Thursday, October 23, 2014

Star Products

As promised, I went and grabbed the Star Red Wine Vinegar from my local Walmart yesterday.  Although the price shown in the photo was $1.78, our local Walmart had it for $1.87.  As a reminder, prices may vary from region to region, depending where you live.  That's okay, tho, because I still grabbed the Star Red Wine Vinegar FREE, with a $0.09 overage!

If you visited the site I mentioned yesterday for the Star product coupons, you should have noticed that there were other Star product coupons available.  I stated that I would find out how much these Star products were at my local Walmart for these coupons.  Below are the Star products I found at MY local Walmart. 

Star Butter Olive Oil - $4.98 (only $3.98 with the $1.00 Star coupon)
Star Cuisine Cooking Oil - $3.98 (only $2.98 with the $1.00 Star coupon)

My Walmart did not have the Star Olives, but as I mentioned, each region may or may not carry the same products and prices may vary.

Here is the link again to print these coupons:  Star Product Coupons

Don't forget to check out the latest Walmart Product Prices!  New ones added today!

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