Saturday, January 10, 2015

Smart Tech Gloves For Smartphone and Touchscreen Review

Do you know how hard it is to use your phone while wearing gloves?  I don't know about you, but the gloves I wear are not made for keeping your hands warm WHILE allowing you to use your smartphone.  Every time I wear gloves, I cannot slide my phone screen on, text or anything with gloves.

Well...these Smart Tech Gloves for smartphones and touchscreens surprised me.  When I first received these gloves in the mail, for an honest review, I started to get a little skeptical.  At first glance, these gloves looked just like the cheap pair I had and looked to be made from almost the same material.  I first slid them on and was instantly pleased how soft, comfy and warm they were.  They stretched to fit my hand and I could tell, these were made very well.

BUT...I had to put them to the test.  The most important part about these gloves, they had allow me to use my phone.  I grabbed my phone, held my breath (just a little) and slid my finger across my phone.  VOILA!  It worked.  Now..on to the texting.  I started to punch my little buttons on my touchscreen and to my surprise, that worked as well.  I was instantly won over!  I finally found some gloves, that not only kept my hands warm during this winter weather, BUT allowed me to use my phone as well.

These gloves are black and have small gray finger areas on the thumb and the first two fingers.  These are the magic parts of the gloves, I do believe.  They are warm, and did I mention, very very soft when you slide your hands into them.  

iGotTech's consider these their #1 best gloves for construction as well as for smartphones and touchscreen devices.  And iGotTech also claims, that if you are not 100% happy, they will give you a FULL REFUND.  

I'm telling you, from experience, I would not ever part from these gloves. Mainly because they allow me to use my phone and I don't have to slip them on and off every time.  If you want to experience these soft winter texting gloves for yourself, head on over to Amazon-iGotTech Smartphone & Touchscreen gloves.  You wont' be disappointed.

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