Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Persun Tassel Suede Waistcoat Open Front Vest Cardigan

Fall is just around the corner and with Fall, there comes cooler weather, bonfires and not-so-summer type clothes.  I love Fall because it's the season where I get to dress a little warmer, where I get to pull out my boots and where Fall type clothes.  With Fall, I associate my clothing with browns, tans, blacks and any earthy colors.  I love cardigans and of any type!

This cute and fashionable cardigan, shown below, comes from Persun on Amazon.  It is 100% polyester (yes, it looks like suede!) It is very lightweight, which I love, which makes it easier to layer it with a cotton or polyester shirt (black or white would be perfect!)  I can see myself wearing this with a pair of jeans, black shirt underneath the cardigan and pairing in off with my brown knee high boots.

The Persun Open Front Vest Cardigan has tassels that hang from the waist, on down past the hips.  It's open front, and is faux suede.  I'm not too big on whether something is faux or real, as long as it's cute, fashionable and I love how it looks, I'm all for it.  The Persun Tassel Faux Suede Open Front Cardigan has a detailed braided stitching around the collar and chest area, giving this cardigan that extra touch.

When it comes to choosing a size, this cardigan by Persun, is considered a free size...meaning, it does not have a specific size, but will fit most with a bust size of up to 37.8" with a length of 32.7 inches.  Now, this is not a One Size Fits All by no means, but I normally wear a large in a blouse, jacket, etc. and this fits perfect.  It's soft to the touch and has many many free flowing tassels.  LOVE IT!  The cardigan also comes in black.

***I received a complimentary cardigan, in exchange, for my honest opinion and review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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