Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Non-Slip Bath Mat Designed For Safety

This non-slip bath mat provides a slip-resistant surface to increase bathing safety.  This bath mat is complete with suction cups, drainage holes as well as tiny foot massage points throughout this bath mat.

It is a pretty good sized bath mat that can be used inside or outside the bath tub.  I did find it easier to keep my footing as I stood on this bath mat and the soft bristles on this bath mat felt pretty good on my feet...kind of like a mini foot massage.

I love the pretty blue of this mat, almost reminds me of a sea or sky blue.  There are many small suction cups, on the bottom, on this mat and the top contains all the tiny bristles that massages your feet.  The mat did come folded up in the package, therefore, took a little time to get the folded creases out to where it would lay flat in my bath tub. 

I don't know if I would necessarily use this bath mat as a mat outside of my but, as I tend to use a towel to stand on, to absorb or catch any water that may hit the floor.  But as a safety bath mat for the tub, I give it a thumbs up and really gives me peace of mind when my two year old toddler grandson decides to stand up during his bath time.

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