Wednesday, November 25, 2015

EZ #Scarf Hanger with Swivel Hook - White

How many of us have scarves? How many of us have scarves that are either bundled up in a drawer, stacked up in a pile on a shelf in our closet or just hanging around?  If you're like me, when the colder weather starts to hit and it's time to bundle up, I start looking for my scarves.  Scarves are that finishing touch to an outfit, whether it's for work or school or just to keep warm when battling the cold weather.  I hate having to look my scarves.  They normally rest on a shelf, in my closet, piled up.  I'm the type of person that likes to see each individual scarf, hanging up, where I can easily grab what I'm looking for.

I was thrilled when Cascadia Innovations, from Amazon, gave me the opportunity to review this wonderful EZ Scarf Hanger.  It is white in color and has a swivel hook for easy access.  It consists of 28 large rings to hold your scarves, without the messy pile that can build up on your shelves.  This is a very durable and strong scarf holder.  Although it has 28 rings, it can actually store up to 30 scarves.  You don't have to worry about snagging your scarf because this hanger has no sharp or rough edges.  The hanger is made of rattan, so your scarves will easily slide through the rings.

Now, don't think that this hanger is just a scarf hanger and just for scarves. can hang your ties on this hanger as well!  This hanger is like a multi-purpose hanger.  It can be used for scarves, ties and anything else you can think of.  Just like scarves, men can hang their ties on this hanger, easy to access, without going to a drawer to find that certain tie.  This hanger does not take up much room.  It is a space saving tool that you must have.  Just hang this on a rod in your closet or hang on the back of a closet door.  

Cascadia Innovations has a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  If for ANY reason you are not happy (but I'm sure you will totally love this), just return it for a full refund.  BUT...Cascadia Innovations is also throwing in a BONUS.  The Exclusive EZ Scarf Tying Guide.  This Tying Guide will come to you in a PDF ebook...not a brochure, and will be sent to you, by email, 24 hours after you order. It contains 20 tying styles, to help with creating different ties you may not even thought of.  It takes the guess work out of figuring this out yourself.

***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for an honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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