Friday, October 9, 2015

Cozy Greens® Backseat Car Organizer - A Must Have For Traveling with Kids and Toys

How many times have we traveled on long trips, or even short trips, only to have toys, sippy cups and other kids accessories making a home in the backseat of our vehicles?  If you have more than one person in the backseat with a child, the sitting area can become quite messy and crowded.  You're going to need something to organize all your little one's traveling needs.

Cozy Greens has come up with this neat little car organizer.  It is a MUST HAVE when traveling with kids, to keep things in one place, when not in use.  The Cozy Greens Backseat Car Organizer declutters your backseat area and helps everyone stay sane.  It has a detachable pocket for grab and go convenience as well as a stretchable jumbo size compartment to hold anything that needs stored.  Most, if not all, of the pockets on this organizer is stretchable such as the Stretch N Store Bottle Holder.

Worried about the durability of this Cozy Greens Backseat Car Organizer?  No need.  The Cozy Greens Backseat Car Organizer is built tough.  Cozy Greens know that there will be many times, kids will kick the backseat, whether out of boredom or just by accident.  The Cozy Greens Car Organizer has been hand crafted out of premium REACH certified materials, ensuring, that your backseat car organizer will last through many kicks.  

Installation is a snap with the Cozy Green Backseat Organizer.  All you have to do is slip the Secure Strap over the seat and around your headrest.  The organizer fits most vehicles and has a LIFETIME MONEY-BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!  Cozy Greens has you covered in more ways then one when purchasing any of their products.  This would make the perfect gift for someone or a MUST HAVE for you!  If you have kids, then you will definitely want to grab one or two of these for your vehicle!

***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest review.  All opinions expressed are solely my own.

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