Monday, March 23, 2015

Pura d' or Argan Oil Hair Conditioner & Argan Oil Review

I am a big fan of Argan Oil. Why?  Because it has so many benefits and does wonders for the hair, face and nails!  Argan oil has become very popular in the markets today and with good reason!  

The first product shown, Pura d'or Argan Oil Hair Conditioner, comes in a 16 oz vibrant blue pump bottle.  The blue bottle is the first thing that caught my attention when I received this product.  The conditioner itself, smells wonderful!  It is a Lavender Vanilla scent, which I love! I applied this to my damp hair, after washing it and let it set for about 2 minutes.  Once I rinsed my hair, my hair felt soft and after allowing my hair to dry, my hair was shinier than usual...not oily or greasy, but a healthy looking shine.

The Pura d'or Argan Oil Hair Conditioner:
99% Vegetable Base Ingredients
Manages Frizz
Enhances Shine
Argan Oil Based
Paraben, Sulfate and Gluten Free

Argan Oil is said to nourish and condition your hair, leaving it soft, shiny and healthy looking.  It's perfect for dry hair, that may have the frizzies.  That's why I love this Pura d'or Argan Oil Hair Conditioner.  I have dry hair and this is the perfect product for my hair!

The next product, Pura d'or Pure and Organic Argan oil, comes in a 4 oz bottle.  This bottle is a little bigger than the bottles I'm used to receiving.  Normally , I receive a 2 oz bottle, but I love the 4 oz bottle as I know it will last me a very long time.  

Pura d'or Pure and Organic Argan Oil is perfect for your nails, cuticles, creating a smoother skin, plus much much more. 

Pura d'or Pure and Organic Argan Oil:
Diminishes Wrinkles
Stimulates Skin Cells
Reduces Appearance of Scaring and Stretch Marks
Creates Softer Smoother Skin
Reliefs for Eczema and Psoriasis
Restores Nutrient Content to Skin Cells
Helps Repair Damaged Hair

For more than four years, Pura d'or has been growing a culture planted on a natural set of values and beliefs. But when all is said and done it comes down to one unified mission—to create organic personal care solutions that naturally work.
All our ingredients are grown on trees, not in test tubes. Our products are artisanally handcrafted by a hybrid team of artists and scientists, not by machines. Some say that this is a step backward, but we believe that this is a step in the direction of how things should be

Pura d'or creates better beauty products from ingredients that are not only naturally beneficial, but are also sustainably grown and raised with respect for the animals that eat them and the people who produce them. 

Visit Pura D' Or at
There, you will find many products to choose from and ones that you can trust and will love!

***This is a sponsored post by Brandbacker and Pura d'or.  All opinions and thoughts are 100% pure my own and I have received the above products, in exchange, for an honest review.

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