Thursday, May 2, 2013

Favorite Eye Makeup Remover

My Favorite Eye Makeup Remover

It's not everyday that I brag about a face product, but when it comes to removing my eye makeup, soap and water just doesn't cut it.  I have even tried using baby oil, and although it does work to some extent, it leaves an oily feeling behind.

My favorite eye makeup remover that I just discovered (thanks to the high value coupons I acquired), is Almay Eye Makeup Remover pads.  These little pads pack a lot of punch when it comes to removing my eye makeup.  You can get a small container of 15 pads or the ones, shown below, in 80 pads.  

Let me tell you, I don't use these little babies just for removing my eye makeup.  These little things come in handy removing face makeup as well, and believe you me, I have used them for both AND one to two pads is all it takes to remove every bit of makeup I have, without the oily and greasy residue.

This is one product you have got to try. 

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