Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cozy Greens® Baby Car Mirror - BONUS: Cleaning Cloth and Travelling with Kids eBook

Our baby's are our pride and joy.  We always want to keep out little one's safe and we always want to have them in our view at all times...even when travelling.  Constantly looking back at our precious cargo, while driving, can be dangerous.  Not only do we need to keep our eyes on the road while driving, but we also want to make sure our children are doing okay, while in the back seat of a vehicle.

Cozy Greens has come out with this Baby Car Mirror, that makes it easier to check on our children, while driving.  No more turning around to check the backseat.  All we have to do now is glance in the rear view mirror and we can see that our little ones are doing just fine.  

Cozy Greens Baby Car Mirror has been crash tested and certified, to bring the best baby car mirror available.  The mirror has a shatter proof safety surface and will give us parents, the piece of mind if there is ever a car accident.  

The Cozy Greens Baby Car Mirror has the Super Secure Strap System (just like their baby car organizer) so there is no assembly required.  All you have to do is mount the mirror onto your headrest.  It's stable, safe and will stay in place, allowing you to see the full view of your rear facing little one.  All of Cozy Greens products come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE as well as a LIFETIME MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.  This is one super advantage you get when purchasing Cozy Greens products.  You can rest assured, that you are getting, not only the best, but tested products out there.  

The Cozy Green Baby Mirror has a Crystal Clear due to it's Crystal Clear Convex Shaped mirror.  You can feel confident that you will always have a clear view of your little one.  The Cozy Green Baby Car Mirror has a rotating ball that allows the mirror to be moved in a 360 degree angle, giving you the best view of your baby.  You can rotate the mirror, to the desired angle.  And, if you are worried about your mirror ever getting smudged or dusty, Cozy Greens has you covered there as well.  With the purchase of this Baby Car Mirror, you will also receive a cleaning cloth that will remove dust, dirt and fingerprints.

  • A PORTION OF PROFITS GO TO CHARITY. As a company, it is our mission to create love and happiness in the lives of all that we touch. That is why we donate a portion of proceeds from each baby mirror purchase to Child's Life Chances for Children Charity. By choosing to purchase a Cozy Greens back seat mirror for your vehicle, not only are you getting an amazing product at a price you can afford, but you are also helping improve the quality of life for other children.

This is a pretty good size mirror, outside dimensions are 9.5"wide x 7"H and the actual mirror is about 8.5"w x 6"h.  The mirror has a protective film over it, that can be peeled off when ready to use.  

***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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