Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Who Does Your Little One Love? Poppy, Gigi, Nana - The Shabby Cupcake Onesies & More

We all have a name (or nickname) that our little ones will call their grand-parents, parents and family.  In my case, I have a 7 month old grandson who will call me Gigi and my husband, Poppy.  I've always loved that name - Gigi and Poppy was handed down from my husband's late father, who was also known as Poppy.

We couldn't wait to be grandparents!  We both instantly knew, what we were going to go by (Although I did toss a few names around in my head, after deciding on Gigi).  Whatever the name or nickname, it's always fun to find clothing that matches that...especially when it comes to grandparents!  I've had so much fun, shopping and looking for fun little baby outfits.

Since babies stay in onesies for some time - except on occasions- it's always nice to find personalized onesies that have a meaning.  That is why I absolutely adore this onesie by The Shabby Cupcake.  The Shabby Cupcake Etsy Shop has 45 items geared toward your little one, with 36 of them being clothing.  This onesie has the words, " I (Heart) Poppy" embroidered across the front with three snaps near the bottom.  

You can specify what color you want the words, what name you want printed as well as the option for a long or short sleeve onesie or t-shirt.  If you don't see the particular name you are looking for, just shoot Vanessa a message and she will do her best to create it for you!

I absolutely love this onesie.  It is on a white Carter's onesie with a pretty aqua colored lettering with the heart done in aqua, pastel yellow and gray.  The onesie fits perfectly and I do believe Poppy is proud of this baby item!

Below is the sizing chart

Onesie Size Chart

P ~ Up to 17 in. Up to 5 lbs
NB ~ Up to 21.5 in. 5-8 lbs
3m ~ 21.5-24 in. 8-12.5 lbs
6m ~ 24-26.5 in. 12.5-16.5 lbs
9m ~ 26.6-28.5 in. 16.5-20.5 lbs
12m ~ 28.5-30.5 in. 20.5-24.5 lbs
18m~ 30.5-32.5 in. 24.5- 27.5 lbs
24m ~ 32.5-34 in. 27.5-30 lbs

My grandson is 7 months old and he can wear the 6 month onesie.  Being that this is a Carter's brand, you may want to go up a size to get more wear.  The lettering is stitched perfectly and I love that it looks as if it's hand stitched and raised, instead of vinyl lettering.  So soft, cute and perfect colors!

Go visit The Shabby Cupcake Etsy Shop.  Not only will you find these adorable onesies, but other adorable items as well, such as Maternity, Disney and Birthday items.



***I received a complimentary product,in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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