Friday, March 11, 2016

Newborn Fleece Swaddle Wrap Blanket by #BlueberryShop

I love all the new baby items that I am seeing, lately.  Baby products have sure come a long way since I first had my son, who is now 23 years old!  Some of the baby items I am seeing, that I absolutely adore, are the hooded bath towels, plush baby bath robes, baby bean bags and that, shown below...the Newborn Swaddle Wrap Blanket by Blueberry Shop.

Blueberry Shop is a store on Amazon.  They feature many baby items, that include the swaddle blankets, like the one shown here, as well as hooded bath robes, hooded bath towels and bedding sets.   I really love their swaddle wrap blankets.  They are so adorable, cute and range from solid colors to those with some sort of print.  These two swaddle blanket, featured here, are the yellow and blue fleece swaddle blanket.  Both have a small baby pillow, that has a cute little bear face on cute is that!

They both come with a padded cushion, the pillow and the blanket.  The blanket is very well padded and ultra soft!  The swaddle wrap blankets are designed, to wrap around your baby while he is sleeping or at rest and to give your baby the swaddling effect, as if in his mother's womb. The swaddle wrap blanket, by Blueberry Shop, is hypoallergenic, has a velcro fasten and is machine washable.  It is approximately 31" x 31" and is plenty roomy for a newborn. 

There are seven (5) colors available: Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink and White  Blueberry Shop has you covered.  Yellow, White and Green are perfect for both boys and girls, while the Blue is great for boys and the Pink, of course, for girls.  I love the feel of this swaddle blanket.  It's plush, soft and very well made.  Although simple in design, it packs a whole lot of greatness!  

Do you have a baby shower coming soon?  What about a newborn that has recently been born or that mom-to-be, looking for the perfect item for her nursery?  Either way, you will sure be a hit when you arrive with this cute and adorable swaddle wrap blankets.  They are such a unique item and would make the perfect gift for someone!

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***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are solely and 100% my own.

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