Thursday, May 30, 2013

DELL...Not A Happy Customer Right Now

Having doing business with Dell for about 15 years, this week has been the first time that I have actually, truly, been very very irate at Dell.  After being talked into a $229 software service warranty (for Dell support to help fix my computer problems), and after 4 hours on the phone (ears getting hot from the overheated cell phone), my computer is now worse than it was before I called.

Yes, my computer was running slow, it took forever to pull up Windows, but when it did, it was very operable, I could get into the problem.  After a service tech got through deleting, erasing, modifying two year old touch flat screen is now useless. I can no longer get into Windows, the computer will not restore, repair or re-install Windows 7.  I have never been so livid in my life!

AND...they still continued to call two days later to ask the Status of my computer AND many times try to sell me a hard drive, that they determined, was the problem,  REALLY!  After Dell tech got their hands on it, it probably is the hard drive now!

Anyway, last night, my hubby finally talked to someone higher up in Dell and they reluctantly reimbursed us the $229 service warranty, but talked us into buying a $96 hard thing left is to find someone to install it

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