Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Favorite Fried Appetizer - Deep Fried Pickles

I'm from the South, so there is no better appetizer than the fried pickle.  I don't know about in other parts of the country, but deep fried pickles are pretty popular.  You can eat them alone or along with a meal.  Even our County Fair serves these tasty snacks!  There are many variations in frying pickles and any way you cook them will sure be a hit.  Below is how I make MY deep fried pickles. 

Deep Fried Pickles

Pickle slices (you can use spears if you like, but I think they're much better with the slices)
Hot Sauce
2 tsp Salt

This is a very simple process.  First, salt your cornmeal and mix well.  Next, grab you a small bowl and place about 2 Tbs of hot sauce, or enough to coat how many pickle chips you tend to cook.  Dip your pickle chip or slice into the hot sauce, then the cornmeal and place on a plate until you have done all the pickle slices you intend to cook.  I like to make sure that my slices are pretty well coated.

Another way you can do this is by dipping the pickle slice into a little milk/hot sauce mixture and then dipping it into the cornmeal.  Just make sure you have your pickle slices coated really well.

Next, fry up these babies!  I like to test my cooking oil by taking a pinch of cornmeal or flour and dropping it into the oil.  If the oil sizzles a little bit, then your oil is hot enough.  You want to make sure that your oil is hot enough, so that when you drop your pickles into the hot oil, they are done within a minute or two.  Make sure to flip your pickles while frying to get an even golden crisp.


What is your favorite fried appetizer?  I would love to hear them.


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