods, I was thrilled to have received this Upper Arm blood pressure monitor.  The upper arm blood pressure monitor is said to be more accurate, than those that fit around the wrists, mainly because the upper arm is closer to your heart.  

I have tried the wrists blood pressure monitors before and it seemed my blood pressure was more normal than if I went to the doctor to have it taken.  Sometimes the wrists blood pressure monitors, if not worn correctly, would give off an incorrect reading, but there were times, when the wrists monitors actually were correct.  I'm not downing the wrists version of the monitors, because I've used them and there were many times it read correctly, but I'm just saying, after using the Health Gurus Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, my readings were more accurate and seemed to be consistent with what my blood pressure normally runs.

The Health Gurus Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is easy to read due to the backlit LCD display.  It has an irregular heart beat detector, a function for 2 users, records up to 120 readings in memory and the cuff is a one-size, fits all.  I love the display, as the numbers are large, for easier reading and it sits perfectly, anywhere.  The cuff is made just like most doctors blood pressure wraps around your arms and held by velcro.  All you have to do, is push the start button and the monitor begins to pump up and give you your readings.  It's that simple.

Another great thing I love about this monitor, is that it comes with it's own storage bag.  I absolutely love having a storage bag for this monitor, that way, I can take this blood pressure monitor anywhere with me, making it easier to find and keep up with.  The Health Gurus Upper Arm Blood Pressure monitor bag is just the right size for both cuff and monitor!

You can get all this, shown above, by visiting Greater Goods Amazon page, where you can pick up your own Health Gurus Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor.

***I received the above product, free, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are ALWAYS 100% my own.

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