Monday, April 27, 2015

Bab Coffee & Teas Coffee Bean Review

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my coffee!  If there is a new kind of flavor, type or way of drinking coffee, I'm all in!  I will have a cup in the morning, when I first awake and another after I get to work.  If I'm feeling tired in the afternoon, I'll have another cup.  I guess you can call me a coffee addict!

I'm thrilled to have gotten to try Bab Coffee & Teas Urban Brewz Coffee Beans!  What caught my eye was the bold black 1lb bag with a silver lettering on the black bag. These bags stood out and I knew this was one kind of coffee I wanted to try.  

I love the unique and fun names of the coffee...Swagg Life, Black Crack Coffee and Hype.  Who would have come up with names like these?  Each one of these names has their own unique flavors and strengths.  Hype has a very rich, smooth, full body flavor.  Black Crack has a heavy, strong, rich, wake up call flavor (right up my alley), and Swagg Life has an Old World, full bodied, rich, earthy flavor.

Urban Brewz knew what they were doing when they created this coffee.  I couldn't wait to try my next cup of coffee, trying a different flavor.  The coffee beans are dark and rich in color with a very pleasant aroma as soon as you open the bag.  You can instantly tell, by the smell, that the Black Crack Coffee, was one that will definitely wake you up and stronger than the rest.

My favorite????  The Black Crack,  hands down.  I loved all three, but the stronger the coffee, the better!  You can always make each one of these stronger, to your liking...just add an extra spoon to your coffee maker.

Where can you get these unique packages of coffee beans?  Check out Bab Coffee & Teas at Amazon.  You will love their packaging, and I've even thought about saving the bags, getting creative and finding a way to use them outside in my hot tub or on my wooden fence as a sign.  I LOVE THESE BAGS!

***I received the above product, in exchange, for an honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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