Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Baby Hippo Walker for Toddler - #babywalker

There come's a time when your little one will begin to attempt walking.  I know we, as parents, may not be ready for that to happen so quickly, but it's bound to happen, sooner or later.  There are many ways to help your little to take that first step...holding onto his hands while the other parent is on the other end, a waist belt to help assist your little one and then there are the baby walkers!

This baby walker shown here, is the Hippo Baby Toddler Walker.  It's sold by PLS Manufacturing, on Amazon, and is one of the cutest walkers I've seen.  It has a bright green hippo head, colorful red and yellow wheels and a brightly colored activity center on the front of the walker.  With all the bells and whistles found on the front of the walker, what baby would want to walk with this!  Just kidding, but honestly, the front of this walker will keep your toddler busy, with the crinkling sound of the hippo's ears, the clear cylinder that has tiny plastic beads that rotates with sound and OH, did I mention...it has a music button! This hippo walker comes with 2AA batteries, that can be installed in the battery compartment.  There is a button with a musical symbol, when pushed, produces music.

This adorable hippo walker also has a small mirror on the front, as well as two other knobs that the toddler can roll.  There are two knobs located on each side of the walker, that allows you to adjust the wheels out, for a steadier walker.  The walker is pretty lightweight, but sturdy enough to assist your little one when attempting to walk for the first time.

You can check this Hippo Walker out, Here!


***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions expressed are solely my own.

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