Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fashion Land Mens Winter Wool Cozy Stripes Long Warm Neck #Scarf - #Men'sScarf

You've probably seen me post many scarves for ladies, lately.  Well, what about scarves for men?  Guys...I didn't leave you out!  The scarf, shown below, is a stripe scarf for men.  This scarf is perfect for those who are running out to business meets, going to work or just on those chilly morning while you're out.  The Fashion Land Men's Winter Wool Cozy Stripe Scarf is a fashion accessory every guy should have.  It's ultra soft, warm and thick...although not too thick.

It is beautifully well made and has a little weight to it.  I can tell by holding it, that it's of very high quality and feels great in the hands (not to mention the feel around the neck!)  The Fashion Land Men's Wool Scarf is 30% Australian wool, golden ration blend that has no pilling, fading or deformation.  It features a more "guy" design, featuring an elegant stripe pattern and a scarf that you can wear many ways.

With this scarf being made of wool, it's best to have the scarf dry cleaned or hand washed, no twisting and ironed on a medium heat setting. Size of the scarf is approx. 70 x 11 inches and weights 8.8oz.  This truly has a nice soft feel to it.  It's not scratchy at all!  The scarf is a dark blue color with deep red, gray/white stripes.  Great combination in a man's scarf.  I love the ends of the scarf, like it's almost a hemline and not the tassel or frayed look.  Very elegant, very classy and very stylish!

Valentine's Day is coming soon, just over a week away, and what perfect gift to give your significant other, than a nice, high quality scarf that feels awesome!


***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.   All opinions are 100% and solely my own.

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