Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cozyna Coffee Grinder

I am a big coffee drinker.  That may be an understatement, but I do love my coffee, morning, noon and even at night.  There's nothing better, than having a fresh cup of coffee made from coffee beans.  Normally, I purchase the ground coffee at my local grocery store, only because it's convenient and saves less time.

But when I get the chance, I do love to grind up my own coffee beans.  The aroma from the fresh beans is like nothing else.  So rich and aromatic...ahhh!  To make grinding the coffee beans easier, I had the chance to try out the Cozyna Coffee Grinder.  The Cozyna Coffee Grinder has a sleek and shiny metal look, perfect accessory to my kitchen.  It's a very simple looking gadget that is easy to operate.  The handle comes unattached, so when you get ready to grind up your coffee, just attach the handle to the grinder.

The Cozyna Coffee Grinder is very durable as it's made with a high stainless steel body.  It has an adjustable grind size, meaning, you don't have to unscrew the whole grinder just to adjust the size.  The grinder is good for one cup of coffee.  Turn the handle clockwise or counterclockwise to get the perfect grind for espresso, drip, french press, cold drip and more.

The Cozyna Grinder is portable so you can take this on trips, such as camping or vacations. It's a handy little gadget to have with you all times, especially if you are a coffee drinker like I am.  Nothing beats a great cup of coffee than the cup derived from fresh ground beans that you've grounded yourself.

***I received the above item, free, in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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