Monday, July 30, 2018

Brighten Up Your Summer Beauty Routine With CherJokle's Long Lasting Matte Liquid Lip Color Collections

By now, most of us women have heard about the ever popular liquid lipsticks and some of us (including me) have tried them and fallen in love with them.  What I love about the liquid lipsticks is that they stay smudging, no disappearing from my lips after I eat or drink and they can add some pretty intense color to your lips.

Now, I'm not the one who goes for the bright bold colors, but I do love the more natural, subdued shades when it comes to the lip color.  I recently tried a new color, Chai, and it's the perfect shade for me!  This liquid lipstick is by Cherjo'kle and you can find them on Etsy, Instagram and at


What I love about Cherjo'kle, is that they don't have an overwhelming inventory of colors to choose from.  I don't know about you gals, but if I had to look at over 20 different shades, I would be so tired of trying to decide which color or colors to choose from.   Cherjo'kle has 12 available colors to choose from; 

     *Maple Sugar
     *Pumpkin Spice
     *Toasted Caramel
     *Roasted Plum
     *Bolly Berry
     *Raspberry Zing
     *Strawberry Macaron
     *Berry Crush
     *Sugar Plum
Cherjo'kle's liquid lipsticks are creamy, long lasting and vegan free.  They offer luxurious products, possessing the finest, safest ingredients and materials meeting the highest standards of the community and customers.  I also love the packaging of Cherjo'kle's liquid lipsticks. It has a clean look and the brand has this signature lip imprint on the box, with their logo.  It's just a neat box to look at..but come on!  It's the lipstick that has won me over!  I love this Chai color!

What You Will NOT Find in Cherjo'kle's Products

*No Sulfate
*No Sodium
*No Animal Testing
*No Silicone
*No Parabens
*No Phosphates
*No Pesticides
*No Gluten
*No GMO's 
*No Animal Ingredients

I am gathering the courage to try another color, a more (somewhat) bolder shade...maybe Strawberry Macaron or Cinnaberry.  Which do you think?



              Strawberry Macaron                                             Cinnaberry

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***I may have received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  REGARDLESS...All opinions expressed are 100% my own and I only recommend products that I love and trust.***

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