Friday, December 19, 2014

100% Pure Argan Oil by Foxbrim

We've all heard about Argan Oil and the benefits it has for hair (shiny, glossy, healthy strong look).  But have you heard that it can be a Miracle in a Bottle?  This Argan Oil by Foxbrim is not only 100% pure, but can be used on your face as a moisturizer (which is how I currently use it), cuticle conditioner, hair and body.

Like I've just stated, I've been using this Foxbrim 100% Pure Argan Oil on my face as a moisturizer and let me tell you, it only takes about 3 drops and leaves me with a glowing healthy complexion.  If using it as a face moisturizer, the bottle states to wait at least 3-5 minutes before applying makeup.  I've waited approximately 7 minutes and found that my makeup went on so much smoother and easier and I still had that healthy glow.  I was amazed how well my makeup looked.  Did I just have a good day with makeup or was it the 100% Argan Oil?  I believe it was the Foxbrim's 100% Pure Argan Oil, because I've never had a glow stay as long as it did, the day I used it.

The 100% Argan Oil is Certified Organic, contains no fillers, fragrances, additives, parabens or silicones and is sourced directly from Morocco. You won't get an oily or greasy feeling like you do with some Argan Oils, as a matter of fact, when I used the Foxbrim's 100% Argan Oil, it quickly penetrated into my skin.

I've read some reviews that people are using this as a cuticle conditioner and seeing remarkable results in the improvements of their nails and cuticles.  The Argan Oil can also be used in the hair as a leave in conditioner, to calm frizzies and make hair stronger.  It's perfect in healing cracked heals and for chapped lips.  It is abundant is Vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants.

If you are interested in trying this miracle in a bottle, head on over to Amazon-Foxbrim's 100% Pure Argan Oil and purchase it today. 

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