Tuesday, April 5, 2016

May Your Voyage Be Full Of Love & Wonder unframed print

I love prints that have meaning behind them.  Prints, that you can hang on your wall, whether it be your home, vacation home or while your traveling your camper (like I do.) Some of the simplest prints can have a big impact on someone, especially when that print you have on your wall has great meaning and a story behind it.

This print, shown here, is an unframed print by Craft Street Design, an Amazon store.  Craft Street Design not only has this print, but many other prints that has wording, that is perfect for anyone.  This particular print has the words, "May Your Voyage Be Full of Love & Wonder."  This can be interrupted in many ways, to different people, but with my love of travelling and camping, this print will go perfectly on the inside of my camper.

The print comes unframed, therefore, to get the most from this print, I would suggest placing inside a nice frame for all to see.  The wording and design is not too extravagant, nor colorful, and the black and white print goes well with any room design, in any room I choose to hang it.

The print is digitally made onto a heavy premium 270 gsm archival matte paper, with a matte finish with a slight texture.  It has a white background with black lettering and I love the simplicity of this print.  It's a nice print that will go into any frame you choose, but I plan on putting this into a simple black frame, to offset the lettering.

You can purchase your print....plus other fine prints....HERE.  Check out Craft Street Design on Amazon.

Do you have a favorite print hanging up?  What would your's say?  Drop me a line in the comments to share your thoughts 

***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions expressed are solely my own.

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