Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#Allprovide Dog Food

Anytime I can try a new dog food at a discount, or in this case, in exchange for my honest opinion, I never pass it up.  The dog food shown below, is by Allprovide.  Allprovide dog food is a natural dog food that can be given to your dog, raw or cooked in the microwave in it's microwave packages.  Allprovide has several flavors: chicken, turkey and beef and all of Allprovide's dog raw natural dog food is gluten, soy and grain free...a healthier food for your dog.

The dog food comes frozen and should be refrigerated once received.  Allprovide uses only USDA select grade meats and USDA grade A poultry.  If your dog does not like raw food, you can heat this up in the microwave.  It's recommended to mix a little of this food into their regular dog food, just to get them used to eating the raw dog food.  These USDA select meats and grade A Poultry are combined and mixed with wholesome fresh veggies and natural ingredients.

Now, I was kind of leery about giving my dogs raw food.  They have always had either canned dog food or dry dog food and sometimes, depending on what we had for supper, a little bit of it.  I split a package of the raw Allprovide food between my three dogs, just to see if they liked it and would eat it.  My pug, had no problem with eating the food the first time. My other two dogs, which are a Dorkie mix, would not eat it.  The youngest kind of sniffed at it, took a taste, but just wouldn't touch it.  

I'm not saying that this dog food is not good for your dogs and that it taste's bad, because I'm sure not going to try it myself!  I do have picky eaters, one in particular. Some dogs may like the raw food where other dogs may not.  I can only tell you the experience I had with my dogs.  My dogs are not only picky about new foods, but they are picky about certain types of food, which I found they will not eat.

Allprovide dog food is said to be safe for your dogs and is a healthier alternative to dog foods that have a lot of unknown ingredients and preservatives.  

You can try out Allprovide dog food, by going HERE.

You can also check out their products on Amazon.

***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest opinion.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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