Thursday, December 3, 2015

Great Taste No Pain Health System Book

It's not very often a book catches my attention, unless it's an author I absolute love.
An author that writes books about self help, spirituality or anything in that nature.  The book below caught my attention, because the issues she discusses is one that I am all too familiar with.  Now, my issues doesn't run as deep or serious as hers did ( I say did, because she no longer has these issues), but digestion problems have always seem to be a problem with me, when I eat the wrong foods.

In this book, "Great Taste No Pain", Sherry Brescia discusses some of the issues many of us have with food and digestion.  She explains, that you don't have to give up food you love, but combine certain foods with others, to help in digestion.  Gas, bloating, constipation and heartburn is contributed by not combining foods properly.  She explains in her book how she had severe problems with digestion and stomach problems, until she visited a Holistic doctor who showed her the ways to help combat this problem.

"Great Taste No Pain" does not expect you to eliminate whole food groups, count calories or even rely on meal replacement bars or shakes or even severely restrict portion sizes.  The "Great Taste No Pain" does not require special foods or meal supplements, but instead, shows you how to use the food you already buy and combine them properly for easier digestion.  The book contains many great recipes, easy to prepare at home.  

There are 5 key Principles mentioned in this book:

1.  Proper Food Combining Basics
2.  Eating Fruit Correctly
3.  Avoiding Processed Food and Fast Food
4.  How To Choose Carbs and Fats Wisely
5.  Maintain a Healthy Ph.

You get a book full of recipes, as well as a better understanding how nutrition affects your health.  You get detailed explanation on how your body breaks down the food you eat and why sometimes, some of the foods you are eating now, may cause issues with digestion and your health.  If you think this book is about diet, you are wrong.  Some of the recipes you will find in this book are: Best Brownies Ever, Black Magic Cake, Zucchini Bread, Feta and Tomato Shrimp Scampi plus tons of other great tasting recipes.

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***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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