Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kitchen Grinder Set Review

One of the staples you must  have in your kitchen is the salt and pepper shaker.  I mean, what kitchen doesn't have at least one set.  You may be surprised, but all I had in my kitchen was a salt shaker (very small glass one) and a pepper that you buy from the store...in it's original box.  I know, pitiful, but I was so thrilled when I was chosen by Webgage Commerce to receive this awesome Kitchen Grinder Set by bobu cuisine.

This awesome grinder set is actually bigger than what the photo shows, which made me even happier to receive this.  This grinder set holds peppercorns and sea salt, that you can actually grind to get fresh pepper and salt.  The Kitchen Grinder set is 8x8x12.5cm and displays glass sphere shakers with a black and white theme.  The set has a built in ceramic grinder mechanism that allows you to control the coarseness of the salt and pepper.

It comes in a, once again, a white and black box (hence the white/black theme) and shakers are large enough to where you don't have to constantly refill them.  What I love about these shakers, are that they are so unique and cute looking!  I love the round sphere look and these would make an EXCELLENT gift!  After receiving these and using them, I am now thinking about ordering another set as a gift.

I know what you are thinking...they're only salt and pepper shakers.  But they are so CUTE! And, I love the idea of having fresh salt and pepper that you grind yourself.  And let me tell you, these grinder sets were very easy to fill, operate and grind.  They seem very sturdy and not like some cheap grinder sets that you may have purchased in the past.

I am very happy with this Kitchen Grinder Set and I think you will be too.  If you are interested in buying a few as gifts or maybe for yourself, hop on over to Amazon - Kitchen Grinder Set and get yours today.

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