Tuesday, October 7, 2014

More Walmart Product Prices

Once again, it's that time...more Walmart product prices brought to you by Not Just Another Southern Gal.  Each week, I try to bring new Walmart product prices that may have coupons.  I will always continue to take photos of Walmart product prices, so if there is ever a coupon that comes out, I will know immediately what the original price is of the product and whether it's worth my time buying and using a coupon for it.

$4.77  Whisk laundry detergent (33 loads)
$2.97  Purex Plus Oxi (24 loads)
$3.97  Purex Natural Elements (50 loads)
$0.78  Old El Paso Taco seasoning
$0.88  Texas Pete hot sauce
$2.66  Country Bobs All purpose sauce
$1.33  Crystal Soy sauce
$0.78  Sunbird stir fry seasoning
$1.18  French's mustard (8oz)
$2.22  Heinz ketchup (20oz)
$2.48  Campbell's Go Soup
$1.57  Campbell's Soup on the Go
$1.68  Campbell's Bowl Soup
$1.35  Campbell's can soup
$0.74  Jello Gelatin
$0.86  Hershey's Pudding - box
$0.94  Jello Pudding - box
$3.68  Cheerios Protein cereal
$2.50  Trix cereal
$2.48  Capn  Crunch cereal - 14oz
$2.72  Sunbelt Bakery cereal
$2.94  Kellogg's Krave cereal
$2.94  Special K Protein cereal
$1.28  Ronco Pot Size spaghetti and pasta
$1.28  Wild Oats Organic pasta
$2.98  Jack Links Jalapeno link sausage
$2.50  Jack Links Peppered link sausage
$2.50  Jack Links Teriyaki link sausage
$3.18  Bic Silky Touch razors
$5.96  Bic Soleil razors
$6.97  Gillette Venus Tropical Razors
$0.97  Poise 6ct. panty liners
$1.00  NYC Instant Lash mascara
$3.97  Loreal Advanced hair care product
$1.24  White Rain hair spray
$1.97  Rave hair spray

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