Thursday, March 3, 2016

Polka Dot Cotton Laminate Baby Bib - #KeenieandUngers

What is one of the most must-haves when it comes to feeding a baby?  If you said a bib, then you would be correct!  There are many things that involve feeding a baby, but having the necessary item, to catch spit ups, drools and food, will make it easier for not only clean-ups, but from ruining your tot's cute clothes.

Bibs come in many shapes, sizes and styles.  You will find bibs that are cotton, waterproof, ones that velcro and ones that snap.  There are bibs made from various fabrics and colors to those that are organic and natural.  This bib, shown below, is by Keenie and Ungers on Etsy.  Janeen is the owner of the Etsy shop that offers not only baby bibs, but fabric as well. Of course, all items in her store are hand made with love, as with all of Etsy's items.  This bib is a cotton and laminate bib.  The outside of the bib feels nicely slick (laminate part) that will help with easy cleanup.  With laminate bibs, all you have to do is wipe clean with a damp cloth and that's it!  No worries about staining the bibs and messes soaking into your little one's clothes.

The laminate bib is machine washable, so just toss it into the washer when done.  You do not want to put this laminate bib in a dryer, as with laminate.  This bib is very comfortable and very pliable.  It's not stiff at all and is just the right size for an infant.  I love the colorful polka dots on this bib.  It can be for both baby boys and baby girls.  The bib is very well made, as Janeen from Keenie and Ungers took special care in creating this laminate bib.  

The actual fabric that is used to make this bib is from Riley Blake.  Riley Blake fabrics are known for their elegant feel for colors that are vibrant but with restraint.  They design fabric lines with vintage sensibilities but with a modern attitude.  As you can see, Keenie and Ungers uses high quality materials when creating these bibs.  This cute and adorable polka dot laminate bib also has one snap, that snaps around the back of the neck.  I love the snap bibs because they seem to stay on and are not easy for the infant to pull off.

You can check out Keenie and Ungers other items, by visiting her shop, HERE!


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***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are 100&% my own.

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