Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Luvdbaby Organic Un-Dyed Cotton Swaddling Blanket

OH MY GOSH!  What can I say about this Organic Un-Dyed Swaddling Blanket!  This has got to be one of the softest, plush, baby swaddling blanket robe ever!  After trying several of Luvdbaby's items, this has got to be my favorite! I can't explain how soft and plush and fluffy this swaddling blanket is.  The white cotton on the inside feels heavenly.  It's like ultra soft cotton that feels amazing and ultra thick, perfect for keeping your baby not only comfy, but warm.

This swaddling blanket by Luvdbaby comes with a cute little tie belt, to fasten around the blanket.  At each end of the tie belt, has a fluffy little ball.  So adorable!  This swaddling blanket also has a hood, that features two tiny ears.  As with any of Luvdbaby's baby items, this blanket contains no harmful dyes that can be harmful to the baby.  It's 100% organic un-dyed cotton that has the ultimate feel of the softest cotton.  It has an ultra soft Shu Velveteen lining that is comfortable to your baby's skin.  

The swaddling blanket is designed to wrap around your little one like a cocoon. The blanket is 32' x 32", designed for babies, newborn - 6 months old.  This swaddling blanket is so versatile, as it can be used as a blanket, a robe after a baby's bath, a quilt or a pad for your baby to lie on.  The blanket comes in an organic cotton bag, perfect for gift giving or storing the blanket, when not in use.  The blanket, itself, has a luxurious feel, a blanket or robe that any baby would absolutely love having wrapped around him.  

The color of the blanket is a light taupe or brown color, that has a striped pattern.  It's perfect for both baby girls and baby boys, as the color is neutral.  Luvdbaby has really put a lot of thought into this product, as I see this becoming a very popular item.  Do you need a baby shower gift?  What about that parent that just recently had a newborn?  This would make the ultimate gift and one that neither would forget.  I'm sure this will become one of their favorite and most used items!

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***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are 100% and solely my own.

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