Friday, December 12, 2014

Busy Weekend

As Christmas is nearing, now is the time when all the Christmas parties, decorating and shopping pop up.  This weekend, I have a work Christmas party that I will attend, 45 minutes away.  These parties are always so fun and fun packed to attend.  Dinner and Social hour, awards and then dancing afterwards always makes for a fun Saturday.

BUT....before I go on this Christmas party adventure, I must get another one of my DIY Christmas swags done.  I just went to my Dollar Tree yesterday and purchased one roll of green garland, several sprays in red and gold and some red ribbon.  My plan is to make a decorative garland swag above one of my doorways.  Of course, I will rely on Pinterest to help me!

All in all, I spent around $8.00 for a bag full of items to do my swag.  Not too bad.  I hope to post a picture when it's all done.  Just last week, I went to the same Dollar Tree and purchase the same amount, but an additional green garland, to make a long fireplace garland.  I had a bag of pine cones, different sizes, that I brought back with me from Florida this year.  I weaved in some white lights, added the pine cones, here and there and added some red holly berries.  PRETTIFUL! I was so pleased by the outcome!

I will admit, it takes me awhile to get into the Christmas spirit, but as the holiday nears, I am getting more excited.  I love to decorate, mostly DIY projects, and add more each year.  Christmas dinner is also a big thing.  This year, instead of going to my family's home, I will be doing Christmas dinner at my house, welcoming any family member who usually stops by for a plate.

Christmas dinner will consist of: Ham with Pineapple, garlic mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, chocolate pie, pecan pie (maybe) and several fixins I may come up with.

What are your plans for the holidays?


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