Wednesday, October 22, 2014

$2.00 Off One Star Product

This morning as I was going through the sales bills of my local grocery stores, I noticed that a few things I had coupons for, that would make a great deal.  I also stumbled across a GREAT coupon on , a product that Walmart carries, that will give you $0.22 overage, making that a money maker!

Walmart carries the STAR brand of vinegars for $1.78.  By using the $2.00 coupon found Here, you can take advantage of that $0.22 overage.  There are other STAR brand coupons found on the link above, but I'm not sure what the price of those items are, after the coupon, but I will definitely let you know when I go pick up my bottle of STAR vinegar this morning. 

You may also take advantage of the coupons at other stores, if you're store double coupons.  The two local stores where I live, only double up to $0.50, making that a $1.00 off, but it will be on my To-Do-List to see if my local grocery stores carry these items.

Happy Shopping everyone!!

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