Friday, December 26, 2014

VeraTemp and Non Contact Thermometer Review

I got the pleasure to receive and try out the VeraTemp & Non-contact thermometer a couple days ago.   I wanted to first start out by testing just how accurate this non-contact thermometer was.  So, I took my temp with a regular thermometer (97 degrees) and then I tested the VeraTemp and Non-Contact Thermometer, by placing it approximately 2 inches from my forehead and pressed the scan button.  The VeraTemp non-contact thermometer was right on the dot...97.5.  I'm not worried about a .5 degree difference, all I wanted to know, was how accurate this little baby was.

The VeraTemp non-contact thermometer reads body, room and surface temps and can be set to Fahrenheit or Celsius. It is not recommended to place the thermometer near a very hot oven or very hot stove top.  The thermometer is as accurate as an ear, rectal or oral thermometer, can save up to 32 readings with the built in memory, easy to read, easy to use, Battery Saving on-off feature, non-invasive and non-irritating.

The Thermometer comes with two AAA batteries, cute purple storage bag, user manual, Quick Start Card and Lanyard.  Once new batteries are installed, it could take up to 5 minutes to get the most accurate reading.  All you have to do is "point and click".

I am very pleased with how well this VeraTemp and non-contact thermometer works.  I've tested it out and found that this thermometer is pretty well accurate and is so much easier to use.  I give this product two thumbs up!

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