Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Weekly Walmart Product Prices!

As some of you may know...I have this crazy obsession of taking photos of Walmart products and then logging them down in my Walmart Binder (in case I have or find coupons I can use.) Some of the things I've been logging down recently may not have coupons, but may be cheaper at Walmart than at my local grocery store. This helps me to decide what to buy, where.

$1.98 Vlasic Bold & Spicy Pickles
$3.98 Star Cuisine Cooking Oil
$4.98 Star Butter Olive oil
$1.98 Garden Veggie Chips
$1.76 Starkist Lunch to Go
$1.98 Chicken of the Sea To Go Cups
$1.68 Chicken of the Sea Mackerel
$1.25 Starkist Tuna Creations.
$1.28 Bumblebee Snack on the Run
$1.08 Spam Single Classic
$0.98-$1.18 Chicken of the Sea Pink Salmon pouch
$0.48 Double Luck Green Beans (can)
$0.50 Libby's French Style Green Beans (can)
$19.97 Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair 0.5 oz
$4.00 Hard Candy Nail polish
$6.00 Hard Candy Ten Eye Shadow
$3.00 Hard Candy Single Eye Shadow
$1.28 Wild Oats Organic Spaghetti

Let me know what Walmart Products you will like to see.  I will be more than glad to get those for you!

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