Monday, October 12, 2015

Godagoda Women Multilayer Weave Wrap Link Leather Bracelet Quartz Wrist Watch

Hello and welcome again to my addiction of watches!  Like I've mentioned before, I just can't get enough watches (is there a meeting for watch addiction?) Silver, gold, multi-tone, rhinestone and multi-layer...these are all my favorite things I look for in a watch.  Now, these don't all have to appear all at once in the same watch, but I do love a watch that is different...not something that everyone else owns.

This beautiful and cool watch shown below, is sold by hellocrafts on Amazon.  It is the Godagoda Women Multi-layer Weave Wrap Quartz Watch that has a thin chain link attached to it.  It is a turquoise blue colored watch that has three snaps at the end, allowing for easy adjustments to your wrist.  

The watch is made from alloy and PU Leather and has a braided look to it.  It fits perfectly around my wrist, without being too snug or tight and I can place the chain anywhere I like. Sometimes I may want it wrapped in between the braided leather strap and sometimes I may just want it overlapping the straps.  

As with any watch sold by hellocrafts on Amazon, these watches are very inexpensive.  You can't get a watch from your local boutique or Wal-Mart for this price!  Prices may vary from time to time, but right now, this watch is priced at only $0.97!  How CRAZY is that?!! Shipping will only cost you $2.99 (unless you have Prime) and even after shipping cost, it's still less than anywhere else!

This truly is a cool looking watch in person, and I wouldn't mind having another in a different color!

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