Friday, December 11, 2015

Wojo #Holiday Gift Set

I used to be a big fan of Crystal light (or an off brand), the powdered flavor you add to water. I used to drink it all the time, every day.  I stopped drinking the powdered drink because of the artificial sweeteners.  Some of the drinks just became to sweet for me and I wanted to add something more natural to my water.  

It wasn't until just week, that I stumbled upon Wojo.  Wojo is free of all the artificial sweeteners and sugar.  It adds no color to your water as well as no flavor.  It's gluten and vegan free and is the perfect drink for me.  Wojo has three formulas...Energy, Focus and Calm.  All three are these are something I need in my every day, sometime stressful life. The drinks come in a cute little gift box, perfect for the holiday giving.  There are 5 small plastic vials that come in each box.  

It is recommended not to use more than two vials a day.  All you have to do is add to 4-8 oz of liquid, mix or shake well and enjoy.  I really love these little Wojo drinks.  I can enjoy my water without all that sweetness and color and I don't have to worry about any artificial sweeteners.  

Here is what you can expect in the three formulas:

ENERGY: Schisandra, Ginseng, Taurine
FOCUS:   Ginkgo Biloba, Green Tea, Ginseng
CALM:      L-Theanine, Ginseng, Rhodiola

Also, $2 for every box sold, will go towards CASA (R) Association, which has been advocating for abused and neglected children since 1977!

You can purchase your dietary supplement Wojo at

***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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