Monday, May 25, 2015

Sue Sport Pink Microfiber Towel Review

This convenient microfiber towel is by Sue Sport and is approximately 60 x 30 inches...perfect for laying out on the beach or toweling off after an intense workout.  The Sue Sport Microfiber towel is very lightweight, doesn't take up much room and can be carried anywhere in the mesh bag that comes with it.

It is 100% Microfiber, that quickly absorbs excess sweat and water.  It is treated with an Antibacterial agent, to help  prevent mold and mildew and extends the life of the microfiber towel

I have used this towel three times, and each time I've used it, I was pleased with how quickly it dries up, not only water around my sink, but the perspiration after being out in the humid and hot sun.  I've also used this to wipe off my washed vehicle.  This towel is perfect for drying off your washed vehicle, without leaving any lint behind.

The Sue Sport Microfiber Towel absorbs three times it's weight, making it a perfect kitchen and car companion.  I love not only how thin and lightweight this towel is, but how efficient it works!

You can grab your XLarge Sue Sport Microfiber Towel at Amazon.  The Microfiber towel is sold by Lily's Wineware and is light pink in color.  The towel's list price on Amazon is $29.99, but is on sale, now, for only $15.99.  

Get your own 100% Sue Sport Microfiber Towel before they are no longer available at this discounted price!

***I received the above product, free, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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